Intriguing Information About David Wilkerson And The Prediction Made In 1973

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The David Wilkerson prophecy in 1973 caused many to think that Wilkerson was a prophet that was given a vision by the Almighty. Whether or not the vision that he saw was from our God many speculate on whether this prophecy is coming true. In 1973 David Wilkerson stated that he had a vision and this vision was about the USA in the future. The prophecy contains many details that may be happening today, almost 40 years after Wilkerson described his vision.

According to the details provided by David Wilkerson in 1973 the prophecy that he experienced included a worldwide recession that will be caused by confusion about monetary factors. Analysts and economy professionals verify that a recession is still happening even though some government authorities and politicians deny this matter. The recession has occurred on a global level just as the prophecy predicted. This is just one of the many aspects that the prophecy predicts.

Through the years there have been events that were included in the David Wilkerson prediction. An economic crash on a global level has occurred, and severe weather condition patterns are hitting every country in the world. Wilkerson forecasted that the credit debt of America would be uncontrolled and that huge businesses would declare bankruptcy. Both of these incidents have also recently occurred in the past few years.

The prophecy that David Wilkerson foresaw also talks of a run on the banks in America , and of fires burning up in New York that can not be stopped. The prophecy discusses pornography available on mainstream television late at night which is commonly available, and a sex drug that will be created which is a big seller today. Rising unemployment was forecasted in 1973 and so were burning oil fields. Wilkerson predicted that homosexuality would become commonplace and epidemics of deadly ailments would grow. Look at the world nowadays and both of these predictions came true.

Wilkerson has many supporters, but there are also many individuals who question that he had a vision from God.

The David Wilkerson prophecy does not convince everybody that he had a vision, but as more of the predicted incidents take place this prophecy has made some to think that the end of the world will occur soon.

Why is There a Measurable Rise in Church Attendance?

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Attendance at church is on the increase. Why is this? Has a newer spirituality hit our country? Or is it that trying times cause individuals to look beyond themselves for answers? Recently, there appears to have been a distinct economic crisis.

As a long-term trend, the family structure breakup is very apparent. From a secular view, living together outside of traditional marriage represents “freedom”. After a while, it is easier to see the harmful results to society this so-called “freedom” brings.

Then, when an abrupt loss occurs in the economy, the tension builds, and the faults in society break, and the confidence that had been attached to them breaks as well.

As people tend to look somewhere for answers, and they usually wind up finding them in church. To many, the breakup of the family seemed unfathomable. The obvious benefits associated with a home with a mom and dad seemed too obvious to question. How did we convince ourselves that single-parenting, or same-sex parenting were even considerable options?

Families of differing make up are becoming the norm. Family ties that have no definition, such as the “child of my mother’s boyfriend’s half-sister” are the names of the people who occupy the same house. There are no words yet to describe the relationships that are being substituted for “mom”, “dad”, “sister”, and “brother”.

It is just for these reasons that the normal stress of everyday living have extraordinary consequences on our very being. Family wasn’t just a good idea, it was indeed a necessary part of the makeup of society. It may be called the foundation of society. Take that away, and society, itself, starts to crumble.

Back to the attendance at churches. There is an uptrend in church membership, of pretty much all religions. Even though the national tendencies of family break-up are evidenced also within the church membership, there is still a willingness to acquire something solid to seize onto. If anything, there is certainly changes transpiring within the church.

Yes, the church sometimes looks to societal trends even more than it needs to. However, there is hope, when some extent of returning to a structured family is apparent. Relationships do mend. This is true in the church, and even outside of the church.

To the extent that churches are enjoying a high rate of recovery, the trend is to go to a place that is seeing the healing taking place. There have been reports of miraculous healing happening to peoples bodies in the church.

Now, we are witnessing relationships being put back together. It is likely this, more than any other thing, which is precisely why church attendance is on the rise.

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Main Differences Between Sunni and Shia Muslims

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What’s the difference between a Sunni Muslim and Shiite Muslim? If you don’t understand the reply then you should not feel guilt ridden – people in Congress, FBI officials, and counter-terrorism experts were enquired this specific same question in 2006, and a handful could possibly answer accurately.

As the reply seems merely crucial to Trivial Pursuit masters, knowing the discrepancies is key to making a sense of the constant infighting which takes place in the Middle East between Muslim groups (noteworthy cases are the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988, the previous nation being Sunni and the latter Shiite, and also the Iraqi insurgency in the late 2000s).

Following the immediate demise of Muhammed, the Muslim community chose a replacement as the leader of the faith. This individual will be known as the Caliph, and he managed both political and spiritual control of Muslims. The initial Caliph was Abu Bakr (632-634), and then Omar (634-644), and ‘Uthman (644-656).

The discord amongst the tribes loyal to ‘Uthman (which had become the Ummayads) and the sects faithful to Ali generated a war in 657. The two communities in the end announced a armstice, but Ali’s supporters ended up so upset with him for doing so that they took him out him as well. The supporters of Ali, nevertheless, kept loyal to his movement and felt marginalized with the Ummayads.

The two sons of Ali Hassan and Hussein waged one more war against the Ummayads in 680 in Iraq. Hussein was slain and his martyrdom is central to the Shiite group. The divide among those two groups generated an ancient break up between Sunnis and Shias in which remains to this day.

Concerning some other differences between Sunnis and Shias, other social differences have also emerged. For example, Shiite young boys tend to be called Hassan or Ali, while the names Abu Bakar, Omar, or ‘Uthman are favored by Sunni Muslims. Furthermore, several devout Shia Muslims will whip themselves during the day of Ashura to commemorate the deaths of Hassan and Hussein. These distinctions even affect the way such groups dress. Whilst the average Sunni and Shia appear considerably similar, a pious Shia Muslim doesn’t don a tie (Iran’s bombastic prime minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never ever wears one in general public) while an equally pious Sunni will sport a long beard.

