Personalized Candy: Society’s Most Thoughtful Present

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Sweet confections has been a popular delicacy for thousands of years, so much that companies today are earning money from personalized candy. Fast-forwarding from the first Mayan who discovered chocolate beverages to the first candy bar made in 1847, (over 15 centuries later) our present day sweets variety have come a long way in a short time. Candy has not always been so easily attained- before the discovery of the sugar beet, candy was a coveted treat only for the wealthy, due to expenses of imported sugar cane. Treats are available these days in almost every place of business, from corner shops to pharmacies. Personalized candy has definitely overcome the test of time, from days when merchants couldn’t afford a coin sized piece of chocolate to seeing consumers purchasing these treats with coins.

Much thought can go into requesting personalized candy, especially if giving as a present. A gift that has been tailored to someone’s likings is almost guaranteed to be overjoyed by that person. To have an item personalized can involve many designs- simply not having a loved one’s name stamped on a package, even though this is a popular bid many businesses offer. All individuals are unique, which means different likes for different people- but with so much candy in today’s market, anyone can find a form they enjoy. To further that note, someone could make a smile come to any obstinate family member’s face with a bag of grape rose suckers that say, “I Love You” or “Get Well Soon.” Such competition exists today that offers are limitless from companies trying to overcome the others.

Not everybody enjoys chocolate, so a wide variety of options are available for such clients. With a little investigation, one could find establishments that offer hundreds of flavors for hard candy, whether it be drops, suckers, or molded into shapes. Anise flavored daisies in a rainbow of dyes or yellow cinnamon bunny pops are available at the customer’s fingertips. A tasteful addition to any matrimonial reception can be decorating with red strawberry heart drops- when placed on a table, they sparkle like gems in clear bowls. Companies are lining up to assist consumers in their tailored candy purchases.

As for the remainder of the population that can’t get enough of the cocoa bean, just as many options exist for them also. Companies can possibly order chocolate bars molded in the shape of their business logo for great advertisement. During the holidays, a family can have three dozen stick pretzels with white chocolate Santa’s molded on top ordered; the next time, they may order half white and half milk chocolate with different patterns and designs to try something different at their next celebration. If you’re planning for a event, order some dark chocolate footballs or rice crisped coins with your favorite draft emblem molded on top for snacks. Consumers have high demands for products they pay for; there is a perfect syndicate somewhere out there for everyone.

Whether you are matured or young at heart, personalized candy can be a great gift for any personality and age. Many businesses can imprint edible messages and portraits onto your choice of their products. Upon personalization, it is crucial to understand the entire range of details that personalized candy involves. When matched perfectly with a loved one’s likings, these gifts will leave a charming, lasting rememberance on anyone’s heart and mind.

Personalized candy bars will surely make your

The World’s Most Famous Candy: American Lollipops

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American lollipops are likened to a good friend that always excites the best in people everywhere and has influenced good times globally for over a century. Hard candy on a stick is probably the most widely produced and sundry sweet food on Earth.

The largest lollipop in the world weighed in at six thousand seven hundred six pounds; its ten foot diameter and ten inch thickness designated 27 August 2009 as its second world record to date. 25′ in height, the mega candy is the highest standing sucker created. One hundred sixty-five thousand and seventy standardized lollipops could be duplicated from this single gigantic pop or three thousand four hundred thirty-eight wholesale cases.

The candy easily finds new forms and particulars: flavor, color, size, shape and endless themes have given the candy an endless fascination. American industry wholesale manufacturing standards established a lollipop candy unit as 1 ounce, 3 inches in diameter for the best marketable product. Candy developers create new designs annually. Baseball, soccer, basketball and football styles come in many replicas and scales. Ladybugs, butterflies, bees and worms are popular as well as fish, starfish, crab, turtle, octopus, and killer whales; pig, cow, chicken, cat and dog themes are also very suited with any age group. Flowers and especially daisies are extremely popular. Kids of all ages love alphabetical and numerical patterned lollipops that come in various fun styles. The bald eagle and Statue of Liberty are now edible Patriotic styles.

Color, flavor and the various combinations find new expression every year. The candy can be sweet, sour or a mix. Cherry is probably the international signature flavor of the lollipop. Energizing colors include pink, red, yellow, green, purple, orange and blue. Typical flavors include cherry, green apple, blue raspberry, black cherry, bubble gum and orange. Mixtures of these flavors can be sweet, sour or something in between; the mint flavor is the classic Christmas cane flavor. Fastidious candy lovers will always find a nouveau candy form. Lollipops can be medicated and make the perfect treatment inducement. Sugar-free flavors are popular now with healthy ingredients to promote oral hygiene. A pocket sized snack food, the candy provides energy on the go for candy lovers.

