Learn Proper Etiquette When Tipping The Pizza Delivery Guy

June 25, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks · Comment 

Pizza is a delicious dish that millions of people enjoy. Nearly everyone loves to have one delivered to their house or apartment. Even though everyone loves having it delivered, there has always been an issue with tipping the driver. When you are trying to get the best pizza delivery Worcester MA has to give, there are drivers you can count on.

Even after many years of delivery, several people are still not sure about tipping etiquette. Most people are willing to tip waiters in restaurants, but are unsure about the pizza guy. In all honesty, it is always best to tip one as you would the other.

Some people like to argue whether or not the driver has earned it. The short answer is yes. The driver has earned. Being a restaurant driver is much more of a difficult job than most people would think. As opposed to what some may think, it can be a very dangerous and risky job to have.

There is always a disagreement about what is an appropriate amount of tip. Most say that the standard amount is about 20%. There are some that think that it’s more and there are some that think it’s less. Most think it depends on how good the service was. If the service was good you give a nice tip. If the service was not good, you do not give a good tip.

Some think it depends on other elements such as the weather, the distance of your home, or even the size of your order. If you have ordered a lot of food, you should always try to provide a generous tip him. If the weather is bad or if you live outside the area that they usually deliver, you should provide a nice big tip.

When making a pizza delivery Worcester MA has drivers that work hard for you. Everyone should always remember how to tip them. They tried her best to make sure that you enjoy the meal you ordered. They always try the best to treat your order with respect, and you should do your best to do the same.

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