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Maintain Good Control Practices is Essential for Churches and Non-Profits

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Each non-profit organization has an obligation to manage integrity for its supporters through appropriate money-handling processes, filing, and auditing. External procedures include the way a non-profit organization represents itself, its mission, as well as its use connected with contributed funds.

An institution should have the ability to promote itself aggressively, without having to use hyperbole or misrepresentations. Internal procedures include everything from handling inbound mail, instruction of phone receptionists, capital and data flow, and controls.

Incoming mail procedures are very important, mainly because the man or woman who retrieves the mail, often is not the one that takes action on bills, donations, or important material. Phone receptions need to be trained to be courteous, as well as be aware of mission of the organization and it is possible to turn for help for any kind of request which may be unusual.

Phone receptionists are significant since they often are the “face” of the particular organization. They are commonly the earliest contact that the outsider has with the organization, and the impression which can be made is valuable. Therefore, training the receptionist should be regarded as a worthwhile investment.

Internal controls on money-handling are many times overlooked. The assumption is that people are honest. While this assumption is oftentimes correct, the desire for money-handling procedures goes beyond characterizing the money-handlers. Keeping an “honest man honest” is one step-above having no procedures. Being able to successfully advertise to the outside world that money-handling procedures are in place, that can be audited, is even closer to the suitable.

In other words, money-handling procedures add to the integrity of the organization. Duties should really be separated. Two non-related people should be involved with every practical part of money handling. Signing privileges should be separated from reporting and data entry. No signers should be allowed to edit the accounting books, for example.

Reporting and audits have three stages of escalating integrity. An internal review shows that reports are viewed by the board of an organization and made available to its constituency. A compilation is the general review by an impartial, outside reviewer, who verifies some level of accounting integrity has taken place. An audit by an third party agency is the very best procedure.

Sometimes it is cost-prohibitive, but it could very well add value to the organization. Record keeping is a needed function for a non-profit organization. There are a number of non-profit software programs that are available on the marketplace to enhance the record-keeping functions. They have good integration with membership communicating and book keeping capabilities. An organization should have a functional software, and robust internal procedures.

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Did Corts Absolutely Fool the Aztecs into Considering He Was Their God?

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God of the Morning Star

The Aztecs wrote many stories about the god Quetzalcoatl. One legend describes his death by self-immolation; after drunkenly seducing a virgin priestess, he became wracked with guilt, and set his own body alight. The only part of the god that did not burn to ash was his heart, which ascended to the heavens to become the morning star.

Though popular culture holds that the Aztecs prophesied Quetzalcoatl’s return, an event which would lead a revolution of human consciousness and the dawn of an age of global peace, there is actually scant evidence that those who worshiped the feathered serpent god ever actually held this belief. Primary sources deciphered by archaeologists do not suggests that the Aztecs ever believed Quetzalcoatl would return; in fact, the claim only appears in later texts written by their conquerors, the Spanish.

A Problem of Sources

The supposed prophecy may in fact have been invented by the man responsible for the downfall of the Aztecs :the Conquistador Hernn Corts . In his reports to the court at Milan, the conquering Spaniard did his best to degrade the Aztecs, emphasizing his impression of their childlike naivete and ignorance. It would not be surprising, then, if Corts had been unable to resist painting himself not just as a victorious warrior, but as a divine figure, and embellished or invented a tale of being received by King Montezuma II a god returned to the mortal plain, instead of simply a strange-looking fellow human being.

Fifty years later, the Florentine Codex, an ethnographic research text written by a Spanish friar who visited Mesoamerica, repeated the speculation in grander and more certain language, which became largely responsible for its propagation in the sphere of popular thought. The following passage is attributed to the Aztec ruler: “You have graciously come on earth, approached your water, your high place of Mexico; you have come down to your mat, your throne, which I have briefly kept for you, I who used to keep it for you.” Certainly, this is deferential language, especially coming from the ruler of a mighty civilization, but the accuracy of these words is by no means universally accepted. Montezuma was further credited with commenting that the Conquistadors had “known pain [and] weariness,” and invited them to “come on earth, take your rest, enter into your palace, rest your limbs; may our lords come on earth.”

Whether it was hubris, an error of translation, or a simple misreading of kindness shown to the strange and unknown force which had suddenly appeared on their land, the ultimate source of this mistake may be lost to history. However, mistake it appears to have been; on the face of it, one would not expect a true believe in the return of a divine host to be concerned with an immortal being knowing pain or needing to rest weary limbs. Whatever their intentions, by the time the Aztecs had divined the Spaniards’ thirst for land and treasure, it was too late; their empire had been doomed from the first cannon shot, and the great city of Tenochtitlan fell before the might of Spanish steel and gunpowder.

Though he reaped the worldly benefits of his conquests, in his lifetime, the fame and power that Corts sought most proved eventually elusive. His riches could not compensate for the Spanish monarchy’s progressive disinterest and alienation of Corts , the fact of which left him bitter and resentful to the end. By the time the rumor of his reception as a living god reached their height, the man himself had passed from history, dying of an internal illness in 1547.

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Father God And The Perfect Family

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[I:] There was a young couple who lived in a beautiful town. They had the best of everything. Their love was real. When their child was born she was a beautiful child .The couples life was near perfect.

One day when their Daughter was about seven years old the Couple was in a car crash.Checking his wife right away the husband was relived to see she was ok. They both had received only a few scratches.They turned to check on their young daughter and as soon as they saw her both of them burst into tears.The wife started screaming NO GOD ! PLEASE GOD NO ! Their pain was felt by anyone and everyone who happened to be around them that day. The Beautiful young child had passed on and left this world .

