A Solution For Severe Teen Anxiety

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Interview by Lon Woodbury

Dr. Dan Villiers, who is the Founder as well as Director of Admissions of The Mountain Valley Therapy Center, was interviewed by Lon Woodbury on L.A. Talk Radio about chronic and debilitating anxiety in teenagers and the variety of effective therapy plans available for this psychological problem.


After Dan graduated from Kenyon College, he obtained a Masters Degrees from Kent State University and Dartmouth College. He then went on to acquire a combined Ph.D. in Counseling and School Psychology from Northeastern University.

The Mountain Valley Treatment Center offers therapy for adolescents struggling with higher-than-normal levels of anxiety, anxiety so severe that it weakens their potential in school and causes acute discomfort in any social situation. Mountain Valley Treatment Center is a special place that offers highly-effective methods for managing unusual stress because of its specialization in only treating anxiety disorders. Adolescents who come here experience renewed psychological health and wellness. Teenagers benefit from the uplifting natural surroundings, the special therapeutic approach and the extensive care.

Understanding Chronic Anxiety

Although stress and anxiety is a typical part of individual teenage development, it can become debilitating for teenagers when it disrupts their capacity to deal with life in school–and even at home. Acute anxiety is a prolonged and heightened response to a demanding situation and it can disrupt an individual’s capacity to manage the normal needs of daily life.

During the interview, Dan went over the causes as well as symptoms of chronic anxiety, and he also discussed numerous solutions.

Treatment Programs

The Mountain Valley program was established to help with anxiety disorders when regular therapeutic treatment with school counselors and local psychotherapists proved to be insufficient. Treatment plans here are effective because they are more intensive-going beyond the traditional fifty minute hour-and more extensive-lasting from 30 to 90 days in a beautiful, peaceful environment.

The highly-structured therapy sessions use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior modification (DBT), solution-focused therapy, family systems treatment, and even short-term psychodynamic therapy.

Final Thoughts

The L.A. Radio Talk show answered many questions related to anxiety, ranging from what symptoms to notice to how parents should respond and from what is the best way to address anxiety to examples of how therapy has proven to be remarkably effective in dealing with a mood disorder that is at an epidemic proportion in the United States.

Looking to find the best advice on helping struggling teens with chronic anxiety, then visit www.latralkradio.com to listen to the complete interview with Dr. Dan Villiers

Some Information About Dr. Mark Frey

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There will be times in one’s life when he would feel unsatisfied with all that is happening around him. There are also those times when one has to make major decisions that will not only affect him but his family. There are many situations when one will need to see someone to talk to, someone like Dr. Mark Frey.

He is a psychologist for more than 30 years now. There are many people who seek his help when they have personal and professional problems. Aside from them, there are also some who come to him to look for ways to improve themselves.

With all the cases he has handled, it has been his observation that many are too serious with their lives. Because of pressure and stress, most people do not even know how to enjoy anymore. These situations helped him in the development of his theory of Humanomics.

He relates it in plain terms as the balance of the economy of man. He helps people achieve it through two different programs. The Epitaph Model and the Core Value System are used by him to help his clients live their lives to the fullest.

If you are facing the consequences of a mistake that you made, this method is for you. It allows you to get a do-over to change that decision and correct your mistake. Dr. Frey believes that people like you should be given another opportunity to improve your self.

The Seven Stages of Changed is a guide that he offers to his clients. These are easy steps that have powerful effects in the improvement of a person. This program has tools that can help people succeed and make their dreams a reality.

All people have the potential to achieve satisfaction and happiness. Because of this, the most important thing to be done to achieve that is for people to create new standards that will make them commit to it. Dr. Mark Frey engages in public speaking to talk about such matters and he is in the process of writing a book now.

You can visit the website http://www.rules2playby.com for more helpful information about Dr. Mark Frey.

What Most People Don’t Know About Attraction

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Have you ever experienced this? You are extremely happy because you’ve become involved with a wonderful person. Life is full of sunshine because they seem to be your soulmate, the person you’ve dreamt of for years. Things just could not be better.

The next thing you know, somehow the situation changes. This person doesn’t seem so wonderful anymore. The very same qualities that drew you in before now strike you in an opposite fashion. They were reliable, but now they seem uptight. They were caring, but now they seem clingy. As you perceive it, they are no longer the same person you originally loved so much.

If we’re being honest, the difference is at least partly in your own head. This partner did not suddenly become an entirely different person. Also, this entire scenario, far from being strange or damaging, is actually quite typical and even has an upside to it.

Why would it be normal and healthy to do a complete 180 on your feelings about someone that originally attracted you strongly? Well let me explain.

There is a very important theory in relationship therapy circles which states that you are attracted to someone not because you are compatible, but because you are actually incompatible in a precise way. Sure, you might feel compatible early on. But this is just your mind tricking you into becoming attached to someone that, deep down, has some significant differences from you.

Now, at this point, you may be highly skeptical. I wouldn’t blame you for declaring that this is nonsense. But hear me out about the rest of this theory first.

Psychologists who have bought into this viewpoint say that we all have parts of ourselves with which we have lost touch. This happens because of certain painful experiences that we have undergone at various stages of life. We attract someone who is different from us in just the right way so as to draw out those hurt, lost parts of us – and so as to allow us to draw out their own hurt, lost parts. Thus, romantic relationships have a psychological symmetry to them that ultimately helps both people become more whole.

You can understand how a situation like this is likely to result in some discord. The moments of discord are the ones during which your perception of the other person is apt to switch from pleasant to unpleasant and during which your happiness with the relationship is probably going to transform into annoyance. When this takes place, a lot of couples break up.

