How to Write a Resume for a Social Media Blog

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When you want to apply for a new job position in social media marketing a resume maker may help to guide you through the process of writing a new resume. You can find a resume maker online by performing a quick search. There are usually several free resume makers online that you can use. There are specific types of resume makers that you can use, ranging from a template to resume makers that basically build the resume for you by asking you for some basic information. Social media blogs can also a good source of information when it comes to resume writing. A good social media blog may contain more information than you would presume.

As you make use of a resume maker it is mandatory to keep a few things in mind. First, in order to create the ideal resume you need to search for a resume maker that will allow you to create a resume based on the specific type of job for which you are searching whether it be social media marketing or writing social media blogs. Today’s job market is so competitive that a general resume simply is not enough today. You might also consider looking for a resume maker that will fit your specific situation as well. For example, if you are a social media blog writer or you are a retiree, scouting for a resume maker that will help you create a resume based on those specific situations would be ideal.

Using a resume maker can help you to save a great deal of time and create a professional looking resume in a fraction of the amount of time that it would typically take to write a resume. You should still make sure that you take the time to completely proofread your resume; however. Remember that taking the extra time to create a first-rate resume will certainly benefit you when you land the job.

In addition to proofreading your resume on your own it is also a good idea to ask someone else to look over the resume to be sure that you have not missed anything. You could also ask them to give you their opinion of the resume and what kind of impression that they get from reading the resume.

Finally, keep in mind that when you generate a resume you should strive to keep it to one to two pages at the most. Employers are typically bombarded with a number of resumes and as a result they do not have time to read lengthy resumes. Keep your information concise and you will have a much better chance of grabbing an employer’s attention.

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How can Businesses Relate to Social Media Users?

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Recently in a poll conducted by Reuters it was found that eighty percent of Facebook users have not purchased an item due to a company’s advertisement on Facebook. That is huge when you consider Facebook has almost a billion users almost one-seventh of the total population on Earth and that many people are deciding that the advertisements by web marketing company’s on Facebook are not worth their time.

The amount of money that companies are spending to reach consumers on Facebook only to have their advertisements ignored is massive. If there are hundreds of millions of people that are looking at Facebook advertisements and not bothering to click, it suggests to me that companies are wasting their time trying to reach the people they want to buy their products. Marketing companies in order to be successful on Facebook have to go back to the drawing board.

Large companies are now wondering whether or not the investment of advertising on Facebook is worth it in the long-run. General Motors recently announced they were getting rid of their advertising on Facebook deciding that the returns they were getting back were not worth it for the company on their balance sheet. It was estimated that GM was spending $10 million a year to advertise on Facebook before they pulled their advertisements.

It seems like a struggle to effectively advertise on Facebook however I think there are ways companies can use it effectively. I believe in order for a web marketing company to succeed on Facebook they need to spend time talking to the users of Facebook directly. You cannot get an idea of advertising to them based on a couple of likes on their wall, you need to ask questions to them about what other things they like and dislike and maybe use that as a basis for the certain demographics that companies and advertising firms need to target for their long-term investment to be a success.

With the huge userbase of Facebook ignoring the marketing potential of the site would be a tremendous loss for web marketing companies. If a company can find a way to properly tap into the right way to effectively advertise to the users on Facebook it will end up leading to huge revenue for everybody involved.

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Reputation Management: Marketing Firm Woes

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A reputation can be greatly impacted if the wrong strategy is implemented by your marketing firm. Reputation management is a necessary scheme when considering the number of clients that your company might actually shed. The chance of gaining a client is always good but there is always a time when a client might lose eagerness in your services or lost to poor service.

When a client is lost due to bad service and has the power to make your company look incompetent they might just execute that power. A client that is furious is no different than the scorn of a broken hearted lover. The reputation of your company rests in the bad mouthing that the client would partake in. It would behoove you to not take this lying down.

A client that speaks ill of your company can greatly wear down your business’ reputation. The marketing firm that you employ could be a great skill in your reputation’s protection. Bad reputation management could affect your revenue, your other clients and your employee morale. The more spoil that your reputation takes the harder it s to fight back and repair it.

In order to beat the remarks of a former client, Apologize to the client, bombard the internet with promotional PR content and offer good bonuses to the newer clients. A client that is that upset can’t talk that bad about your company if you are willing to offer an apologia and a discount. This tactic might even help in regaining that client. If the client is truly lost, writing articles that can discard any online bashing will help that much more.

