If You’re Considering Selling Coins Online – Read This First!

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With the advent of the internet, online coin dealers have become much more prevalent, resulting in an explosion of individuals <a href=”http://atlantagoldandcoin.com/mail-your-items/”>selling coins online</a>. This has also created a bit of a problem for sellers of coins, as there are a number of online coin dealers, some of which are less reputable than others. Merely having a flashy website isn’t sufficient when attempting to locate an online coin dealer. Due diligence should be taken when selling coins online to ensure that you’ve selected the right coin buyer. In this article, we’ll help you to identify some traits and characteristics that should be confirmed prior to selling your coins to an online dealer.

Once you’ve identified online coin dealers that you’re considering, the first approach should be to determine if they are affiliated with the BBB, the premier independent rating agency in the nation. If not affiliated with the Better Business, move on, as there are a number of coin dealers that have agreed to be bound by the strictest guidelines in the industry. Once you’ve determined if the coin dealer to whom you’re considering selling coins online is a BBB member, further evaluation should be conducted to determine the rating of the online coin dealer. If not rated an “A” or “A-,” consider moving on, as you may be increasing your odds for an unsuccessful transaction.

Also, when selling coins online, an evaluation should be made to determine the length of time with the Better Business Bureau. Many coin dealers are here today, gone tomorrow, so you should choose an online coin dealer with an established track record. We recommend that you only sell coins online to dealers that have been affiliated with the Better Business Bureau for a year or more. This should provide ample time to determine if the online coin dealer that you’re considering is abiding by the high standards established by the Better Business Bureau.

Once you’ve determined if the online coin dealer you’re considering has passed the integrity test, the next step should be to obtain information from individuals that have previously done business with the coin shop. Does the online coin dealer have testimonials from prior customers posted on their website, or have individuals posted reviews on their social media sites or Google Places site? Word of mouth is extremely important, and you want to make sure that other individuals have had positive experiences when selling coins online to the coin buyer that you’ve identified.

Last, but not least, when selling coins online, you should determine if the online coin dealer is transparent with respect to the rates that they’re offering for coins. The preferred method in doing so is to have their current rates posted online. Online coin dealers that are paying highly competitive rates aren’t shy about advertising their rates, as they are confident that few online dealers are able to compete with them. If for some reason they don’t have their rates posted, a representative of the company should be willing to provide you with current rates over the phone. If they insist upon an evaluation of the items prior to providing a quote, move on, as this should be unnecessary.

While not considered to be an exhaustive list, we hope that the information above will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls when selling coins online and to receive the most for your coins.

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Tip on How to Sell Coins

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Taking up coin-collecting as an investment is not only enjoyable for the inherent aesthetic value of the coins themselves, but also for the fact that one can decide to sell coins for extra cash to augment one’s checkbook. When one becomes a collector dealing with other items, the act of selling items from one’s collection can prove to be difficult. Not so with coins. Coin collectors and coin dealers are always ready to deal with coins for cash, and one can sell coins for an easy profit. This kind of liquidity makes buying and selling coins a more fluid and financially sound investment than others.

To sell coins from a collection carries many advantages that make it a truly attractive venture. At the top of the list are old, rare, or collectible coins that certainly strike a chord with coin collectors. On the other hand, coins from precious metals like silver, platinum, or gold will always capture the interest of investors who want to keep a portion of their portfolio in precious metals form.

There are some reminders of which you should be aware when you deal with coin investment:

* Coins are collectible because of their age or rarity. There are so many different mints of coins available that it becomes difficult to succinctly and accurately compile a list. It is good to remember that these coins are tangible vehicles of history, and they tend to surpass the value of the metal initially used when making the coin. Involving yourself in the buying and selling in these coins makes you an active participant in their history. In addition, prices that collectible coins can fetch in the market can be quite substantial–sometimes they can sell for upwards of $30,000 per piece when you sell to old coin or rare coin dealers!

Coins from precious metals. While there is plenty of history in these coins, they primarily sell for their metal content than for anything else. Gold, silver and platinum coins are common. Even “junk silver” coins – those made of 40 – 90% silver, command good investment prices in the market. Likewise, the price of these coins is determined by the price of the precious metal on the market on any given day. As such, it works more like a “stock” in that the price can vary incrementally depending on the market perception of the strength of the metals as an investment option.

The most convenient way to sell coins is to work with a reputable dealer, some of whom offer the ability to sell and buy coins online. You can be anywhere in the country, or anywhere in your home, and be able to conduct transactions with the click of a button.

Selling coins effectively means taking an active interest in the investment itself, and this interest will translate in to profit later on down the line. With the market being as dynamic as it is, a little time spent researching here will not be for nothing. Educate yourself by using all the resources available to you online and through your local library. Applying a reasonable amount of diligence and forethought will make the endeavor of selling coins not only pleasurable, but profitable.

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The Best Advice on Where To Sell Coins

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If you’re relatively new to the coin industry, we recommend that you read this article, as we’ll be providing tips on where to sell coins. While on the surface it may appear to be a bit overwhelming, with a little bit of time and effort, you can identify top paying and reputable coin buyers that are sure to be excellent options when you sell coins.

Below are a few options on where to sell coins that you will need to definitely check out before deciding to sell coins from your coin collection or inheritance.

Coin dealerships may be one of the first options that come to mind, since they’re not only coin specialists, but are also quite prevalent – especially if you live in a larger city. If you live in a more rural area or don’t have any reputable coin dealers in your general area, you might want to sell coins online to an internet or online coin buyer.

So what do you need to look for when dealing with coin dealerships? Consider the following very important characteristics and qualifications before you sell your coins:

* In order for a coin dealer to be successful, they need to establish and maintain a strong reputation in the industry. They do so by paying extremely competitive prices and by providing exceptional customer service. These businesses are most likely to offer prices that are near the spot price of gold or silver, and have a contingent of regular customers. The reputation of coin dealers can be found online by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers and by checking the coin buyer’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.

* The time that a coin dealer has been in business is also indicative of the coin buyer’s reputation, as this is a very competitive industry. Not only that, but like nearly every other industry, there are times where the coin market will be out of factor; therefore, for a coin dealer to remain in business for an extended period of time and persevere through some difficult markets, it’s likely that they have a strong customer base, which is only built through treating individuals fairly.

May individuals new to the coin industry opt to sell their coins online for convenience purposes; however, this typically isn’t a very good option for a couple of reasons. One, the listing and final auction fees, or commissions, are typically cost prohibitive. Furthermore, unless you know the individual to whom you’re selling your coins, there’s a possibility that you could run into potential issues with the buyer.

Another option when deciding where to sell coins is with coin collectors. While this can be a good option from a pricing perspective, the chances of finding a coin collector that is looking for your specific coin or coins is remote. Furthermore, since coin collectors typically purchase coins from their local coin dealer, selling coins to a coin collector can be a long and time intensive process.

Now that you’re familiar with the options available when determining where to sell coins, you can now go about successfully selling your coins. In general, the best option for most folks is going to be a reputable coin dealer that you can establish a relationship with, and who you can continue to do business with for years to come.

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