However, this can be a mistake. Since you will still have the same areas of yourself repressed and suppressed, you will likely just attract another person who seems compatible at first and then, once again, begins to frustrate you in the same ways as the last. We see this story play out all the time where a person repeatedly, and almost magically, ends up in relationships where the same buttons get pressed over and over.

What is the wiser alternative to breaking up over the conflict? It is to instead seek resolution of it. When you accomplish that, the payoff can be something enormous.

That something is the kind of love you’ve really needed all your life. And there are many resources to help you learn how to complete that resolution and achieve that relationship that most people only dream of. It takes work, but perhaps nothing in which you invest your energy will ever prove more rewarding.

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Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Public Speaking Event

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Will I do a public speaking? Me, when? Why me? What should I do?

Public speaking is quite common, so please relax and don’t panic. Glassophobia is not something that you can’t win with.

1. Well it’s all in the planning! And that does not mean opening PowerPoint slides. Take paper and pen in hand, and ask yourself questions.

Why the heck you landed in this field of public speaking? What do you want to achieve by the end? If you can’t answer this clearly you shouldn’t be speaking in public. You just about to waste your time and your audience time. Do you really want it?

2. Stop considering yourself in hundreds different situations and get to the point- think about your audience and how to grab their attention. Think about the public, why did they show up? What’s their interest? Why are they here?

3. Simple Structuring. If it’s your first public speaking better start by structuring your message in an easy way. Plan your talk into 3 key points. Make each point topical, comprehensible and remarkable.

Rinse and repeat.

4. Imagine that you are going to talk to your friend. Easy going chat- nothing sophisticated.

5. You got to keep breathing! There isn’t any wizardry wand or spell to make that fear of public speaking depart. When you have it well planned everything is going to be all right. Just fine. The only way to reduce nerves and gain control is to take the time to breathe deep inside your rib-cage as opposed to high in the chest. This takes practice nonetheless it works.

6. The public doesn’t see your fear. You want to consider this as quickly as you walk into that room, so how you walk, how you stand, how you own the space. Slow everything down – stand tall, walk tall.

7. How would you describe your voice?

Lack of emotion in your voice can ruin your presentation. Captivate your audience with your voice! You will learn to impact your audience consciously and purposefully with the power of your presence.

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To Trust or Mistrust

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Many people claim that they trust others until they have reason not to, but when you first meet someone you don’t know anything about their integrity or past conduct except what they tell you. Trustworthiness is proven over time by actions, not only by words. You can get hurt by believing what people say and ignoring their actions. To be trustworthy, a person has to “walk their talk” — words and actions must be congruent. You also have to be able to trust your perceptions, a skill difficult for some codependents who trust too little or too much. Being able to trust realistically is a learning process.

Evaluating Trustworthiness

When you’ve grown up in an environment where your parents kept secrets or invalidated your perceptions, you learned to doubt yourself. You may become distrustful and/or the opposite, suggestible to what others say and disconnected from your own inner guidance system. Either way, you’re not able to realistically evaluate other people.

The following are qualities to look for when you’re getting to know someone and evaluating a person’s trustworthiness. They’re one and the same as elements that create trust and safety in relationships.

Honest Communication

Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of good relationships and of building trust. This is a problem in codependent relationships, because partners have difficulty knowing and openly and honestly discussing their feelings. Communication is often indirect, reactive, and defensive. When you’re closed, it raises doubts and misunderstandings with your partner.

Honest communication requires that you’re assertive about what you want and need and that you openly express your feelings, including what you don’t like. When you expect your partner to read your mind, it leads to resentment and conflict and undermines trust. Similarly, when you hide negative feelings, they come out sideways in behavior, such as lateness, forgetfulness, infidelity, or withdrawal. Your words and actions don’t match, which builds distrust.

Obviously, lying, breaking promises, keeping secrets, and denying things you’ve said quickly build distrust. It’s not worth losing your credibility over even a small lie. Even shading the truth can seriously injure trust and be hard to repair. It can cause your partner to doubt other, bigger things that you’re honest about.


Boundaries are limits. They’re important because they create a sense of safety. In getting to know someone, it’s important to have an honest discussion about the boundaries and privacy you’re comfortable with. You may desire boundaries regarding your belongings, space, emails, and conversations, which, if violated, would cause you to distrust your partner. You may feel betrayed if a private conversation with your partner is repeated to his or her friend, or if he or she talks to one of your friends or relatives about you.

I felt my boundaries violated when a date sent flowers to my office, which, although a nice gesture, embarrassed me at work. I wanted a boundary between my work and private life. It caused me to distrust the man’s judgment and discretion. When you tell someone your boundaries and they ignore them, this creates a second violation — one of disrespect. You may have to explain the reasons for your boundaries with the person who has a totally different mindset.

A crucial boundary is the one around your body and sexuality. How much touching are you comfortable with early in your relationship, when and where? Are you going to be non-exclusive, sexually exclusive, or committed? Physical and sexual boundaries are essential to allow and protect the intimacy in your relationship. Jealousy and infidelity, or even the perception of infidelity, can irreparably ruin a relationship. You and your partner may have different values about what is acceptable. Have a frank conversation about what you require to feel safe and loving. Don’t be accommodating or idealistic about it — be real!


Simple things, like doing what you say you’ll do, returning loaned property, being on time, and keeping dates, build trust. These are all examples of “walking the talk.” Breaking promises, even small ones, creates disappointment. It also sends the message that the other person’s feelings and needs don’t matter. If it happens enough times, your partner loses trust and builds resentment that erodes the relationship.