A good marketing firm will know what to do for your company. Be sure to hire a marketing firm that specializes in social media and PR writing. Before you consider firing your current marketing firm if they don’t specialize in these things, see what they can do now and then make the tough plan if necessary.

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Why Social Media? Why Not Use An Online Marketing Firm?

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The world has altered over the past decade, and changed quickly. The business landscape doesn’t appear anything like it did a mere ten years ago, there are whole industries that have sprung up out of the blue in response to the growing world of the social media agency. So why social media? Why should your firm chose an online marketing firm for web marketing? It’s not as if it’s reputation management, where you face an unfair threat.

It’s understandable figures honestly. There are more people on earth that have access to the internet than there are people on earth who have access to clean water, plumbing, reliable food sources, and toilets. Yes, there are more people on earth who have access to the internet than have access to a toilet. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a sign of the period that we all live in, and how people have adjusted their priorities to meet their own personal standards of living.

As well as the immense number of people who have access to the internet, the figure of people utilizing social media is also staggering. Over one billion human beings living on planet earth (who knows) are online in a social media forum. Think about that for a time, one billion people. Even if your company only reaches 10% of that number, that’s one hundred million people reached. That’s a lot of people to be marketing to.

Facebook alone blusters over 800 million individual users. That’s a whole hell of a lot of individual users utilizing the Facebook social media. Twitter itself boasts over 200 million users, combined alone these two social media hulks blusters the majority of people using any social media agency. Why would your company not be on either Facebook or Twitter?

Social media today has become the assertive source of marketing. Other mediums have begun to condense in contrast to this basis. Outlets such as print media, and cable advertisements (except the Superbowl) have gotten cheaper, and inexpensive because of the ability to advertise for cheap on social media outlets. Think about it, and put your online biases aside and jump on the bandwagon, it’s probably the only time in your life you won’t be criticized for it!

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What Would A Marketing Firm Do In Caveman Society?

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Cavemen did not take the LIRR to get to work or go to happy hour with their colleagues. They did not watch television, receive emails, or play “words with friends.” Nevertheless cavemen could have utilized the services of a modern day marketing firm. Cavemen utilized products and services that could have benefited from a marketing firm or from using Twitter for business purposes. Perhaps cavemen did have their own form of marketing firms but archaeologists have yet to uncover them. For now we can only hypothesize what the caveman marketing business would look like.

So what would a caveman employ a marketing firm for? Just like contemporary man, cavemen would hire a marketing firm to advertise new products. The wheel could have been standardized much faster if cavemen had a marketing firm to promote the benefits of using the wheel. The wheel would essentially sell itself with just a little bit of advertising. Cavemen in the wheel-making industry could have used Twitter for business by Tweeting about how great round wheels are at transporting boulders in comparison to square ones. A marketing firm could also have helped caveman communities reach out to other cavemen about how incredibly useful the wheel is.

Cavemen also could have used a marketing firm to publicize their cave paintings. Cave painting was a mainstay of caveman culture. They told stories and recorded instructions through cave painting. A effective marketing firm could have turned cave painting into a profitable venture for entrepreneurial cavemen. Caveman marketing firms could have turned cave painters into famous artists that other cavemen would envy.

Cavemen probably had no impression of what it meant to be a good salesman. Caveman society revolved around fighting off Komodo dragons, lugging around boulders, and finding a mate. Inject the wherewithal of a modern marketing firm into that situation and you would have a much more informed society of cavemen. A marketing firm could coordinate smoke signal campaigns to spread intelligence to cave dwellers miles away. This would do wonders for caveman safety. If a blood thirsty saber tooth tiger was spotted lurking around popular hunting grounds, the caveman marketing firm would help spread the word. In the caveman world a marketing firm would serve a double purpose as both advertising agency and public safety announcer.

It is too bad that we will never know what the world would be like today if cavemen had the ability to use Twitter for business and marketing firms. Perhaps if we ever conquer the obstacles to time travel we can go back and really mess up the history of the world by introducing Twitter and marketing to cavemen. That experiment would probably fail because cavemen did not have the internet or money. But if we gave cavemen internet access it would be intriguing to see what they would do with it. We should allocate the resources we use for war, espionage, and nuclear weaponry on time travel so we can help cavemen become civil with Twitter and modern marketing.