During the funeral the deceased child’s mother kept asking why ? Why my child? oh dear Lord why? People paying there respects to this wonderful couples most beautiful child tried to console her. They told her things like “It is the Lords will” and “She is in Heaven now” These things did not help the child’s Mother and she cursed God Saying to the People “There is no God” for if there was such a God how could he allow something so terrible to happen? Surely he would have saved my child and she would still be here with us!!

Years passed by as they always do and the pain this Couple felt started to ease. They had more children over the years, all very beautiful None quite as beautiful as their first one.Their life went back to being as close to perfect as can be.But Every time the women heard something bad had happened in the world it reinforced her belief that there was no God and no Heaven up above,For surely no God would allow such terrible things to happen in this world !!!

One day as the Woman was walking to the store she heard screams “NO LORD PLEASE LORD NO” The screams took her back to the death of her child and she ran toward the sound of them. She saw the woman who was screaming and she could see a building on fire, My Child is in there Screamed the woman.

Knowing the pain this woman would go threw and not wishing it on anyone she raced into the building. Flames shot at her and she could feel them burning her but the pain was some where else and did not hurt her .As the flames got larger and the heat got much hotter the woman thought this is what hell must be like! Then she thought but there is no hell for if there is No God and No Heaven then there can’t be a Hell can there? These thoughts passed threw the woman’s mind as she felt herself begin to grow tired.

As She felt herself about to pass out the Women saw a child in the distance and with new found strength she started walking towards the child. As she got closer she could see it was the most beautiful young girl she had ever seen . When she reached the child the child spoke hello mother it is I your Daughter the one killed in that car accident those many years ago.

No the Woman said you are gone your Dead. Dead yes I may be Mother but gone no I have never left you .I have always been in your heart and you in mine. But I am with the Father now in the most Wonderful Kingdom imaginable. With who? asked the Woman , The Father God answered the child the one you denounced upon my death. No said the woman there can’t be a GOD or a heaven For surely no God would allow the Terrible things to Happen that happen upon this earth. Terrible things are done by terrible people answered the child and they will answer for their sins in the afterlife have no fear of that my Mother, The Lord will see that justice is done.

But what of you asked the Mother you where not taken from me by a terrible person it was an accident why did the Lord take you from me. The Child smiled at her Mother and spoke Mother what you see as the most terrible thing ever is not. For I am in the Kingdom of the Lord and there is no greater reward then that ! My life on Earth was short Mother, I agree with you on that but let me let you in on a little secret “All life on Earth is short” It is just a blink of the eye to the Father. Miss me Mother for I know you will, But have faith in the Father for if you believe in him you will be with me again one day and then you will feel no pain or sorrow ever again. The Mother reached down picked up her child closing her eyes and hugging the child to her bosom, She heard a voice that was not her Daughters say “I will always Love you my Child”

The woman opened her eyes and she saw lights and heard sirens and the voices of many people. Not sure what was going on she looked down at her child only to see that she was not holding her child but a small young boy. The Woman who she had seen screaming was grabbing for this child saying Thank you oh thank you Lord for sending this Woman to rescue my Child ,In my heart Lord I always knew you would save him, for surely you would never allow something so terrible to happen !!!! ——

I am not a Person who believes in God in the Traditional Sense, I awoke one Morning with this Story in my head and a feeling I must share It. I figure encase I am wrong about God and I one day find myself in front of the Lord and he asks me did you share that story I sent you to ease the pain of the many? I want to be able to say Yes I did ! I have been wrong before. -Your Bro L.J. James

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Benefits Of Engaging In Fellowship With Others

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When people join forces in fellowship, they are able to accomplish more goals than they would have been able to accomplish individually. For many people, the term is taken to have a religious connotation because many religious groups urge their members to engage in collective activities. However, there are many other fields where the concept may be applied to solve problems faced by people daily.

People are able to unify themselves and communities when they engage in collective activities. They feel loyalty and responsibility towards each other when they face common problems together. This creates an environment that allows various developments to come up in the society.

People could also share knowledge and expertise in certain areas where they may lack the appropriate knowledge. Many people have acquired life skills when they learn from their peers through collective activities. Professionals in different fields often meet in seminars and other official gatherings where they share their knowledge with others.

Entrepreneurs are also able to combine resources and raise capital for venturing into investments. People need money resources to raise capital for venturing into businesses. When like-minded people meet, they can organize themselves and raise the capital they need for their investments.

People suffering from common problems such as diseases are also able to strengthen themselves through fellowshipping with others. They can look for solutions together and also provide moral support through group therapy. Patients of terminal diseases or addicts often join such groups.

Religious believers also commonly engage in collective prayer and worship meetings. When they do this, they are able to increase their faith and achieve a better sense of well-being. Many religious movements encourage their followers to engage in such groupings.

Through such activities, people are able to grow their social skills. When parents notice that their children do not like mingling with others of the same age, this should be a sign that something is wrong. They can encourage their children to engage in collective activities with their peers and make new friends.

People working in the same industry often find themselves working under similar difficult conditions. When they form fellowships with others, they may come up with a representative to represent their grievances to their bosses. This way, their problems at work are solved and they can enjoy a conducive working environment.

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What Are The Beliefs And Religion Of The Maya?

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Until now, the religion of the Maya is not known , simply because the conquistadors of Spain eliminated as much of the “heathen” culture as they can prior to trying to win over the folks to Catholicism. Then again, much has actually been discovered their faith as archeologists find out about things including age old books, pottery with text or paintings on them, mural paintings, carvings, and also other various treasures which are left untouched.

Because of these items, we currently know a little with what these folks believed, who they worshiped, and how they carried out their spiritual ceremonies.

Religion Of The Maya

The religion of the Maya is remarkably complicated, with a spider web of beliefs, worshiped beings as well as ceremonies. The majority of cities furthermore worshiped their own specific heroes, deities, as well as forefathers, not unlike the European Catholics as well as their saints. The priests are made as instruments in carrying out their spiritual rites and communicating to spirits and deities. With a huge belief in nature, mythology, and also the afterlife, the Mayan belief system is certainly among the most complicated religions in both ancient as well as present times.