As you get to know someone, you construct an idea in your mind about who they are that gives you a certain sense of comfort and security. If he or she starts behaving inconsistently with what’s become the norm, it gives rise to mistrust and doubt about the person’s mental health, fidelity, or financial dealings. If you’re going through some changes, like changing your job or not feeling sexual, it’s best to have open, honest communication about it before questions arise.

Learning to Trust

Learning to trust is not so much about the other person as it is learning to trust your own perceptions and paying attention to your doubts and intuition. When you’re with someone, move your attention inward to see what sensations you experience in their presence. Anger, shame, guilt, and hurt are feelings that may signal that your boundaries have been crossed by verbal abuse or manipulation. Spend time with yourself and notice the difference with and away from the other person.

Darlene Lancer is a licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA, and the author of Codependency for Dummies. Visit Darlene Lancer’s website, www.darlenelancer.com, or contact Darlene for more information by e-mailing info@darlenelancer.com or calling 310-458-0016.

How Does Counseling Psychology Work

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Counseling psychology therapy makes it possible for individual and cultural functioning across life with an aim on social, business, academic, health-related, developing psychology, and business issues. Therapy mindset is unique in its attention both to normal developing issues and to problems associated with physical conditions.

Counseling psychologists get involved in coaching, research, psychotherapeutic and counselling practice, profession progression, evaluation and guidance. They help individuals, categories, and companies to operate properly as well as to mediate malfunction. Treatments may be either brief or long-term, they are often problem specific and goal directed. These actions are taken by a viewpoint that values individual variations and variety with a concentrate on avoidance, progression, and modification across life.

Persons of all age categories and social skills, such as overdue teenagers or grownups with career/educational issues and children or grownups experiencing serious personal issues are maintained by counselling researchers. They may also get advice from organizations searching to boost their efficiency or the being of their members.

The actual purpose of the therapy psychologist’s healing approach is to address common developing concerns as well as to see and identify issues related to a variety of psychological and personality conditions, such as stress, anxiety, depressive disorder, sadness and rage. By helping an individual identify his own concerns and by helping him to find his own solutions, the therapy psycho therapist allows the individual to get over childhood based issues as well as the effects of problems he may have grabbed over the course of his life.

The variations between therapy and medical researchers are based in the historical past of each specialty, which has affected the emphasis and focus of the training they obtain. Both therapy and medical researchers are qualified to provide therapy and psychiatric therapy. In order to comprehend the cultures and positioning of each specialty, it may be employed to consider the etymology of each of the illustrative conditions.

Other certified practitioners perform in separate methods offering therapy, tests, and services to groups, family members, partners, individuals, and companies. A counseling mindset degree truly offers a variety of options for anyone interested in the field.

There are also several levels that can be acquired in the area of therapy mindset. There is the Affiliates level, which is regarded to be a starting level because this implies that whoever has this level is acquainted with only the fundamentals of the area of mindset. This level system usually takes about two years. Most people who have this type of level will shift on to obtain greater levels in the therapy mindset area.

Counseling psychology is unique in its attention both to normal developing issues and to problems associated with physical and mental conditions. Communities served by therapy researchers involve individuals of all ages and social skills. Illustrations of those populations would involve youth or and older teenagers with career or educational concerns and children experiencing serious individual matters. Therapy researchers also seek advice from with companies seeking to boost their efficiency or the well-being of their members.

Hearing What Goes Unsaid

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The complications of communications. They stem, perhaps more than anything, from the central role of the nonverbal.

One example is that studies reveal time and again that a large percentage of what someone communicates is delivered in the way they stand and move and in their tonality in speech.

Moreover, people commonly allude to certain messages without expressing them outright. This is particularly common in situations in which a person is afraid of embarrassed of what they really feel or want.

As a listener, it is extremely important to be aware of these facts. When we realize how frequently messages are conveyed either nonverbally or non-explicitly, we can be on the lookout for these cases and we will be far more likely to respond optimally when faced with them.

Lie detection is an aptitude that some have honed to a world class level. These experts teach us invaluable lessons that they have internalized through their work and experiences. The primary one is that it is nearly impossible for someone to completely hide the reality of what is going on in their psyche. Whether through the blink of an eye or a misplaced grin, they leave bread crumbs that we can follow to the truth.

Few of us will ever achieve the ability to detect lies as successfully as the experts. When it comes to noticing nonverbal cues, however, we can work to become better at doing so. This will help us access information in our interactions that we never noticed before.

So for the next few weeks, as you interact with others, pay special attention to not only what they say, but how they say it, the nonverbal cues that go along with it and – just as importantly – what they don’t say. Don’t become paranoid. Sometimes a message is straightforward.

However, it is nonetheless valuable to explore the hidden side of communicating.

When talking with someone you are very close with, it may be feasible to inquire directly about alternate meanings. Perhaps it will be comfortable to express your curiosity about whether anything is going unsaid and assure your partner that you will be empathetic if they open up further to you.

You may be wrong and, if they say there is no more to what they are communicating, accept that. And sometimes even if you are right, if they aren’t comfortable sharing they will deny it. But now and then someone will actually be quite glad that you saw that there was more that they wished to share and they will open up to you. Experiences like that can help build deeper connections and strengthen relationships.

Humanity has long considered the unconscious to have mysterious power. That which exists but remains in the shadows is potent. Heeding the nonverbal is just one way of contacting this sphere of events. The unspoken messages of others become a conduit to a vast, often underappreciated, territory.