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An Online Marketing Firm Brings Twitter for Business

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An online marketing firm focuses on the social media needs of their clients. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer several options for commercial use. Twitter for business use is an sufficient measure of an online marketing firm’s ability to properly promote a company. Using Twitter for business can work wonders for any corporation.

An online marketing firm uses social media to promote companies. The social media wave has besieged the world and has millions of members using every minute of the day. An online marketing firm utilizes the openness of Twitter for business reasons because of the millions of people that are waiting on the other end of the message.

Twitter is an instant messaging list that gives Twitter users minute to minute messaging. Members using Twitter for business can send updates on their business interest to all of their clients. Unfortunately, business owners are mostly busy with meetings or the day to day responsibilities and are unable to keep up with the regular traffic on Twitter. An online marketing firm will gear your Twitter for business use properly and efficiently.

An online marketing firm has the experience to use Twitter for business. The best feature of your Twitter for business use will be the customers that is attained during your business venture. Your Twitter account, if sponsored properly by your online marketing firm, will be an attractive site to other potential clients. Clients find a company that uses Twitter for business to be ground-breaking and influential and leading. Making an impression with clients with your Twitter for business use will attract more and more clients over time.

Hiring an online marketing firm will benefit any company. Utilizing Twitter for business use helps your company appear progressive. Clients that can contact a company easily or see their updates and business activity are more likely to stick with that company. The future of a company rests in using Twitter for business and an online marketing firm is an inimitable asset.

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What Habits Age Your Skin: How The Right Skincare Can Help

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Many people have a decent idea about what things they should stay away from to keep their body healthy, and their skin looking youthful. However, there might be a bunch of habits you practice frequently without a second thought that are causing you to age rapidly. From your daily skincare routine and type of moisturizer you use, to how much you drink. Fortunately, the horrible problem of premature aging is easily avoided if you know what to look out for.

Inhaling cigarette smoke either directly or indirectly can cause many health problems and age your skin. Smokers and people who hangout with smokers will slowly see the amount of wrinkles on their skin increase, and their skin will end up dry. Also, when you place a cigarette up to your mouth to inhale smoke, you are pursing your lips, and repeating this motion numerous times each day will form lines and wrinkles on your face. The smoke will also drain your Vitamin C, which is a crucial vitamin for healthy, glowing skin.

There is a reason cosmetic companies are putting SPF in almost every beauty product nowadays. And the reason is that the sun is damaging skin, and can cause wrinkles, sun spots, saggy skin, dry skin, leathery appearance and cancer. It is worth bringing up that only using moisturizer or other skincare products made with SPF isn’t protecting you completely from the sun’s harmful rays. So you should always use a sunscreen that fights against UVA and UVB rays, even on cloudy days.

When you drink alcohol, you’re causing small blood vessels in your skin to swell, which causes blood flow to move close to the skin’s surface. Too much drinking over time can hurt these blood vessels permanently, which results in patchy red skin and many times broken vessels.

There isn’t anything you can do to change mother nature, but you can be better prepared to protect your skin from damaging winds and low temperatures. In many situations, you might find that a home humidifier can assist with keeping your skin moisturized while you’re using your home’s heating system. The cold temperatures that go along with winter tend to dry up your skin, so it is very crucial that you use a moisturizer on your face and body each day to replenish the moisture in your skin.

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Web Marketing Tips: Search Engine Optimization

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As a starting company in today’s internet driven business field, one of the best ways to work to the top is through the cornerstone of web marketing, namely search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of making a business a top search result when certain keywords are used in any given search engine. It is the most effective way to get a business out in the open and into business as quickly as possible.

Companies want their products or services to pop up first in search engines because people on average always click one of those top few results. As an worker at an online marketing firm, I can tell you that is one of those dismal facts about the web. Popularity is a big influence over folk who search on the internet so having your business show up first shows them that your idea is exactly for what they are looking.

Nobody, especially in today’s world, wants to spend an hour slogging through ten pages of search results to find a specific company. In all reality, if your business does not pop up in the top few on a search engine persons are not going to rifle through results to find it. If you’re not ranking in a good position, you might as well not exist.

Search engine optimization provides clients the simplicity that they are looking for. Search engine optimization makes finding concepts, products, and businesses in generally simpler way. Persons trust the top results in “Google” for example. How many people honestly spend the time going through the 45 pages of results that came up?

Half the time, even if a company pops up on page 2 of search results persons don’t see it. Folk want what they’re looking for to be the most popular and relevant site on the web. Search engine optimization is vital for companies that want to be out in the open and successful on the internet. Web marketing is the best way to advertise as well as the first way to start advertising and be noticed is through search engine optimization.

