Worries In Pregnancy

February 29, 2012 · Posted in Pregnancy · Comment 

If you are a pregnant ma or shortly will be, this a vital fact you can face. You may get stressed and worried. Why? The physical and psychological changes (not forgetting the hormones) of a pregnant girl can affect her stress levels-especially as you know start to have a look at yourself as a mummy. Even the girl who was an oozing with confidence and with her model figure, wasn't short of admirers may feel slow, corpulent unsure of herself allegedly overnite. In her mind, she sees herself as repellent and dumpy, although others just see her beautiful motherly glow.

Common Concerns Among Pregnant Women

1. Pregnant moms face a nearly endless list of concerns-some valid and others not so. One of the most common fears is that of miscarriage, which is a large fret about women in their first trimester, particularly if they have experienced past miscarriages or problem pregnancies. Miscarriage can be distressing, a can be an event for which many ladies blame themselves. I did with my miscarriages, as I am sure do many others. Consistently asking myself – Is it something I did? If I had done anything differently, would my baby have lived? I could not help it I felt responsible for the loss of my babies, feeling like a failure having a baby is meant to be one of the most natural things in the world but so it was obviously my fault right?Anyone who has experienced this how horrid a loss is, and in most cases the Mum isn't to blame regardless of what she may think.

2. Girls also naturally worry if their babies will be healthy, so they fret over regardless of whether or not they are eating the most healthy foods, taking the right prenatal vitamins and getting plenty of exercise. We are not caring for ourselves but have the responsibility of growing a human!! The worry can sometimes take over everything from whether this cheese could be as bad for you as Anthrax (slight exaggeration maybe) to how long she should wait to take her vitamin after lunch. As many stupid worries as you'll have, they can be valid issues or worry. They affect some ladies to greater degrees than others. I consider myself a typically relaxed kinda person but I seriously did my share of worrying in pregnancy I was borderline mental at times!

3. It is not rare for expecting moms to ask themselves, “Will I like my baby enough?” and “Will I know what to do when my baby cries or gets sick?” The answer is yes, or it'll be after a little experience. But , like most things in life you will pick it up quickly – I had hardly even held another baby before having my first! When you start a new job with no guide book, it can be very intimidating and parenting is just the same.

4. Other issues that creep up include finances and daycare. Most mothers take a motherhood leave from work after their babies are born, staying at home isn't to everyones liking and a few individuals aren't financially in a position to leave work to be a SAHM (I couldn't with my first, but could with my second) and finding the proper day-care where your baby will be happy and where you'll feel reassured in leaving your little one can be an enormous challenge.

Of course, these issues are simply a few worries that pregnant moms may face. Naturally, each woman has her very own express circumstances that make a few of these concerns less important, while the others are more so. There also are concerns each woman has that are unique to her. In extreme eventualities, these strains can lead into depression. Women feeling overwhelming and/or draining sensations of sadness or hopelessness should consult a their Midwife/OBGYN or a counsellor A.S.A.P. We all get down at times and many of us may need some help.

Emma Smith is a mum of 2, who writes a retrospective pregnancy blog at PreNatalCareAtHome.com