The ability to do this is a power that can be used to help or hurt. Sadly, some choose the latter and apply their talent at picking up on cues to exploit others. However, the finest counselors and teachers employ the same skills to massively improve people’s lives.

The more adept you become at working with the unspoken, the more you will be pressed to choose a path of your own. I encourage you to choose the path of compassion.

Talking, verbal composition, listening skills activities. On his communication skills site, Mr. Laskine advises about such topics and more.

Mental Block or The Psychology of Poker

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It’s amazing how the most basic of human functions are able to control the conscious mind. Scientific experiments on mice and pigeons and more recently cuttlefish have shown that they can be taught to react to a specific sign with a specific behavior, much like Pavlov’s dogs. Ring a bell and our animal friend will expect food. They become so conditioned to believing this through repetition that they always expect the same result.

Additional studies have shown that once this conditioning is thoroughly ingrained, the subject will not seek to learn more possible variations of the same phenomenon. So, once the cuttlefish understands that a certain sign, say a red square, means food is on the way and a blue circle means no food, it has already come to the conclusion that that only a red square means food. It is stuck with this one experience and ventures no further.

Having learnt one condition, the mouse mind is blocked to any other possibility, even if subsequent stimuli are as strong or even stronger. Obviously? Before you condescendingly dismiss inferior mice, rooks, and cuttlefish (all significantly more intelligent then Man previously supposed), ask yourselves if have never been jolted into a sudden realization of a simple possibility that had never hitherto occurred to you: like that the bunch of guys at the top running the country might be as ignorant or even more ignorant than you?

Sometimes a bunch of good players will discuss at lunch the hands they had just been playing and somebody might say how surprised they are the guy in seat 4 hasn’t yet folded, he had been playing so terribly. Upon which another player might add smugly that, yes, and he has a huge tell on him, only to discover that besides one more player at the lunch table nobody else seems to be in on it. Swearing each other to secrecy, these two share their discoveries in somber undertones and immediately discover that each had in mind a completely different thing: the first one noticed that every time 4 has a good hand, he makes his bet and closes his hands in fists on the table and never does it otherwise than with a good hand; the other player noticed that when 4 has weak cards, he fidgets with his chips after placing a bet, never touching the chips otherwise.

So that the terrible player in seat 4 has at least two tells to betray him, but each pro has only discovered one. But where is written that there is never more than one tell to discover? Both of the better players had discovered sure tells and that surety blocked their superior minds from registering any additional clues.

This phenomenon is important for the successful poker player to take note of. The best players can be distinguished by their curious and active minds throughout the play. They keenly observe and classify according to importance the traits of their opponents and use them to their advantage.

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When You Want Marriage Counseling Ottawa Offers Options

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If you are considering marriage counseling Ottawa experts can help. There are plenty of times when this type of service is needed, and most people rely on assistance to get them through difficult times. Counselors have an unbiased opinion of the situation, and they can provide invaluable assistance to their clients.

Marriages are a lifetime relationship that are bound to run into a host of problems at one time or another. Sometimes, it is difficult to deal with the issues that arise, and many couples turn to a professional to help them. These experts can offer a number of benefits and are sure to offer a variety of remedies for any kind of problem.

Counselors are usually required to be licensed by the province, and there are several things to consider when looking for a great provider. Some experts have years of on the job experience. This experience usually offers them more insight into most arguments, and they can propose a number of solutions to any particular problem.

The benefits that counselors give is more than worth the small fees that are associated with their services. Many couples are about to break up when they decide to look for professional help. Their counselors can help them keep together, and this is the smart way to ensure marriages last for as long as possible.

Many counselors work around the world, and it can seem daunting to find a provider. The Internet makes searching for a counselor easy, and there are several sites that are devoted to these professionals. Most of them are professionally licensed, and this is a great way to check on the credentials of a counselor.

When you need Marriage Counseling Ottawa offers choices. There are always problems that arise in marriages, but they do not have to lead to dissolution or divorce. Counselors can help anyone resolve their problems, and this is a great way to ensure marriages last. Couples can find counselors on the Internet or with the resources available in local communities.

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The Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist Debate Is A Long One

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The history of mental health disease and treatment is especially fraught when compared with other medical disciplines and this can be attributed a number of factors, including the various facets that make up mental disorders. Today, pharmaceuticals and labeling has contributed to a culture that is much more aware and even accepting of mental issues. The two sects tasked with dealing with any brain issues are psychology and psychiatry. The debate between choosing a psychiatrist vs psychologist is unnecessarily complicated since the two are vastly dissimilar in their make up.

The largest difference between both fields is education. Psychiatrists are physicians and have completed medical school, as well as rotations into all departments, before entering into a psychiatric residency. The training and sheer scope of knowledge these doctors have is levels above what a psychologist has.

For those interested in psychology, however, the schooling is not as rigorous, though it is no less advanced. Rather than going through the minutia of medicine and biochemistry, these students take a behavioral approach to mental illness that is backed by experiments performed as far back as the heyday of Sigmund Freud. A masters and licensing can take anywhere from 2-4 years, with some going further to attain their PhD.

The two approaches are different, but only from their base and they each have their pros. Psychiatrists are clinical and approach mental disease as a imbalance of chemicals and hormones that flow through the brain. Psychologists, on the other hand, look at man as a being that reacts to stimuli according to a certain series of rules.

The approaches can be different in some key ways with only physicians able to prescribe pharmacological intervention. Scripts are essential to the mental well being of a number of patients like those that are suffering from severe disorders like schizophrenia or manic depression. Therapists, on the other hand, use a variety of other tools centered around behavioral modification or talking therapy to work through issues with their patients.