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How Marketing And Social Media Can Change Your Business, And Why You Should Consider Search Engine Marketing

January 9, 2012 · Posted in Web Promotion · Comment 

What do marketing and social media have to do with each other? And where does search engine marketing fit into this picture? Social media has erupted onto the stage, and since 2005 has become one of the most dominant forms of articulation in our modern era. Search engine marketing is also on the rise, since Google’s creation earlier on in the last decade the internet has changed drastically.

Today social media has blossomed into a new beast. A extravagant change such as the one we are beholding has not occurred within our country since the Industrial Revolution absolutely changed the landscape of the economics of the United States. It’s considered one of the most radical changes to have occurred in human history because of the speed of which this change had occurred. Since 2005, social media has grown so massive that if companies such as Facebook were to break off and become their own nations, it would rank as the third largest in the world.

The marketing field is also adjusting from the old ways, to new ways. The older ways denoted assigning ads in print media, and barking for space on cable television, and radio advertisements. While these mediums are still vital, the Internet is now the fourth medium. With the rapid, and unseen growth of the internet, the landscape is now changing, and it’s changing faster than most will be able to keep up with.

If you were to go to a marketing firm in the 1980′s, and even the 1990′s, and tell them that fairly soon the Internet is going to be the new place to do commerce, many people would laugh at you. If you were to tell them that there would be websites where people could associate with other people anywhere in the world, communicate, share stories, photos, likes and dislikes without ever needing a telephone line, or a fax machine, and all of it could be done instantly, they would send you to the looney bin with a straight jacket on. Well it’s here. It’s now, and anything is possible.

Avoid the trends at your own peril. To not be on the internet, to not have social media guide your company accords in some small part, to not be marketing on Google and other sites is to not be doing wise business. Take advantage of a tool, one of the greatest tools humanity had invented to make its life simpler. To not be taking advantage of something this great is to be ignorant of the world.

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Reality Rap and Its Censorship And Requirements

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The start of reality rap are viewed to be based upon African tempos which were used as a type of conversation by the native peoples. The lyrical element of rap music has a repeated chants and scats, along with call-and-response technique with the market. It has evolved and acquired in reputation in the 1960′s when a few revolutionary DJ’s begun to work block events in the Bronx. They would bring in large speakers, hook them up to a turntable and play two of the same record at the same time, repeating the same section of the vinyl over and over by scratching it. Other entertainers would chant and yell to the crowd.

In 1979, music companies recorded rap for the very first time and gained popularity. In 1982, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five introduced the first well-liked politically based rap. Grandmaster’s song, The Message relates to life in the inner city and the stress of being around violence and drugs. Rap music and all other styles of media have their places in this world. While some may dispute strongly about whether certain types of music are beneficial or even safe for society to witness, their arguments stay their personal opinions.

The true battle for free speech lies not in fighting for the right to hear what you agree with, but in fighting for the freedom of those with whom you disagree. When you take away the public’s right to voice a differing opinion, through either their music, their writing, or their art you strike at the really heart of freedom for which people really should stand. Musicians, recording companies and fans are all worried about the problem of music censorship. This type of person pitted against the government authorities and community organizations who are seeking to eliminate what is considered to be obscenity in popular music.

Problems arise in seeking a satisfactory meaning of obscenity as it applies to artistic works. It was decided that obscenity is a community concern and that it must be confined on the basis of local, as opposed to federal, standards. In order for a product to be obscene, it should be patently offensive and it also must appeal to prurient pursuits and lack serious artistic merit. Controversies come up in seeking a definition for what constitutes artistic merit. Clearly, value in art is a really subjective thing. Some individuals will derive pleasure or insights from a work which others will find disgusting, disturbing or unappealing.

Reality rap and the topic of censorship is not something new. Lots of people in the record market took up arms against the legal censorship. Citing the Supreme Court decision that obscenity is defined by a lack of artistic merit, rap followers believed that it is hard to think that an album that almost 2 million people have bought, laughed with and danced to have no value as a imaginative work. Even though many people found it to be offensive, and many others considered its lyrics to be immature, there were obviously still many others who found some type of artistic value in it.

Hip hop music was initially discovered in the seventies. To become a well-known Reality Rap artist, one must sing out well, have the right attitude, and most importantly know how to dance. Becoming a Street Music hip hop artist is just not an easy job. It definitely needs a large amount of work, inspiration, and perseverance.