The Gods and priests

The Mayans worshiped a number of groups of figures: the forefathers, heroes (a special group from the forefathers which carried out very good deeds throughout their life), deities, animal persons (animals which act as humans as well as serve the deities), spooks (ghosts), demons, bush spirits, goblins (thought to be produced by the priests to help the farmers), dwarfs, as well as hunchbacks. Each and every group was worshiped as well as looked after via traditions, retelling of tales, sacrifices, along with other spiritual ceremonies. They also assign rivers, mountains, caves to specific deities or ancestors. Other different forms of worship incorporated purification (confession, bloodletting and fasting), prayer, pilgrimages, as well as remarkable performances.

The structure of the Priesthood was wide-ranging, yet is not well recognized. Nearly all of what is identified was figured out by the one-sided perspective of the Spanish which conquered them. We do understand that lots of the different deities had their own priesthood, and that each level of the hierarchy had their own duties and also responsibilities. Many even held a title, like oracle, astrologer, or being in control of sacrificing humans. Priests were also research workers, professionals of arithmetic and astronomy. They were the people for the most part in charge of studying the heavens and also writing the charts. This led the right way to astrology and all the other sciences of fortune reading.

What Are Their Offerings And Sacrifices

Both offerings and sacrifices portrayed a tremendous role to keep the deities and several other worldly creatures content. There are various forms of offering, nonetheless they were also accurate, with highly accurate numbers, quantity, quality, preparations, and also arrangement of things. Nearly all ceremonial rites entail the sprinking of blookd, which, on the other hand, means sacrifices. Turkeys were specifically used, but in certain instances, many other animals, such as fish, deer and dogs were also used, while exceptional occasions required a human. Bloodletting by the priests along with royal family seemed to be fairly common. Though fantasized in horror films, cannibalism during these rituals was exceedingly rare.

There is so far more to discover with regards to their religion, yet, archeologists are still finding new facts. Certainly we will never know to what extent their beliefs get to. What exactly is known is that their entire lives targeted around what they believed plus who they worshiped.

The original article is from The Architectural Gifts of the Maya. Read more on Mayan History.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Life Is Not A Dream Its A Vacation

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I have spent a lot of my Life trying to figure out what is the truth to Life and the Universe . I have done much reading and taken different pieces of the truth from many different religions. Many Religions I have found to be obviously False. Even though things are proven to be false over and over People do continue on “Faith” to believe them. My ideas here are as a Theory of what I have come up with so far. There is No Box where things have to be 100% True and can not be wrong. They are only what you Believe and want them to be. Here I will try to explain what I think the truth is so far and why I believe it to be true ! This is an on going work and there will be many updates and Changes as time goes by and I learn more. Please feel free to ask Questions because that is how we find the Answers. Lets be clear I am not Saying I am God or the Son of God, I am Saying that We as a Human race are all small Pieces of what we think of as God ! [I:]

Your First Step: The Universe only knows what is in your mind ! If your Brain has negative emotions and thoughts then that is what it brings you . Be careful what your mind thinks about. I am going to start you off by telling you this Life is nothing more than VACATIONISM !!!

The Therory of Vactionism is that every person and every Living thing is Energy . We all come from this Giant energy ball that floats some where in the Middle of the Universe . When we are a part of the Energy Ball we are all Connected, We are individuals yet we are one and the same and we feel only Joy Happiness Peace (No Negative Emotions) and we are never alone !

Every now and again things get a little Boring, We are curious beings that seek new adventures. We leave the Energy Ball and we travel the Universe and look for something to become for a while. For those of us here on Earth We become Humans , Animals Trees and Plants . (I am not Sure maybe other things too like Clouds and stuff like that)

While we are here we have these Corporeal bodies that we live in. These Bodies keep us from Truly being a part of each other as we are used to being. (Sex being the Closest Thing we can experaince to togetherness while in these bodies) These Bodies are also the reason for many negative emotions.

As Children We learn that if we touch a hot stove it hurts the body , So we learn pain and because of pain we learn fear and because of fear and Pain we allow ourselves to fear and distrust those things we do not remember we know and understand. Often we spend our Lives, Hiding away not trusting anything in an attempt to protect this body (This Body is Nothing more then a rental car you would get while on Vacation)

We come here to enjoy experiences, But We spend our time hating and fearing each other. We are all like Roses from a Bush, Some in Different Colored Vases. Why would a Rose hate its Brother Rose because it is in a Red vase while the other Rose a Blue vase?

This Life is a Vacation and we are here to enjoy it and bring back the Experiences to the Giant Energy Ball and share our Vacation Photos with everyone else that is there. What will you have to show? A Life time of Working 9 to 5 and hiding in fear or will you have some Great Crazy Vacation Photos to Share?

This Life is not reality it is only a Vacation. When a Human dies a few Minutes Later there is an Energy Discharge from the Body , I believe that is who we truly are !

There is a great and Powerful Being that helps Control the Universe but it is not mean and it does not Judge Us it is a part of Us and Us a part of it. It tries to help us out by sending us what it thinks we need. The Brain and our thoughts work on energy when we think and feel negative Emotions then that is what it sends to us and we Draw to ourselves. This Life is Nothing more then a Short vacation and Should be taken with no more Seriousness then that !!!

As with anything in life there is more To Come, Life is what you make it – Your Bro LJ James. Reality is a Man Made Prison I Choose to No Longer Live in . [I:]

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Tips On Integrating Christian Family Values In The Present World

April 28, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Family values are principles that a family Unit concurs to reside by and stand for. These values are fundamental aspects of Christian living. There is uniqueness in each Unit and this makes their morals unique too. A Unit necessitates Christian principles in order to retain the customary unit.