Psychologists study people from a different perspective which is slightly more intuitive than the clinical approach that a psychiatrist naturally brings to the table. For patients with serious disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, the latter is better equipped to handle the situation because they understand the chemical underpinnings that are behind these specific issues.

The brain is a complex organ and there is no one right way of dealing with problems. What patients have no yet realized because it has not been championed enough in the media is that there is a lasting change to be found when they double up on both approaches. Studies have shown that pills alone are not as good as pills in conjunction with some sort of therapeutic intervention.

The debate between psychiatrist vs psychologist is likely to continue unabated within the academic realm. It is up to patients to be informed of their own conditions and the options they can take advantage of when it comes to getting better. The only thing that matters at all in this debate is the successful treatment of individuals who are struggling to live full and productive lives. Find out more at: http://psychologistsalary.co/

Applying to take the EPPP

May 1, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

ASPPB should have developed an online application routine for the EPPP called the “Psychology Information Management System” or “PsyIMS” (pronounced “sims”). PsyIMS is thoroughly running and is an option for aspirants from any jurisdiction to utilize.

Despite the fact that the steps for employing to sit for the examination adjust moderately by jurisdiction, the listed represent commonalities throughout places.

The step one Whatever the jurisdiction, so as to sit for the observation the person looking for licensure need to first refer to the licensing influence here in the state, province or territory in which they desire to be approved. If you have still not applied for licensure to be a psychologist with your regional qualification jurisdiction along with your application to accept the examination is rejected, you’ll be charged a $30.00 processing cost for a return of your examination fee.

The very accreditation influence analysis the credentials of the client and determines if the individual meets the requirements set in the laws of the many state or province. Should the licensing authority defines the applicant’s eligibility to sit for the examination, the applicant is informed. Aspirants are given correspondence or electronic mail that came from the accreditation authority of the jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure or from its agent. These letters or electronic mails instruct the applicant in how to access PsyIMS, the internet application formula for the EPPP, through ASPPB’s website.

ASPPB Examination Fee Candidates entire the application form on the web and submit wage of the study fee, excluding the computerbased test administration fee congregated by Prometric. The ASPPB study price for the EPPP is $450.00 U.S.,1 however extra fees might variate from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as some jurisdictions or their originator may involve their own administrative costs in the examination fee.

Please observe that the ASPPB inspection fee for the EPPP will increase to $600 for examination organizations beginning March 1, 2013.

ComputerBased Test Administration Fee A computerbased examination government fee of $69.00 U.S. per candidate is collected by Prometric, the corporation the cause of actual administration of many examination, at the time the examination appointment is scheduled.

Applicants can follow a link from the ASPPB home page to a series of websites which allow these to join the EPPP and practice exams. Candidates using PsyIMS are provided a range of applying to take (1) the EPPP in English, (2) the bilingual French/English EPPP, (3) the demo EPPP at a Prometric Testing Center “PEPPP”, or (4) the Practice EPPP Online – “PEPPPO”. Candidates getting the EPPP are asked which jurisdiction they may be applying to, and shall be asked to look into exam Candidate Acknowledgment statement.

A series of website or blog forms collects and validates candidate input to get done with the knowledge necessary for each applicant: including their identity, contact address, and academic background.

Special Accommodations Candidates with documented disabilities or impairments who wish for being tested under nonstandard conditions can mark a checkbox to denote that they will contact their local jurisdiction to current supporting information and to discuss which accommodations are appropriate.

This is a great start to education about the EPPP application process. If you would like to learn more there are other resources out there to learn about the EPPP test application.

Paper is Near and Dear to Us

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Individuals don’t simply want news at their fingertips. They want this on their own fingertips. They want to be able to hold and feel; scribble within the margins or post proudly on the fridge doorway. As well as, above all, they want to print rapidly, flawlessly as well as in lively colour. People are in love with paper. They would like to feel it in their hands. we see individuals attempt to attain the paperless office, however all of the a large number of computers we have seen just about all possess something in keeping: They’re just about all hooked up to at least one inkjet printer.

Most workplaces are overwhelmed with paper and many company frontrunners can’t foresee the time when documents is going to be removed or even reduced. Actually, approximately less than 20% of records that have traditionally already been paper-based happen to be transformed into digital platforms. For example, according to AdvancedMD, just 10% – 15% associated with medical records tend to be handled electronically. three

The easy response is that a significant amount in our details are found in locations other than paper. We’ve implemented digital management methods for example e-mail, client contact directories and business source preparing methods. Virtually all workers in offices, supervisors and workers, possess a pc at their own desk. Info increasingly more is being handled with techniques other than document. More details is actually conveyed via e-mail, IM, weblogs, wikis, as well as newsgroups than has been communicated by way of traditional publish. Businesses are adopting the digital workplace.

Actually, quite often, businesses convey more digital info they know how to manage. With the information kept in several databases, on several machines and on multiple personal computers, information is harder to find than ever. Additionally the amount of paper that’s nevertheless being utilized for the actual transfer of knowledge, there has by no means been a time ever which powerful record storage space, retrieval as well as retention guidelines have been more essential compared to at this time.

Consider the information that you maintain in your business. What is your own coverage upon keeping individuals documents? Whether those documents are paper or even electronic based how do you maintain all of them? How do you search all of them? How can you destroy those you don’t require? If you don’t have a good answer to those questions, then you need in order to give us a call today about developing which technique

Though this topic can be tough, we are in business and all about Boise copiers and we are here to aide you in selecting the best equipment and services for your office.

