What Are The Methods To Deal With Razor Bumps

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Beauty · Comment 

Razor blade bumps are in fact ingrown hairs. It really is hair which grew back into the pores and skin. It could be the consequence of a variety of things, but also the most popular and the most feasible cause is simply shaving. Shaving can frequently cut your hair at such an angle that it can become sharp. Razor bumps not only aggravate the skin, but could also be extremely painful at times.

Take advantage of the following actions to prevent having razor bumps:

Make sure the hair is wet before you start shaving. It’s a good idea to take a warm shower first. Whenever you don’t shower then cleanse the face with warm, soapy water for around a couple of minutes or so. Wet hair cuts much better than dried out hair and slashes a lot more evenly.

To lessen chaffing and also irritation it’s vital that you have a great shaving cream. Really work the shaving cream in your hair for several minutes. Cut areas which will are inclined to get razor bumps the most for last. Because of this the shaving cream has more time to soften your hair.

While you’re shaving your face be sure you shave with the grain, not against the grain. It’s one of the primary reasons for razor burn.

Don’t go over the very same area more than 2 times. Also don’t strech the skin while you’re shaving. Stretching out while you shave raises the chance that the hair may bounce back into to under your skin level leading to razor bumps.

Be sure your razor blade is sharp. Never shave with a dull blade. If the razor isn’t sharp you can get hair ripping and it’ll harm your skin significantly.


If you have already got razor bumps you will find many things you’re able to do to help ease your enduring. For starters don’t shave every single day. Let your hair grow out for a short time and provide your skin layer a rest for a few days – the longer the greater. Bumps could get contaminated quite simply in case you don’t tend to them. Should there be a cut use a local antibiotic or some alternative resolution to protect against infections. The key suggestion is – Don’t pick or squeeze or scrape the bumps! Which will merely make issues significantly worse. Some recommendation is to pick them with a needle, and that I firmly advise against it because it’s very dangerous and might cause an infection.

If razors aren’t working for you and are continually creating a great deal of suffering there are also other methods to remove hair and that way get rid of razor bumps. You can use a depilatory rather than razors. Depilatories dissolve your hair as a result it could be washed out. Although the chemical compounds found in depilatories are powerful and might cause an irritation which means you ought to be cautious when applying them.

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