We are living in a global world. This globalization has negatively affected the family. Christian characteristics are becoming less important and cohesiveness of the Unit is being endangered. Therefore, the household becomes delicate by the day.

Love offers healing during times of tribulations. It also holds people together and transforms the wicked. Try showing your relatives love often and you will be amazed how it works positively to the advantage of your unit. Read Colossians three through fourteen.

As a Christian unit, parents should be role models. They must constantly offer direction to their children and spouse. Unit ideals have deteriorated in the society today. For example, most individuals are not able to offer guidance to their kids when they are growing up due to unavoidable situations such as work or advanced education.

The children will learn from other sources, for instance the television, music or movies. These sources may have a negative impact on their morals. God created the Unit to comprise of a father, a mother together with children. Such a foundation can be destroyed easily if people learn from an early age that it is okay for a Unit to comprise of two women or two men alone or with a child.

In marriage, the divorce rates have increased over the years. This is because couples in the modern societies do not exercise morals such as humility. Humility in a Christian view starts with the understanding that as humans we are just unimportant corollaries of our God. Acquiring this principle will help you acknowledge that as humans we make mistakes which sometimes need correction.

Individualism has been promoted by Christianity because God did create us uniquely. Thus each person has preferences, needs and feelings. All of these will call for awareness while deciding on issues regarding the Unit. As soon as we comprehend this, the household members will respect one another and live cordially.

Note that everyone in the Unit has a role to play in ensuring that principles are maintained. For example children need to know that they should respect their parents. The potential of achieve a tight family is there. You just need dedication and to discover the way to manage your devotion. Do not let outside forces affect your Unit principles. Strong family values assist in overcoming hardships or complex situations.

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First Presbyterian, One Of The Most Innovative Texarkana Churches

April 27, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Innovation and church probably don’t go hand-in-hand in most people’s minds. Nevertheless, First Presbyterian Church in Texarkana, Arkansas has a rich and continued history of being innovative among the Texarkana churches. Particularly, First Presbyterian has always been progressive in its promotion of education.

The churches high priority regarding education goes back to its very beginning. Its first preacher, Dr. Goldberg, actually established the first public school in Texarkana in the early 1900′s. Goldberg was an outstanding educator and sought after preacher.

Later in the 1960′s, the church took another innovative step and sought to meet the needs of special education young children. They did so by organizing a special education kindergarten in 1967. The class grew and funding was sought to build classrooms to house three classes for special needs children. Those three classes were the roots of what is now Opportunities, Inc., a major non-profit agency meeting the need of hundreds of special needs adults and children.

Today, the church continues its rich legacy of began an education innovator. The church became the first and only church among Texarkana churches to adopt a creative form of christian education known as Godly Play in 2011. Godly Play offers children a hands-on experience of bible stories. Children are mentored by the story teller on how to ready themselves to hear God’s Word and respond to it. The process is montessori based method of education.

Upon seeing the success of Godly Play within it’s Sunday morning and Wednesday evening programs, the christian education committee of the church decided to take Godly Play two steps further. The first step being the use of Godly Play as a foundation for Vacation Bible School. In the Summer of 2011, First Presbyterian discarded using commercially produced vacation bible school curriculum and produce its own VBS using 5 Godly Play parables. The effort was a resounding success with an enrollment increase of 50 percent.

The other new use of Godly Play was the adoption of it as a method of christian education for developmentally disabled adults. The Godly Play program is ideal suited for developmentally disabled adults because it is not heavily dependent upon particular stages of cognitive development. This is because the method is primarily process focused and meets participants at whatever level they are.

To achieve the goal of ministry to developmentally disabled adult First Presbyterian Church at the end of 2011 partnered with Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, Inc. Each week clients have the opportunity to experience Godly Play following a meal with the rest of the congregation. Clients are also free to join the bible study for church members as well.

First Presbyterian church is very likely to continue to be an innovative presence among Texarkana churches, if the past is any indication of this congregation’s future.

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Something about a Wiccan Belief

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Magic is a term we use to describe something that possesses a distinctive quality that produces unaccountable baffling effects. It puzzles our very mind on how could that be possible. We then try to find some answers on how and why does magic evolve.

Well, there is this one religion that practices this kind of supernatural stuffs. It is called the Wiccan religion. Wicca comes from the old English word which only means Wise. It is the practice of witchcraft which basically means the craft of the wise.

They said that the Wiccan religion has this connection on nature. They value nature just like they value their selves. They said that plants, animals, and constellations have some magical consciousness. They even structured their lives around the monthly phases of the moon, and cycles of the season.

They say that casting magic is the wonderful thing about witchcraft. But do you really think it’s good when it does harm to humanity when it is use wrongly? Well, as what I have read magic spells come in different forms. You can have what we call the love spell, money spell, and many other spell as long as it will do you good.

But, we must always remember that there are some people who will make use of magic to do harm to other people. They usually referred this as performing some black magic. Also to those that practice good magic, they are termed as white magic.

Wiccan is all about expressing your spirituality. It is about freedom and the feeling of unity which you can feel through Wiccan spells and rituals. But in the long run it remains to be up to you whether you would want to join their creed and to have those powers that since childhood you’ve always heard. The only thing I can add is that, I still believe that there’s still Someone up there that has all the powers of the universe and no one compares His greatness.

Wicca is an almost completely decentralized religion. If you really want to know more about them, then try to visit the Wicca beliefs site.

Why Quit Smoking

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Nicotine is actually a drug identified obviously in tobacco, and is also as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Over time, an individual becomes bodily depending on and emotionally hooked on nicotine, generating it tougher to quit. The bodily dependence will cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms once you try to quit smoking. The emotive and psychological dependence (addiction) make it difficult to remain absent from nicotine soon after you give up. Studies demonstrate that people who smoke ought to deal with each the physical and mental dependence to quit and remain stop.

