The Advantages of Dealing with Coin Dealers

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Inexperienced investors in the precious metals market rarely look at coin dealers for the purpose of securing investments. This based purely on a lack of knowledge about the industry as a whole. Coin buyers should in fact be your first option especially if you are new to the precious metals game. They offer extremely competitive prices and are also known to turn deals around fairly quickly, completely eliminating the usual hassles one experiences with investment houses. Coin dealerships to this end can be of great benefit to investors looking to break into the precious metals market.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can hope to achieve by securing your coin investments through coin dealers:

1. Ubiquity. There are plenty of coin dealers all around although not all coin shops are created equal. You can go into any city, local or foreign, and you will find coin dealers selling or buying bullion coins, rare coins, junk silver coins and even gold and silver bars.

2. Accessibility. Gold coin dealers are generally as restricted as the majority of investment houses out there. They operate on weekends when most investments houses are closed for business. If you wanted to visit an investment house on a weekday it would mean you probably would have to do so by taking leave from your job if you are employed fulltime. Gold coin dealers are extremely flexible in this regard and visiting one is as simple as visiting a grocer.

3. Liquidity. Coin dealers eliminate the need for unnecessary paperwork and can effectively shorten the time taken to get your coin investments going. It is as simple as calling up a coin dealer, walking into the store, and after a short discussion be on your way with precious coins in hand. Selling precious coins is just as easy. Following a quick yet professional appraisal of your coins, coin dealers are more likely to buy from you at a price that pleases you without any delays.

4. Credibility. Most of the coin dealers you will ever meet have been in business for a considerably long period and as such have developed sterling reputations that have allowed them to thrive regardless of the economic climate. These dealers are therefore inclined to protect that reputation and credibility by delivering the same level of commitment and service to you as they have done for many years before. And in an industry as delicate and “high value” as precious metals, credibility is one attribute that you should not have a shortage of if you want to truly succeed.

5. Flexibility. Coin dealers also offer tremendous variety in the types of precious metal based products they sell and are even willing to buy. You will not find many investments houses that can compete on this level. Everything from rare coins, bullion investments, junk silver coins, to name a few, can be found at a coin dealership.

In the precious metals business there is no better approach than to seek out a reputable coin dealer with which you can partner with. This is a recipe for growing you investment business with companies that are explicit in taking care of customers. This is important particularly in buying and selling precious coins and other valuables. You need the assurance that your investments are always in safe hands. This way you can focus on the practical side of growing your business without unnecessary concerns.

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The Best Way to Sell Silver Coins

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Making the decision to sell silver coins is an easy one to make, considering that the precious metals market has been experiencing a modern boom. Take this as food for thought: as recently as 10 years ago, the price of silver was sitting quietly at about $5 per ounce. Within the past decade, the world economy has been rocked in such a way that the price of silver has skyrocketed to its present levels, peaking at in the high 40′s per ounce in 2011. The market is now more open to investors since the price of silver is now around $33 per ounce and has tremendous room for growth. Whether you decide to sell or buy silver coins, the decision to be active in the silver market is a smart one.

This is the trend that has been exhibited by silver, gold and other precious metals. If anything, the instability in the economy has only led to an emphasis on and prioritization of the precious metals industry in the minds of many, which is why investments in this segment are fast becoming attractive hedge options for investors.

The surest way to realize profit from trading in precious metal, whatever the form, is to conduct transactions with reputable silver bullion or silver coin dealers. Although coin dealers may tend to do the majority of their business in precious metal coins of all types, some are also able to buy and sell silver and gold bullion as well, making their businesses a one-stop shop for many investors who decide to forge an ongoing and profitable relationship with them.

Once you are sure of the wisdom of investing in the precious metals market by purchasing and selling silver coins, there are some tips you should remember. As the motto goes, be prepared.

1. The better known brands in silver bars, such as Engelhard and Johnson Matthey, tend to sell at a more expensive price because they are proven to be safe investment forms. Other bars which may not have brands are priced at cheaper rates because of the risk associated with such an investment.

2. Silver bullion can also exist in the form of coins. It does not follow that the term “bullion” is automatically used to refer to bars. In industry parlance, bullion is used to describe precious metals of high purity in bulk. Silver coins, for example, that are made from 99% silver are also classified as pure silver bullion, and are equally as attractive as bullion from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective.

