Prepaid Unlimited Minutes Plan

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Cell phones are an integral part of our daily living. In a modern world such as the one we live in now, communication is made easy by making instant calls and instant messages. We no longer have to wait for messages to be sent by mail which takes a couple of days, just to hear from our loved ones. We simply have to keep a cell phone in our pocket and wait for a call or a text.

Cell phones have no doubt become very popular since it provides easy access for communication. That is mainly the reason why a lot of cell phone providers dominate the market, offering cell phone plans to suit our needs.

Unlimited Minutes’ Plan is perhaps the most popular. You can enjoy talking, texting and surfing all month as much as you want. There is definitely no limit to your usage. Both postpaid (The plan which lets you pay for your minutes after you use them) and prepaid (The plan which lets you pay for your minutes before you use them) plans offer Unlimited Minutes’ Plan in the market, but, Unlimited Minutes’ Prepaid Plan is certainly the best.

Unlimited Minutes’ Prepaid Plan is cheaper. This plan offers you unlimited calling, texting and surfing every month at an affordable price. You can enjoy your unlimited service every month; certainly, there is no limit to your usage per month. Your unlimited service expires at the end of 30 days and for you to keep enjoying it; you simply have to reactivate it.

Unlimited Minutes’ Prepaid Plan does not tie you in a long-term commitment. You don’t have to sign a contract with a cell phone company. You can enjoy your provider’s service the way you want it and if you find yourself dissatisfied, you can switch companies anytime without paying huge termination fees.

Unlimited Minutes’ Plan gives you privacy. Since no contract is needed, you don’t have to give out personal information like your Social Security Number, which can be used by cell phone providers to monitor your credit, or worst, to track you. Your identity will not be taken away from you; you can enjoy your privacy more.

Unlimited Minutes’ Prepaid Plan does not charge you extra fees. With this plan, you are guaranteed to pay only your basic unlimited monthly service. You won’t be charged with over-minute fees or termination fees, unlike postpaid plans where you can be charged extra and you have no other choice but to pay for it since you signed a contract.

The benefits of Unlimited Minutes’ Plan are more than you can imagine. You enjoy unlimited talking, texting and surfing all month at an affordable price, you are not tied in a contract, you enjoy your privacy and most importantly, no extra charges. What more can you ask for?

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People purchase a cell phone for a variety of uses. Some purchase a cell phone for personal use; to keep in touch with family, friends and loved ones, some purchase a cell phone for work; to communicate with office mates or run errands, and some purchase a cell phone for emergency use. Cell phone usage varies but most cell phone users purchase a cell phone for emergency situations.

Emergency cell phone users purchase cell phones for a number of uses. Some need to put cell phones in their glove boxes in case the car breaks down, some need to keep cell phones with them at all times just in case an emergency occurs, some parents need cell phones to throw in their children’s backpack in case they need a ride home, and some need cell phones just in case they meet unexpected accidents.

So what is the best cell phone for emergencies? Prepaid cell phones are definitely the best choice.

With prepaid cell phones, you are not tied in a contract. You can get a cell phone whenever you want or when it’s needed. You can choose your own minutes depending on your usage. Most prepaid cell phones’ minutes last for a month and that’s more than enough for you to make that emergency call or text. The great thing about prepaid cell phones is that, you can get low cost phones with affordable minutes, just what you need, since you’ll only be using your phone say once or twice every month.

Prepaid cell phones are definitely the best when it comes to emergencies. What you need is just a phone which can call and also text. Prepaid cell phones offer you cheap phones with affordable minutes which you can use during emergencies.

A prepaid cell phone is certainly the best for emergency situations. Who needs a phone with a lot of features and minutes when you only need one to make a call or text when the situation calls for it?

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The Growth of Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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The makeup of the cell phone market has changed in recent times. The overall cell phone market continues to increase, but standard post paid programs are decreasing in entire overall market share. Contract plans are quickly becoming replaced by lower priced prepay mobile phones.

The two basic varieties of phone service plans are prepay and contract plans. With prepay, you pay for your airtime ahead of time. With contract plans, you pay for your minutes after you’ve used them. Contract programs require a credit verification because you are essentially using your minutes on credit.

The cellular phone market continues to grow each and every year since its beginning. In the America, about 80% of the inhabitants utilize cell phones. That growth pattern continues to increase, however a lot more slowly today than in preceding years.

Traditional contract cell phone programs have been the prime segment within the mobile phone market and that sector has increased every year. However, in 2008 the growth trend of contract plans began to slow. From 2008 to 2009 the total additions of new contract plans fell 58%. In 2009 contract subscriber growth in fact reversed and the industry share is now getting smaller.

In the meantime, prepaid plans started to have an increase in growth. In 2008 over 50% of brand new mobile phone purchasers subscribed to prepaid phone service. The following year, in 2009, over 80% of mobile customer growth came from prepaid plans.

Historically, prepaid mobile plans had been used by only two variations of individuals: kids and people with negative credit. Due to the fact traditional post-paid programs call for a credit verification, many people were unable to purchase a conventional post-paid cell phone. In times past, those people with negative credit or no credit have composed the bulk of the prepaid market. The only disadvantage of prepaid programs, up until very recently, was that prepaid cell phone service plans had been much more costly as compared with post-paid programs.

Two years ago the price tag of prepaid plans started to drop. Currently prepaid cell phone service plans are substantially less costly than post-paid service plans. Quite a few prepaid providers are even providing unlimited airtime plans that are less expensive than equivalent post-paid service plans that have 500 minutes of airtime. The present affordability of prepaid programs and the economic recession are fueling the intense progress of the prepaid cellular phone market.

As expected, the major phone companies are not exactly pleased with this, considering that they earn much even more revenue on postpaid programs as compared to prepaid. There are several factors for this is. The first is that contract plans are more expensive than prepaid programs. Conventional postpaid programs can run upwards of $80 per month even though a prepaid plan with a similar amount of minutes might be as low priced as $40. Second, not only do cellular providers generate much more income on postpaid programs, but they have a secure, repeated revenue stream by locking their users into 2 year contracts. The last reason postpaid programs are so profitable for the phone companies is that they charge exorbitant prices if you go over your minutes, often 25 to 50 cents for each minute. This can add up quickly and many consumers have unexpectedly run up enormous bills of many hundreds of dollars.

Needless to say, with prepaid plans, you don’t have this issue. Pay as you go plans are now more affordable for each minute and they do not require contracts. Additionally, in the event you go over the minutes that you’ve purchased, you’re able to just pay for additional airtime.

Postpaid programs continue to be preferred by consumers, though. The major justification is that the phone handsets that come with contract plans are more affordable, at least in the beginning. Many consumers continue to choose postpaid plans due to the fact they can not afford a $400 mobile phone. The phone carriers subsidize the cost of the handset when buyers sign a 2 year contract. In comparison, prepaid models are usually more expensive given that none of the price is subsidized. Customers have to pay for the entire price of prepaid handsets. What purchasers do not realize is that the contract plans are able to pay for the price of the phone since they fully understand that over the course of a two year contract they’ll make up the price of the handset.

Prepaid plans continue to increase in popularity, though. They just simply make more sense for users financially. We seem to be stuck in the current recession. The reduced rates of prepaid phone plans will continue to boost their popularity and a great many more consumers will pick prepaid service plans over the classic postpaid programs.

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