Nicotine leads to pleasurable thoughts and distracts the smoker from unpleasant emotions. This makes the smoker wish to smoke once again and continue cigarette smoking. Nicotine also acts like a type of depressant by interfering with the move of information amongst nerve cells. People who smoke tend to smoke extra cigarettes because the anxious system adapts to nicotine. This, consequently, boosts the quantity of nicotine within the smoker’s blood. Eventually the smoker develops a tolerance for the drug, meaning it takes more nicotine to obtain the identical impact that the smoker utilized to obtain from smaller sized quantities, top to an raise in smoking.

People who smoke frequently for a few weeks or longer will have withdrawal signs and symptoms if they suddenly quit making use of tobacco or drastically lessen the quantity they smoke. Withdrawal signs and symptoms typically start inside a few hours with the final cigarette and peak about 2 to three days later on when a lot of the nicotine and its by-products are out with the body. Symptoms can final to get a few times to as much as many weeks. The symptoms will get far better every single day that you stay smoke-free.

The success costs of persons seeking to quit smoking are hard to decide for several reasons.Not all programs define success inside the similar way. Does good results indicate that a person is just not cigarette smoking at the finish from the program? Immediately after 3 months? Six months? One 12 months? Does cigarette smoking much less cigarettes, as opposed to stopping fully, count as good results?

The reality is the fact that stop smoking applications, like other programs that handle addictions, usually have pretty very low achievement costs. There is, nevertheless, a great deal you may do to enhance your probabilities of good results. According to the American Most cancers Society’s latest health care critique, 4-7% of smokers are in a position to stop smoking on any granted attempt without medications or other support. 25% of smokers that use some form of treatment can remain smoke-free for over 6 months. Analysis also displays that you can raise your chances significantly with on-line support or remedy. Our aim at will be to assist you to uncover methods to increase your chances for good results.

For more information on this subject and several others go to mindfulness or quit smoking

House Church Bible Study

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Churches aren’t churches anymore. Our idea of church in the 70′s, or 80′s, 90′s – none of them operate like churches operate in the 2K’s. Church as it was when I was 5 still exists, just not nearly as many places. There are churches that attract a weekly attendance that rivals any NFL team. With a church that size, there is no way you and that megachurch pastor will spend time one-to-one very often if ever, and let’s be honest, the goal isn’t for the members to connect to the preacher, it is for them to connect their individual hearts to God, and their individual lives to other individual lives.

Jesus’ Kingdom is people, not palaces. The best churches, no matter the size, understand this principle. So the question to any church is; how do you connect individual people together? Small Groups, House Churches, Home Study Groups, House to House, Discipleship Groups, give them any name you wish, but they have taken over much of that one-to-one job the corporate churches once offered. No matter the name or size (most are less than 30 people), the principle is the same – the idea is to get fewer people in one place so they can get to know each other.

Home Study Church Kits

What could make this concept work for you? And if you are already doing it, what could make it far better? There are innumerable lists of programs, studies, lessons, journals, videos and the like for your teaching needs. We’ll leave that one for another time, but in every size project there are some basic needs which have to be met. No matter what size church group you have, you will need a few basic church supplies items to make it function. Probably the most typical and expected item all churches have are communion sets. While we mainly think of them for the larger church body, they are becoming more popular in many house church groups.

Now, you’ll find tons of various types of sets which I’ll explain to you in more detail. Let’s start with the easy part; we all want to take part in communion as Jesus took communion with His disciples right before the Crucifixion. Also numerous denominations believe in and use anointing oil to pray for each other as the Scripture calls us to do. I’m trying not to go into teaching mode, because then we will never get done here under 10,000 words! We can do that one another time, this one is going to be limited to the mechanics and functions of running an effective house church.

Some Things Your Church Cannot Do Without

Is it ok for Home Churches to enjoy communion together? Yes. There is no Scriptural for or against, just go with yes. The technical points are as follows: most commonly used communion sets include trays which hold all of the cups plus a separate tray for the bread. These are very classy and have been used for years, and provide the simplest way to take communion. Another option for home groups which is becoming more and more popular is the wafer and juice communion cups. This one is especially unique, because it has the wafer and wine (actually grape juice) together in one peel-top little cup. They resemble those little creamers you get with your coffee at a restaurant. The little wafer is right on top of the juice; you just peel back one seal to access the bread wafer, and then a second seal opens the pre-measured juice section. They are easy to use and extremely simple to store. Most offer a shelf life of 6 months.

Healing Oils

If you’ve finished your small group communion, and would like to try another element of a New Testament house church, you should consider praying for people, and anointing them with oil. Some groups get cautious here, because yet again, religion sometimes trumps Biblical reality. There is no reason you must use some special anointing oil, it doesn’t do any actual healing, it is a symbolic gesture of several things: first the Bible portrays the Holy Spirit as the oil of anointing, and second because it is a tangible reminder to the person for whom you are praying. Praying for one another and taking up each other’s burdens is one of our callings to be like Christ. Did you also know the Bible says to anoint yourselves with oil whenever you pray for healing? Not a bad idea to just keep your own little bottle handy.

It is essential that you pray for one another in your home groups, and I highly recommend keeping several containers of frankincense anointing oil, or one of many other scented oils on hand at all times. It is one of my favorite church supplies. Your church group will feel unified when praying for one another as God commanded. When we act on God’s Word, we can expect miracles to take place in His name!

You’ll find everything you need for your home Bible study groups, and corporate worship, at savings of 30-60% when you buy from select online Christian bookstores. You will reach more people and grow the church ‘door to door and house to house’ just like the book of Acts says. That’s my opinion, and I’m usually right. Be Blessed.

Synagogues Using Text Messaging to Keep in Contact With Youth Groups (& Entire Congregations)

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Synagogues are now trying to move in another direction to add younger church goers to their organizations. Churches and synagogues are now sending out bulk text messages to spread the word and to ask their congregation questions via texts. While some churches have never embraced the computer age and haven’t ever thought about sending emails, some churches have already advanced past the email stage by using text messages for churches.