Reality Rap and the Hatred It Produces

December 20, 2011 · Posted in Art · Comment 

Reality rap is a sub-genre of hip hop tunes, and it is an instrument employed by people to tell a story or to captivate an audience. Artists and composers put their thoughts and feelings into their music. Music is extremely effective because the beat is so appealing and the lyrics can readily relate to. Now some types of music can have you feeling like going out and hanging out the night away. No matter what type of music you listen to it affects your mindset, your personality, and it even impacts the world around you. Rap music might have a bad impact on you and your society. Once you start listening to these songs you begin to wish to be like these rappers.

Rap is about heritage, individuality and the future. Rap songs originated in mid-1970 in south Bronx of New York City. It is a cross-culture product. Rapping is saying poems to the beat of music it was originally called emceeing. It draws its beginnings from the Jamaican art form known as toasting. Reality rap is not only rapping; it is also DJing, break dance and graffiti art. Detractors criticize many rap music as a boastful marketing of violence; others enjoy gangster rap as an imaginative treatment of cultural idioms and credit many rappers with an acute social and political consciousness.

Rapper and DJs disseminated their work by copying it on tape dubbing equipment and playing it on powerful, portable “ghetto blasters.” Break dancers used their health to imitate transformers and other futuristic robots in symbolic street battles. Although graffiti as a social movement first came out in New York during the late 1960s, it was not until almost ten years afterwards that it began to develop elaborate styles and widespread attention. By the mid 70s, graffiti took on new focus and complexity. It wasn’t the basic marking styles like the past.

The issue of whether or not hip hop music plays a role in violent crime is a continual discussion. Dennis R. Martin, president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, theorizes that since music has the ability both to calm the ravage beast and to stir violent feelings, then rising racial stress and violence can be attributed to rap music’s advertising of vile, deviant, and sociopathic habits. Criminologist Mark S. Hamm and Jeff Ferrell reject Martin’s analysis of the relationship between music and violence, charging that theory is based on racial discrimination and ignorance of both music and cultural forces.

Reality rap might be belittled and debated over for its visual sexual content material, violent images and misogyny. Not merely is the music violent but the artists way of life also. Not all artists have run-ins with the law, but the ones that do are perfectly recognized like Tupac Shakur, who was killed a couple of years back, has had many run-ins with the law. Martin thinks that musical references strong enough can take over the depths of the mind causing individuals to act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. The words in many songs contain violent and explicit lyrics that usually talk about killing someone along with sounds of gunshots in the background.

Hip hop music was initially invented during the 70′s. To become a well-known Reality Rap artist, one needs to perform well, possess the winning attitude, and most importantly know how to dance. Becoming a Street Music hip hop artist is just not an easy job. It absolutely requires a wide range of work, inspiration, and dedication.

Hip Hop Artist from Various Locations

December 8, 2011 · Posted in Art · Comment 

Far around the Atlantic in the nation of Somalia, Kaynaan Warsame was introduced to rap from the lyrical styling hip hop artist of Eric B. and Rakim. Even though K’Naan could not comprehend English at that time, his heart thumped along with the beat of Paid in Full. As fate would have it, music proved itself to be the universal language that goes beyond all ethnicities. In no time, K’Naan would hone his rapping abilities, master the English language, and gain admiration across the globe as the “dusty foot philosopher.” Minute by minute, as the world grows smaller, K’naan’s narrative puts a global face on the burgeoning hip hop movement.

Though made in the U.S. by African-Americans (some with Jamaican heritage), rap lifestyle and music is currently global in scope. Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Caribbean have long-established hip hop followings. According to the U.S. Department of State, hip hop has become the center of a mega music and fashion industry all over the world that crosses social barriers and cuts across racial outlines. National Geographic acknowledges rap as the world’s much-loved youth culture in which pretty much every country in the world seems to have developed its own local rap scene. Through its international travels, hip hop has become considered a global musical pandemic, and has diverged from its ethnic roots by way of globalization and localization.

From its early spread to Europe to an almost globally acceptance through Asia and South American nations such as Brazil, the musical effect has been global. Hip hop sounds and styles differ from area to area, but there is also a lot of crossbreeding. Unlike the old genres, which made popular throughout the nation via radio, rap tends to keep its regional personality. No matter where it is found, the songs often targets local disaffected youth.

