How To Sell Silver Coins in Bulk for Big Profits

March 8, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

An increased number of savvy investors who specifically sell silver coins in bulk points to the success enjoyed by silver and other precious metals during the most trying of economic times. In fact investors who have up until ignored the security offered by precious metals are beginning to regret the decision to not have gotten involved sooner and are now jumping on the bandwagon. Investors who had taken advantage of lower prices about five years ago are now reaping tremendous benefits and equally boosted profits.

A few of the key benefits that can be attained if you sell silver coins in bulk have been listed here for your perusal.

1. The strength of the silver market creates one of the strongest reasons for ventures where one can sell silver coins in bulk. The silver coin market is heavily tied to the spot price for silver and with each change in spot price on a daily basis, investment opportunities open up for those willing to take advantage. In fact, the last 5 years or so have seen an impressive boom in silver ventures just as other forms of investment started weakening. These two factors make ventures to sell silver coins in bulk to silver coin dealers one of the most sound investment strategies in today’s markets.

2. The silver market also benefits from extremely high levels of liquidity allowing investors the option of selling to coin dealers whenever they need too. The very purchase and sale of silver coins is gaining popularity as we speak and makes for an ever increasing demand for such trade to take place. The main advantage for an investor with a sum of silver coins in possession is to wait for and detect upward changes in silver spot prices. Selling at the right time makes more sense and means you can build good profits literally overnight. The same cannot be said for the bonds markets and investments in real estate which tend to linger in tough economic times.

3. The investors who are making the most out of the strength of silver all have one thing in common, and that is they work in tandem with established coin dealerships in the country. Coin dealers offer extremely competitive prices and are renowned for their ability to turnaround deals with rapid succession. It is very possible to buy silver coins from a dealer and then sell them back to the same dealer for a profit. Here is a good example of how this can be done. Supposing you were to buy silver coins while the spot price was at $30 per ounce, you could effectively sell them back to the coin dealership form where you purchased them originally when the spot price rose to $32 per ounce. As often happens in this industry this could happen in a matter of days.

If you are looking to sell silver coins in bulk you should pay careful attention to the type of coins we are talking about here. These are fundamentally coins referred to as junk silver coins since they typically contain a silver content rating of between 40 and 90%. This is important to remember because you would not simply be able to trade more expensive silver coins on a bulk basis. Junk silver coins are often sold in bags that are marked with a specific face value, for instance, $100 bags or $500 bags. Each marked bag actually contains a fixed sum of coins of a particular type such as Kennedy half dollars, Morgan dollars, or Roosevelt dimes to name a few. Remember that it is the silver that is measured and weighted which ultimately determines the total price of a given bag.

Crucial to the goal of investors who sell silver coins in bulk is being able to take advantage of the subtle changes in the spot price of silver. This is a skill you should take the time to learn. This is not at all hard to do and merely involves keeping yourself informed of the spot price of silver on a daily basis. This is how expert coin sellers do it and involves the practice of buying when the prices dips slightly and then selling quickly to silver coin dealers when sharp rises occur. Reputable coin dealerships will help you learn this process even faster.

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