SMS messaging for churches is a novel way to stay in touch with the congregation that is prompt and effective. A church leader can prepare his weekend message by sending out a query to his congregation via text message and uses their responses in his sermon. It is a way to keep the members involved in church, while at the same time keeping them engaged listening for a response they may have given. It is a great way to get the pastor and the members on the same page.

SMS marketing companies are utilizing SMS marketing all the time so why can’t churches get their share of pie? Churches can use the text messages to increase attendance on Sunday or just ask their congregation what they would like to see that would enrich their experience in church.

Older generation members of the church group may see text messages as invasive or too advanced. Even the older members of the congregation will soon understand that text messages could change the face of the church experience forever. The possibilities can be endless by using bulk text messages for everything from daily devotionals, to group updates, to ad hoc giveaways to keep the congregation involved.

Another great aspect of bulk SMS messaging for churches is the process of collections for church programs or charities. Text messages can be sent out reminding the congregation of a specific charity or possibly reminders to bring clothes for Goodwill or Toys for Tots. Text messages are personal, so it is a great way for churches to engage their parishioners at a higher level.

The most obvious group that can be motivated to become more involved in the church is the young church goers. As the church utilizes sending and receiving information via bulk text messaging it will teach the youngest members not only more about the church but it will create a feeling of community. This method of communication is second nature to today’s youth, so it will make it easier for them to connect with and discuss things with the older church members.

Jeffrey Arnold is a nationally recognized SMS marketing and search engine marketing expert. He will work with you to formulate the most powerful SMS marketing campaign possible. Visit his site for a FREE TRIAL of his texting software and try the service to determine if using text message marketing for churches is for you.

The Meaning of “Et”

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The meaning of Aleph is ox, strength, power, or leader. So when you’re seeing the Aleph in your bible, what you’re seeing is the strength or the power or leader, the strength of a leader, really. In the beginning, Gen 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. We all have heard that. Gen 1:1, “bereshit bara elohim; et hasha mayim ve’et ha’aretz.

That’s what it is in Hebrew. Now what I want to share to you personally is something pretty incredible, you can’t see it in English, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, okay that makes sense He created the heavens and also the earth, that’s not it says in Hebrew. It’s a lot more specific and it’s something that this age continues to be looking at under mystery for thousands of years and that is this, actually in Hebrew, before heavens and the earth there exists a two letter word that can’t be translated and it’s not translated in a translation because it’s impossible to become translated and it says “In first God created “et”. “Et” in Hebrew is untranslatable and means “the direct object is next.”

Quite simply in Hebrew when you come across the term “Et” what you are seeing, it’s telling you is take notice the next word is the focus the, the subsequent phrase or the next focus, the following word or phrase is what I’m focusing on. It’s the direct object of the sentence. How many grew up diagramming sentences. It’s very not fair that kids don’t have any idea what that is today because most of us were tortured, the lines and also the slants, and the preposition came down, it was such as this tree, and even back then when I was in fifth grade, what’s the point of diagramming the sentence?

To try more time, now I’m convinced. Kids today understand what subjects are without diagramming a sentence but don’t forget that the slanted line always said that next is the direct object whenever you diagram a sentence, that’s what “Et” is. But watch exactly what it means in Hebrew, “Et” is Aleph Tav.

So initially, God created or the word created in Hebrew, it can be brought forth or revealed, just like you have a baby, brought forth! Created! Revealed something that was hidden, it’s in the womb for 9 months and you have no idea really what’s in there, you’ve never witnessed it. In ancient days they didn’t have all the electronic equipment so you can peak inside electronically to see what they look like. Also, keep in mind that the Sabbath Day is very important to keep.

Today it’s so innovative that I mean why even turn out, we know exactly what they look like. They can have colored photographs, you are already aware whether they have hair, whether they got fat cheeks or their skinny, I mean it’s amazing. Back then you didn’t know, it’s completely revealed and hidden until it’s brought forth. At first God brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav.

Do you know what Aleph and Tav is? Individuals that is completely illiterate of the Hebrew language, it’s the initial letter and the last letter with the Hebrew language. In the beginning He came up with Alphabet. He created all things to generate all things.

I’m James Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

The Alpha and the Omega

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Initially, He brought forth His words because before you decide to create, you have to have words, before you have words, you have to have letters. He created the Alphabet. Now, let’s see if this actually features a connection with something you might be acquainted with.

Rev 1:8 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says Adonai, “who is and who was and who is to come, master,” but let me ask you a question it says that “I’m the Alpha and Omega” This really is Greek!

Do you really think that our Lord, within the moment here of the kingdom! In the millennium! After creating the Hebrew language that created the entire universe would stand ahead of the universe and say “I am the Alpha and also the Omega!”? I am the Greek god, He’s not Zeus, He is not a Greek god, He could be a Hebrew God, and He’s Elohim.

He would not have said, I am the Alpha and the Omega. He would have said, “I am the Aleph and the Tav, I am everything that my Father has created, I am that language, I’m all of the words, I am the term.”

Isaiah 44:6 says, “Thus says the Yahweh, the King of Israel (the malek of Israel), And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: (Yahweh Sabaoth ) as we’re saying tonight, “I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God (Elohim). This is Yahweh, ladies and gentlemen, speaking this. For anyone that have struggle and I know we’re conversing with thousands of people online, there are somebody available is going to struggle on whether Yeshua Himself is divine as well as the Sabbath Day.

You will find there’s big problem if He’s not. I don’t have to get into Theology but right here in Isaiah Yahweh says that He is the King of Israel, Yeshua’s known as the King of Israel, and His redeemer the Yahweh Sabaoth, the one that who’s the Warrior, the mighty King, “I am Rev 1:8 says, “I am the First and the Last.” That’s a problem if you believe that Yeshua is just a man, if He’s just a prophet, He cannot claim exactly the same thing that Yahweh claims as being the First and the Last, the very beginning and the very end.