Successfully Overcoming Depression

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More than 19 million Americans suffer from clinical depression each year, and it can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, gender, income, or physical health.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that ongoing or severe depression causes people a large amount of pain and suffering, clinical depression often goes unrecognized and untreated. Yet this suffering is unnecessary.

What Is Clinical Depression?

Life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad. However, if you find yourself feeling “down” for more than a couple of weeks, or if you have difficulty functioning in daily life, you may be suffering from clinical depression.

Clinical depression involves much more than simply feeling depressed or sad for a few days and then feeling better. Clinical depression is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, think, and behave for long stretches of time.

It is not uncommon for people suffering from clinical depression to:

* Lose interest in activities they once found enjoyable

* Feel hopelessness or despair

* Experience drastic changes in diet

* Find themselves unable to concentrate

* No longer want to interact with people they used to enjoy being with

* Feel they “just aren’t themselves” anymore

Why Do So Many Suffer from Depression?

Clinical depression is a treatable illness. So why don’t more people get the treatment they need?

Depression often goes untreated because it goes unrecognized.

Some people incorrectly believe that only those who’ve been depressed for months on end or those who’ve completely lost their ability to function are suffering depression.

Others believe that depression is “normal” for older adults, new mothers, teenagers, those suffering from chronic illness or physical disabilities, and other such categories.

However, clinical depression is never normal, regardless of one’s age, gender, or life situation.

Fortunately, there are ways to cope with and overcome depression.

Successfully Treating Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is one of the most treatable of all psychological illnesses. In fact, more than 80 percent of people with depression can be treated successfully with psychotherapy, prescription medications, or a combination of the two.

Unfortunately, people often try to resolve their depression by themselves. While this may work for some, it’s rarely enough.

If feelings of depression or sadness are seriously affecting your life, if you find yourself experiencing any symptoms of depression, or if you have questions about how you’re feeling and whether or not you’re actually dealing with depression, you should locate a qualified professional to discuss your concerns.

Only qualified mental health professionals (such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists) can determine if you or someone you know is suffering from clinical depression.

Getting the Treatment You Need

If you or someone you know believes they may be suffering from depression, professional counseling or psychotherapy is often the best place to start looking for help.

While talking to friends and family may be helpful, only a trained mental health professional can provide the objective perspective and clinical resources you need to understand the difficulties you’re facing and the steps necessary to overcome them.

Antidepressants can also be beneficial, especially for people who’re experiencing severe depression. While antidepressants should not be considered a substitute for effective therapy, they can help get you back on track more quickly and help you function and fulfill your day-to-day responsibilities.

Taken together, antidepressants and psychotherapy can help you relieve the symptoms of depression and understand the underlying reasons for your depression and develop strategies to prevent future recurrences.

If you believe you’re depressed, there’s no need to feel alone. Clinical depression won’t just go away on its own, but help is available. And the sooner you seek help the better your chances for a fast and effective recovery.

Sharon Post is a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Clara, CA, who specializes in providing professional counseling.

Can Couples Counseling Save Your Marriage After an Affair?

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According to The Journal of Couples & Relationship Therapy (Atwood & Schwartz, 2002), approximately 50% of both men and women will have an extramarital affair at some time in their lives.

While we can spend time analyzing, being angry, or feeling hurt about the affair itself, how physical it was, why you didn’t see it coming, or the devastating effects of broken trust, none of these helps us answer perhaps the most important question: do you and your partner still want to make the relationship work?

If the desire for reconciliation is present, counseling with a trained couples therapist can help and should begin as soon as possible.

Affairs Don’t “Just Happen”

Contrary to popular impressions, affairs don’t just happen. And they don’t occur because of sexual boredom. They happen because one partner is no longer attached to, or connected with, the other.

In fact, a number of research studies have indicated that even seemingly happily married spouses have affairs. While this may be disturbing, as with most relationships marriage is far more than a question of contentment and the feelings that spouses have for one another run much deeper than the emotions that readily appear on the surface.

Although numerous situations and factors can lead to an affair, affairs are a symptom of marital problems, not the cause. Therefore, while some couples may agree to merely “kiss and make-up,” doing so isn’t likely to solve the relationship problems that led to the affair.

After an affair, forgetting and forgiving is not enough. If you or partner has had an affair, the first thing the two of you will have to do is determine whether or not you want to do the work necessary to repair your relationship and address the underlying issues that led to infidelity. If you’re both willing to do the work necessary and you both desire to save your marriage and make your relationship the best it can be, professional couples or marriage counseling can help.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help

Assuming you and your partner want to rebuild your relationship after an affair, the first step must be to open the lines of communication.

Couples counseling can help you begin talking about the elements that were missing from your relationship which left it vulnerable to infidelity. Professional counseling can also help you become aware of one another’s emotional needs. It is only by understanding and learning to meet each other’s emotional needs that your relationship will have a chance to recover, strengthen, and grow.

That having been said, opening the lines of communication tends to include rather uncomfortable conversations, including conversations about the affair itself. However, as difficult as this may be, learning more about your partner’s needs and desires is a powerful, positive, and necessary experience if your relationship is to survive and flourish.

Beyond working on your communication, the two of you must also create undivided time together. This time includes time for romance and sex and it can help you create experiences similar to those that existed when you previously met each other’s emotional needs.

Of equal importance is some private space for both you and your partner, in which you can deal with all the feelings that come up during this period. Being able to strike a healthy balance between sharing and internalizing will allow both of you to regain your confidence and feel safe in your relationship.

Should You Seek Couples Counseling?