Hip hop has given people a voice to express themselves, from the Bronx to Beirut, Kazakhstan to Cali, Hokkaido to Harare gangster rap is the new sound of a disaffected global youth culture. Though on the global scale there’s a heavy influence from US culture, various ethnicities worldwide have transformed rap with their own traditions and values. Global rap works best when it displays cultures that reside outside the main arteries of the African Diaspora. Not all nations have accepted rap, where as should be expected in countries with strong local lifestyle, the interloping wild style of hip hop is not always welcomed.

Although some non-American rap performer may still relate with young urban Americans, hip hop now goes beyond its original way of life, and is appealing because it is custom-made to battle the anomie that preys on adolescents wherever no one understands their name. Rap is attractive in its capability to give a voice to disenfranchised youth in any country, and as songs with a message, it is a kind available to all organizations throughout the world. Gangster rap has affected a variety of nations culturally and socially in good ways. Thousands of coordinators from Cape Town to Paris use hip hop in their areas to handle ecological justice, policing and prisons, media justice, and education.

Hip hop music was initially mastered during the nineteen seventies. In order to become a renowned Hip Hop Artist one must sing out well, have the winning attitude, and most importantly know how to dance. Becoming a New Hip Hop Artist is just not a fairly easy career. It undoubtedly takes a great deal of work, motivation, and dedication.

Rap Artists Have An Effect On The Future Era

November 13, 2011 · Posted in Art · Comment 

Following the grime’s ever-expanding success, a completely new wave of rap artists are actually rising. They do not have press shots. Most continue to have other employment or play out their rhymes in their everyday hustle. Yet they’re united in redefining hip-hop as the people understand it. Performers these days are referring to matters that the younger people could connect with. They’ve got no time at all for foreign artists and will much rather listen to homegrown talent. The new wave of rap artists right here has finally noticed that not merely is it selling a sound but it is promoting a lifestyle.

Having grown up in infamous locations, these rappers’s futures look brighter. One of them is rumored to be opting for an “acoustic sound” with his record, the others believe his mixtape is the one to get. Another’s was heard that his upcoming mixtape and record, both left fans without words. There have likewise had big players from the major labels asking about him. Still another is a rap artist, songwriter, youth worker as well as football coach.

This particular rapper is the crowd favorite and pretty high. Pundits claim that he had his very best work this year, yet some others believe the best is yet to come. He has produced one of the best mixtapes ever heard and also end up being the new hot property in the realm of rap music. All his fans are anticipating his next album to drop since he made them wild with his rhymes, which became one of the greatest rap songs of all time. So this time there is lots of pressure upon him. Hope he does not displease the admirers and the pundits.

This guy does simply the opposite of merely participating in football. He knocked the heart of music aficionados when he released a pair of excellent mixtapes, his lyrics mostly contains hardbody beats and brutal lines that show the realism of betrayal and criminal life. You might have never heard this guy but they claim, he is the next big thing. He still hasn’t got an album to his name, yet he has every music legend singing his praise. He is an excellent blend of street life as well as crossover charm. He doesn’t hold back when asked about the individuals who have inspired him, and he notes his local influences in a scene which does not seem to like giving credit where it’s due.

This rapper among the countless rap artists has been signed by a number of the major music companies and in case this guy gives out his best, this is his year. This guy has been producing some really good albums this year. He has been on the radar of big music producers since he debuted with his EP. This went good and was likewise a commercial success. Pundits say that he has a great future as his music appeals the audience and could also become one of the greatest rappers of all time in case he continues the great work. He also has a terrific year with mixtapes that were very well received by the listeners as well as critics.

Hip hop music was initially discovered in the nineteen seventies. In order to become one of the well-known hip hop artists one should sing well, have the right attitude, and more importantly know how to dance. Becoming a one of the greates rap artists is not an easy job. It definitely requires a great deal of hard work, support, and dedication.

Rap Artists and Their Own Earnings

November 10, 2011 · Posted in Art · Comment 

With the money rap artists and other musical artists offer to get, it is usually a surprise to find out how many of them wind up declaring bankruptcy, losing their homes or most recently, needing contributions to make a doctor’s visit. Have you ever thought about how much rap artists can certainly make? And how they actually make their earnings? First of all, you must know an individual’s fame will usually precede their fortune. Quite simply, a person’s recognition will be more than what is really in their banking account. Michael Jackson is the perfect example of this saying. He was identified all around the world and yet, you would not know it by looking in his pockets.