The lollipop lends itself well to all occasions, everyday occasions, seasonal festivities, special events and makes the perfect ice breaker. The candy inherently promotes camaraderie, fun and nostalgia. High-tech oriented wholesale manufacturers can provide on demand ample quantities for weddings, several holidays, scholastic events, and retail promotions. Custom designed displays that merchandise the candy are available through most suppliers.

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Personalized Lollipops Can Make Your Children Feel Very Unique

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If you are like every other parent in the world and want to do something for your child that makes them feel extra special and important, you might try giving them some personalized lollipops. When you buy some of these special treats, you can get them with anything from your child’s name to a picture of their school mascot – whatever you think will make them feel good – printed right on the candy.

It doesn’t take much thought for a parent to come up with dozens of great moments where they could share this type of gift with their child, because there are plenty of holidays and birthdays and other celebrations to choose from.

Birthday parties are certainly the best occasion you could choose, because that is the one day of the year that is all about making your kid feel like a super star. When you are able to throw in some lollipops with their name written all over them, there’s no way your child wouldn’t just burst with joy.

There are a variety of ways that you could integrate these into the festivities, like placing them in a big candy dish or in a bag full of party favors that you can pass out to all the guests.

Christmas is certainly the day of the year that kids get excited for the most, which makes it a great day for handing out personalized treats. Most moms and dads like to hang stockings over the fire place and fill them with all types of candy and tiny toys for the kids. What would be more wonderful than for your child to dig into their own stocking and pull out a sucker with their name and the year written right on the candy itself?

If your son or daughter is a part of any clubs at school or in the community, or participating in any local sports, you could get these candies with the name of that organization and their own name and give it to them as a reward for their success. If your daughter is able to sell her entire share of Girl Scout cookies, you could make her feel quite happy about her accomplishment by rewarding her with candy with her name and troop number on it. Personalized lollipops are just one of numerous things a parent could give their child to make them feel extra special, but few are quite as fun and unique.

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Traditional Lollipops Go Modern

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Modern lollipops can be bought in a variety of styles and novelties. Some suckers are large enough to break your jaws or engineered for the stick to remain in the candy until completely melted to prevent choking. Lollipops have advanced from boiling cauldrons in Medieval times to the modern molds and shapes we have today, of which most changes have come about in the last fifty years. Swirled pops seen commonly in barber shops and thrift stores in the fifties have taken on a more modern twist in the last couple decades, heading towards never before seen shapes and ideas.

The trick to making a swirl pop is simply winding a candy cane into a circle before completely hardening. Bubble gum, chocolate, and liquid fillings are still the most popular interiors for lollipops today; inventive tactics are nipping at the heels though, with light up centers and toys inside the candy. Fast food chains and franchises mainly have the market on ice cream pops- although not regularly denoted to as being lollipops, they most definitely are. One example of an ice cream lollipop is the traditional vanilla ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate. As with most things modern, convenience comes at the touch of a button- some lollipops are fitted now with electrical machines that spin the sucker for you.

Obviously, pops with worm larvae, alcohol, and other insects are not intended for children, but aimed for adult purchases. Medicinal suckers are manufactured for grownups, not for children who would assume these to be candies, and used by military soldiers for fast, effective doses. Although not accepted by the FDA, some have claimed to be diet aids. While most suckers are child friendly, a select few remain for mature shoppers for fun and pranks. Businesses market these as personalized lollipops where the consumer basically designs the shape, flavor, and color of the sucker. Many of these designs range from loveable for children to funny overtones for adults, such as suckers in the shape of a beer bottle.

When boiled, flavored sugar and corn syrup compose the delicacies in this process. Different molds make diverse candies and before the lollipop mixture voyages to this point, it must first be flavored and colored. When broken down, the word lollipop interprets into ‘tongue slap’, which is the only real hard facts about this treat; their origins during medieval times are only speculation.

Any place with candy bars almost always carries lollipops in their stock list as well. Unlike most other products that undergo transitions, the lollipop has remained very much the same- sugar is still boiled and sticks are still used. Three key dynamics of the lollipop business are palate, motif, and accessibility. Lollipops are often found by checkouts in the front of businesses simply because they are a great item to buy just because you see it, the sucker looks delicious, and you must have it immediately. Lollipops are always mouthwatering treats, the best for a quick picker upper, or to satisfy a crying child that has waited in line too long at the grocery store (better pick one up for yourself since you probably feel like crying as well)..

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