The often overwhelming pain, anger, guilt, anxiety, confusion, and regret that stem from the discovery of an affair can easily cloud both partners’ judgment and ability to think and behave thoughtfully.

However, if your partner and you both want to save your relationship and make it better than it’s ever been, a professional marriage counselor or couples therapist can help your partner and you examine and share your feelings, work through destructive thoughts and behavior patterns, and begin to rebuild the communication, connection, and trust necessary to not only save your marriage but move forward together towards an even brighter future.

To learn more about pre-marriage counseling, visit Lonnie Prince’s website on couples counseling in Oakland, CA.

The Examination for Professional Psychological Practice(EPPP) Introduction

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The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), formulated and handled by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB), is provided to state and provincial boards of psychology to benefit them in their evaluation of the certifications of candidates for licensed and qualification. This standardized observation is manufactured by ASPPB with the assistance of the Professional Examination Service (PES).

The EPPP is administered persistently in automated method system by means of the Prometric group of desktop testing facilities with the support of state and provincial boards appearing collectively through ASPPB. Prometric holds a group of more than 320 Prometric Test Centers (PTCs) in the United States and Canada in order to grant access to computer based testing (CBT) for clients. The assessment will be made available in paper and pencil arrangement only in departments that do not have access to the Prometric network (e.g., the Atlantic Provinces).

The tools of specific psychologists, ASPPB and PES are used in the constant formulation of and expansions to the inspection plan. These combined assets are better than those offered to any private board. The EPPP is only one component of the exploration procedure used by state and provincial boards. In order to assess candidates’ qualification to apply the profession of psychology, many boards supplement the EPPP with different requirements and/or investigation procedures. The EPPP is designated to evaluate the understanding that the the majority recent practice study has specified as foundational to the skilled practice of psychology.

Most contestants taking the EPPP have procured a doctoral degree in psychology a year of supervised knowledge, and correct postdoctoral knowledge. Such candidates are estimated to have acquired a broad simple knowledge of psychology, regardless of individual specialties. This understanding and the candidate’s capability to utilize it are applied through the candidate’s solutions to objective, multiplechoice queries representative of the field at large. The ordinary passrate of doctoral level candidates who are using the assessment for the first time exceeds 80% in the most latest sample years.

The EPPP is in fact not only represented in the United States of American States but also all of the Canadian provinces. It is additionally established in most American similar to the Virgin Islands and Peurto Rico. Because of it’s long lasting life the EPPP or Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is deemed the \”bar exam\” for psychological apply and certification.

There is so much more information anyone can educated about the EPPP as well as educated how to prepare and pass the EPPP. At the EPPP Headquarters we can supply anyone everything from complete information to EPPP Study Materials and state individual data sets.

Learn How To Stop Procrastinating And Organize Your Life

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Some people find it almost impossible to accomplish all their daily tasks. Many people deal with this by putting it off and hoping somehow tomorrow will be different. Yet, procrastination usually results in more frustration. However, there are things one can do to understand how to stop procrastinating.

You may procrastinate because you feel you are totally overwhelmed. Maybe you need to sit down and balance the check log. You may need to fix the front door or the toilet in the main bathroom. Maybe the car needs an oil change. All of these things together can be too much to do in one day, and you may give up and do nothing.

When you look at your home desk it may be a mess. This is a good way to feel overwhelmed and can bring on procrastination. Take the time to clean everything off the desktop. File things that need filing, and find a place for everything. Ask for help, if the job is too big for one person. This helps to rid one of that “overwhelmed” feeling.

Plan your day the night before. It does not have to be a detailed or extensive plan. Simply write down things that you would like to accomplish tomorrow. When you get up in the morning, pick one thing on the list and make sure it is done. Pick something that is easy to do, as you want to have a feeling of accomplishment.

When planning the day ahead, try not to add new projects. Many times, too many irons in the fire can result in procrastination. Procrastinators often begin several tasks and never finish anything. This is how they end up with a feeling of more things to do than they have time for. It can make one want to give up.

A good strategy for learning how to stop procrastinating is to get help. You might think that it is a good idea to ask someone with a similar problem. This way you can offer mutual support. However, this line of thinking can be a huge mistake. If you have someone helping you and they have the same problem, nothing may get done. It is like the blind leading the blind. This is why you should not choose someone who also procrastinates.

If you want help with your procrastination problem, go to someone who has some degree of organization skills. Ask for help and ask to be accountable for all your actions. You can get a great deal of help from an organized family member or friend. Organized people can offer a lot of helpful tips and suggestions to eliminate procrastination. You can have an on-the-job learning experience.

If you seriously wish to understand how to stop procrastinating, get rid of that feeling of being overwhelmed. Start by cleaning and organizing your desk or work area at home. Do not try to get everything accomplished, and instead, focus on one thing at a time. Involve other people and make sure it is someone who is organized. They will serve as a teacher and role model and will show you what to do.

Get more tips and advice on how to stop procrastinating using proven methods and techniques. You can get all of the information you need to achieve your goals with a personal productivity blog today.

A Lake Oswego Therapist Relates Well With Customer

March 22, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Everybody who wishes to be healthy must be conscience of their preferences ensuring their actions are not contrary to wishes. Alongside wishing to remain healthy, there are a big number of professionals serving the clientele. The processes of selecting a Lake Oswego therapist, customers are expected to understand their wants and methods used to be satisfied.

There are many therapists and a client ought to be aware of things to consider when choosing. When starting the search the wants of the patient should be a determinant. The condition that has to be rectified greatly influences who is capable of doing the job.