Being a dope MC is one thing, but owning an equally dope team behind you is crucial; every rap artist worth his salt has important personnel they go to create out the best of them in the booth. Of course, just how much they earn depends on how much they are willing to pay for the location, the number of people they get to show up at their live concert and how much fraction they make off of the amount of tickets sold; for they do not make the entire amount. They also make a percentage from doing commercial advertisements and particularly from you, the customer purchasing their music as a CD or download. Unbeknownst to many, the artist doesn’t collect all of the cash from customer’s purchases, but just like concerts, only takes away a small percentage. Now, you might ask yourself why only a percentage? Because the parent companies own the performer; without them there would be no artist, so they take their money right off the top.

For those who want to travel back in musical history and see how a record label could create such an imprint on a genre, you can find books and online sites that aim to give you the information, reports, and presentation to better comprehend groups like Def Jam and their place in hip-hop history.

A copyright is proof of ownership of a song, both lyrics and music. If there is a sample in the music, you are automatically giving up part of the song, at the whim of the person who owns the rights to the original song (not necessarily the original artist). In order to “clear the sample,” you send your version of the song to the owner of the original composition or whoever owns the publishing. Then you work out the price with those two owners. Some are set in stone and you get to either agree to their price or to remove the sample.

A proven way rap artists make their funds is by performing at live shows. Rappers, a lot of them will tell you all they do is for show; to get back the amount of money they may have carelessly spent. They are simply “working” just as everyone else does. They have a boss exactly like everyone else does, and in some cases, they are left without the bare essentials of life.

Hip hop music was initially mastered in the 70′s. To become one of the renowned hip hop artists one must perform well, have the right attitude, and most importantly know how to dance. Becoming a one of the greates rap artists is just not a fairly easy career. It surely takes a great deal of hard work, motivation, and dedication.

Hip Hop Artist – Know How To Compose Hip Hop Songs

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Many hip hop artist use their life experience to write their songs. And often it includes drug abuse, violence or being involved in a gang. But not all the hip hop artist talk about violence, there are several artists in the music business who prefer clean hip hop music for everyone to enjoy. For your lyrics to become successful you must have the right attitude. Do your very best to sound like a poser or a fake. When thinking of your lyrics, try your very best to feel just like a gangsta rapper or a popular hip hop artist. Express your heart and mind. There are no limits on content and your hip hop lyrics can be rough or sensitive, urban or suburban, black or white, feminine or masculine, and conceptual or concrete. What matters is that you write your lyrics musically, having an ear for rhyme, beat, and also flair.

Producing a genre-specific song like hip hop requires that you have an understanding of the styles of that genre. Hip hop is changing and growing fast so do what you feel is good for your song because hip hop industry is constantly evolving. This leaves the creative door open for song writers to make material for the hip hop genre style of music that’s original and genre specific. First, your music must be appealing with a driving hook and original sounds, which is not an easy thing for most people to do. Next, your lyrics must flow well, be detailed and succinct at the same time and just be as catchy as the music. It’s hard, but it is possible.

Create a beat. Keep in mind that hip hop music is really a formula of beats, rhythm and rhymes. Coming up with a beat can be done by manually producing a rhythm using recording equipment like a keyboard that has a track making capability. One other way is to beat box the rhythm to yourself until you come up with a beat. Either way, the beat is the foundation of your hip hop song. Make a theme for the song. Your song must be about something. A lot of popular hip hop artists utilize political, cultural, as well as day-to-day topics in their songs. Incorporate the theme into the lyrics and music of the song.

Start thinking of your lyrics and what is your message to your audience. If you get stuck listen to hip hop music to become inspired and have new ideas. When listening to the beat try to think of a catchy chorus to match the song, and where you like it to be in the song. You’ll also want to consider the number of verses you wish to write. This is simply not the final draft of the song therefore ideas can be penned or memorized as partial thoughts.

Always be original and never copy your favorite hip hop artist because the people will recognize. Include your own style through the music or lyrics and attempt to incorporate it as much as you can. Keep in mind that although this is a hip hop genre song, it is still a song that you’re composing and it should express that. Originality is really a highly touted characteristic in hip hop music as well as its culture.

Hip hop music was first perfected in the seventies. To become a well-known hip hop artist one needs to sing out well, develop the winning attitude, and above all know how to dance. Becoming a rap artist is not an easy job. It certainly needs a large amount of hard work, confidence, and perseverance.