I’m Jim Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

The Leader of the Covenant

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In the beginning again, let’s see if there’s any connection. Take notice that only in the book of John where you can see the phrase “in the beginning”. Do you think that maybe John who is the most Jewish of all the apostles thinks about the problem at all when he wrote that? I am talking about this is a guy who grew up with what they call the scriptures, the Tanakh, what we called the Old Testament wherein it begins “in the beginning”.

So when John wrote this letter, which is going through his head, he’s not causeing this to be up, it’s going through his mind as he says “in the beginning”. He’s connecting something! Let’s see what he connects in John 1:1 “In the start was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (Elohim). In the beginning God brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav. I believe that John when he says “in the beginning was the word and the word was God” after which in verse 14 it says the phrase became flesh.

John knows that in Genesis 1:1, at first Elohim created or brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav and in Isaiah and in Revelation, both Yahweh and Yahweh’s right arm tell you they are that Aleph Tav.

Do you see the connection? That word is not there just as one word for no reason. Isaiah and Revelation both claim that Yeshua and Yahweh, the arm and the body if you will, are claiming being the Aleph and the Tav. What it is in Hebrew, it’s the energy and the strength of the leader of the covenant because Tav, its pictograph can be a cross or a mark plus it means covenant.

So at first, God created the leader of the covenant, the best choice and the strength of the covenant. So when Yeshua says “I am the Aleph and also the Tav” what is he saying? “I’m the best choice Covenant! I’m the strength of the covenant!”

The issue is we don’t know what covenant he’s discussing because we don’t read the front it where the covenant is found. Once we say new covenant, we have to discover what that is, what it methods to have a new covenant. Does which means that the entire “old” is thrown out? And then we need to get rid of all the 10 Commandments. It doesn’t matter if 9 turn out found in the New Testament like they say, we need to get rid of all of them as you cannot get rid of a covenant and keep any part of it or is it possible to? Remember that the fourth commandment which is keeping the Sabbath Day is just as important as the others.

When I was a financial planner I had contracts for people and if change a word in the contract it makes the whole contract null and void. Ask any attorney. Now I’m able to keep the contract and keep each word and just change the commission schedule, it will become a brand new covenant. Did I get rid of everything? No! I just change one thing; guess what was changed, our prime priest to it.

I’m Jim Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: What Would Jesus Do?

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Another misconception about the Sabbath is always that Yeshua does not tell us to keep the Sabbath. We’re going find out if that’s really true. Does Jesus really reveal not to keep the Sabbath? Does He really break the Sabbath? Do His disciples break the Sabbath? Do they do the Sabbath keeping on the seventh day? And if so how did they do it? What would Jesus do?

I remember even kids wearing bracelets with this, shirts that said what would Jesus do? Posters, banners inside of churches, “What would Jesus do?” Well let’s ask the question what would Yeshua actually do? A matter of fact let’s go beyond that. What did he do? John 1:15 says this, “If you adore me, keep my commands.

Yeshua talking here, if you love me keep my commandments. Mt 23:1 says, “Then Jesus believed to the crowds and to his disciples: Verse 2, “To teachers from the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So before I am going any further, let’s talk about this. John 14:15 says this, He admits that this, Yeshua is talking, “If you like me, you will do exactly what I tell you to do, you will keep My commandments” Now the question is begging, which Commandments?

Well i want to ask you a question, if you feel that Jesus is God and he is the word made flesh that created all of the heavens and the earth the real key wrote them all! He is the word, He wrote all of it. He could not have written some and His Father wrote some. He could be the word! He is the Torah made flesh.

He is the reason for the season if you will and that he said if you love me you will keep my commandments. Now lool what are the next commandment is very carefully. Mt 23:1 “Then Yeshua said to the crowds and to his disciples, that is you, verse 2 “To teachers with the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Verse 3 “So you must obey them and try everything they tell you.” But do not do their business, for they do not practice whatever they preach.”

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: The Historians Confirm the Keeping of the Sabbath

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One quote says, “The Roman Catholic Church changed the observance of the Sabbath to Sunday by right of the divine, infallible authority given to her by founder, Yeshua or Jesus. The Protestant claiming that the Bible to be the only guide to faith has not yet warrant for observing Sunday.

On this matter the Seventh-day Adventist is the only consistent Protestant.” Now I would disagree with that because there are most of us out there that believe in the Saturday Sabbath but that happens to be one the most popular of denominations that are out there.

Look at this, one of the most incredible quote of them all that I have ever found on the subject originates from Socrates Scholasticus in the fifth century says this, his a church historian, “For although just about all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries of the Lord’s supper on the Sabbath every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition may have ceased to do this.”

Another historian confirming this states, “The people of Constantinople and all over the place assembled together on the Sabbath and so on the first day of the week, which custom is rarely observed at Rome or at Alexandria.”

What these historians say is that believers everywhere kept the Sabbath keeping about the seventh day, they met that Saturday night late later in the day. They met on the firstly the week as well sometimes but nobody in Rome or Alexandria did that so allow me to ask you question that will really drive home my point.

Who finished up ruling the world? Rome! It absolutely was Rome that made all the decrees for the rest of mankind, the known world at that time. It was Rome that made these changes therefore that’s where why we do what we should do today is because of the decrees and the changes of the laws which happen so long ago and we literally haven’t turnaround.

We’ve never audit ourselves, we need to audit what we believe because we’re human where mere man and also you give us enough time and just a bit off, one half of the degree 2000 years becomes a huge selection of miles and that’s what we’re wanting to do here at Passion for Truth ministries we are trying to get back to the truth since the truth can only do one thing and what is that? Set us free.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas|history of Easter|origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

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