A customer should consider the charges and the mode of payment to ensure that they can afford services. Some of the services are not catered for by insurance companies thus it is essential to ask in advance. As one shops for the experts this is an issue that cannot be ignored as it can cause inconveniences.

The professional should have experience in their area of specialization even though this in most cases makes the treatment expensive. Some experienced specialists are fully booked and they might be unable to handle some cases that might need a lot of time. The issue of experience should be looked at in consideration to the need of the client.

Experts are required to own tools essential for their work. Specialist with adequate training and have quipped facilities are efficient. Therapists must try being in a position to create good relationships with their various clients. That is what is required from professionals.

Specialists apply varying methodologies therefore customers must consider whether they are getting what they expected. A Lake Oswego therapist has to use methodologies enabling patients to be healthy besides catering for their needs. The expert needs to be in good rapport with the clients to make the process more successful.

Find out more about Lake Oswego therapist at our website

The Necessity Of Group Counseling Ottawa

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Psychotherapy is the most method of educating people more so the youth on the importance of living lawfully. Counseling Ottawa programs make it easier for counselors to offer a variety of approaches that cover the spectrum of problems and age ranges. There is constant communication between the counselor and the patient which allows the counselor to advise on all the issue that may be affecting the group members.

Group psychotherapy in Ottawa is common as it can be done in the workplace, family setting or even at school. This is because relationships are created easily and it is faster to make conclusions as compared to individual psychotherapy, which may take longer than necessary. During psychotherapy, many problems that include stress anxiety, self esteem disorders etc.

The links created by the groups are essential to every member. They enhance the communication skills as each member must take an active part in the discussions. Exchange of information is easier as members must open up and share their problems.

In Ottawa, the groups meet on a regular basis and should be composed of small numbers. Members can also stay in the group as long as they want and should anyone leave, replacement must be done immediately by new members. Attendances are taken seriously as individuals ensure their personal commitments do not clash with the meetings.

Confidentiality is an aspect taken seriously during psychotherapy. Members at all times should never disclose any information to people outside the psychotherapy session. The names, locations and identities of the members are also safeguarded. This is to protect members more so if they feel that their identity will not remain protected.

Members should also not socialize with other people outside psychotherapy while undergoing psychotherapy. This hampers the process as they may receive negative or discouraging information on the need for psychotherapy. Through the counseling Ottawa community and residential programs, children, youth and their families assisted to achieve their social, educational, personal and vocational goals.

Learn more here: Counseling Ottawa

Why You Need Services Of Marriage Counseling Ottawa

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Suitable counseling in relationships is undeniably needed these days. This is because, just after marriage the next thing is to separate. Many married people know clearly about the assistance that marriage counseling Ottawa provides, because they are offered a chance to save their marriages. It is a course taken by individuals as the last effort to salvage the likely divorce.

It is hugely important that the couples be cooperative so that the counselor efforts can be realized. Though the individuals may go to a counselor for help, not all of them will agree to negotiate on some difficult issues. Bearing with each other on some difficult issues is the way to solve everything.

A professional advisor will only be worth the time if he offers solutions to assist with the issues at hand. More significantly, these specialists should give valuable, long term solutions for the couples intimate relations. In circumstances where couples only settle temporarily on some issues, there will be no assurance that all will be fine. The core duty of the counselor is ensuring that couples meet face to face and solve issues.

Counseling is not only for the couples having problems in their relationship. It is also advised for those who have just wedded, which will help to mitigate any future problems. It will be highly advantageous if the couple attend counseling with both consents, which will make them able to show interest in improving their marriage.

It need be understood that, these professionals will only offer forty percent to remedy the problem; thus, couples are required to do their part in salvaging the relationship. There will be no reason to attend the session only to listen and not do anything thereafter. You can go to many counselors or have it online until a trustworthy counselor is found that can solve the problems.

Therefore, save your relationship by finding the right marriage counseling Ottawa professionals. They will listen and give valuable advice so both of you will agree to live a happy life. It is never too late to salvage something. Marriage Counseling Ottawa

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Great Tactics To Have Your Significant Other Back

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And so, you broke up with your own lover and you are obviously ready to do anything whatsoever to get your girlfriend back again. I pity you that you split with your girl, but it’s great that you’re in a position to go that step further to make certain that you are able to ultimately get her back just as before.

Not long ago I discovered an amazing strategy to do just that and it’s a nice book on the subject that I find very helpful. It’s been created by a romantic relationship expert called TW Jackson who knows what he’s doing as far as mending ruined human relationships are concerned. He will be able to assist you to mend your damaged connection and have your woman back again.Get Girlfriend Back.

Have you been experiencing any of these matters? You’ve got a bit of difficulty eating. You continuously find yourself e-mailing your ex-girlfriend and sending text messages to your ex in addition and you’re honestly driving her crazy. You happen to be frequently looking at your mobile phone to determine whether she in fact called you. You’re feeling very feeling hopeless without having the woman around.

If you are encountering any one of the previous points I then would like you to understand that you’re not on your own. There are plenty of men all across the world that are feeling like you are right this moment because they also can’t get their significant other back. Let’s right now take a sneak peak at this great read titled the Magic of Making Up:

You are going to uncover the super fast method which will ultimately enable you to contend with the pain and depression that you’ve been having to deal with for a while now. You’ll be ready to discover whether or not your ex-lover still cares which is able to tell you if you’ll want to pursue her or perhaps leave her alone. You are going to uncover the bonding secret to really really feel connected again. You will discover each one of these elements plus more when you eventually pick up TW Jackson’s the Magic of Making Up.

Buy it today because it can essentially help you improve your life and finally get your girlfriend back.Get Girlfriend Back.

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