3. When purchasing tangible investment instruments such as silver bullion coins, it doesn’t do any harm to do some comparison shopping. Looking for the best price for your investment, whether you sell or buy silver coins, is a common sense step to take with your money. While it may be tempting to go to the nearest coin dealer and be done with the whole transaction, you may very well find that a dealer in a different location can provide you a better deal, even if they might be on the other side of the country. Silver coin dealers who conduct some of their business via the internet will usually take the additional costs of shipping and handling into account when appraising your silver bullion, sometimes offering free appraisals or a reimbursement of the shipping cost should you decide to conduct business with them.

4. Though the price of individual silver bullion bars and silver coins is decidedly substantial, in order to gain the most profit from a venture like this, one should consider how frequently one is able to buy and sell the investment instruments themselves. Being able to do so with some frequency implies a better ability to take advantage of fluctuations in price for silver, whatever the magnitude.

Choosing to sell silver coins is a relatively easy way to venture into the excitement and profitability of the precious metals market. Regardless of the amount, silver and other precious metals are almost guaranteed to retain their value, if not grow astronomically in worth as we have seen in recent years.

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How to Sell Silver Quarters

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To sell silver quarters means cashing in on the growing trend of precious metals investment. Silver quarters come in a wide variety of mints and are widely accessible to a non-specialized audience. Given the diversity and availability of these coins, making the decision to sell silver quarters requires that the investor learn a little more about the individual quarters themselves and how investment in precious metal coins works in the most general way. We’ll explore some the most basic mechanics of investment here.

Most silver quarters that you will find on the market today are minted from 90% silver. This opens up a wide range of options for selling silver coins. As a collectible, there are plenty of mints that will fetch a good price on the market depending on the coin’s condition. For example, silver quarters minted in 1932 in Denver and San Francisco are in high demand by collectors because of their limited numbers. Some coins will sell for as high as hundreds of dollars, and in this regard, selling silver quarters is indeed a smart choice.

Not all silver quarters are created equal. They have been minted at different times in this nation’s history in various locations throughout the United States, and that has a considerable part in determining the ultimate value of a particular silver quarter. Take the 1932 quarter minted in two different locations, Denver and San Francisco. These two specific mints will tend to sell at a higher price than other quarters minted in 1932 at other locations because they were not minted in as great a number as those from other locations in the country. There are of course, much older coins which tend to be appraised at greater prices because of their age and rarity. Earlier in the 1900s, the 1916 Standing Liberty and the Washington Quarters of the 1930s are relatively more collectable because of their rarity. Capped Bust quarters from the 1800s are even older, and the Draped Bust quarters dating back to the late 18th to the early 19th century are some of the oldest American silver coins. All of the options just mentioned will, of course, vary in price from one another due to variations in silver content and age.

The aforementioned coins will more generally fall into the category of rare and collectible coins. Even if you might not have the capital required to purchase some of the more in-demand individual coins, that doesn’t mean you cannot get involved in the world of precious metal coin investment. Junk silver coins, like we already mentioned, can be traded in bulk and still earn a considerable profit. The value of junk silver coins can be easier to predict considering that they are so closely tied with the price of pure silver on the open market.

If you’re looking for a degree of liquidity in your portfolio, selling silver quarters might be an attractive option. Once you find a reliable coin dealer with whom you can both buy and sell silver coins, the process of trading in these coins becomes streamlined. Working with a trustworthy coin dealer can reduce the amount of work required on your end, since you know you’ll have both a source for coins and a dealer who will be able to accurately appraise them at the right time. Considering the role the internet plays in the investment world today, it means that you can quickly buy and sell coins over great distances at minimal cost to you, minus the fees associated with these transactions.

So if you are still looking for a way to diversify your investment options, check to see if you can sell silver quarters. Put simply, there are many opportunities for anyone to capitalize on the value of silver investments. At the forefront are silver quarters that are popular, attractive, and relatively safe given the price of silver and its strength as an investment.

As a last note on the subject, consider that you can also sell silver quarters of foreign currency. Canadian quarters, for example, are just as attractive to investors. With the multiple options available, there is no doubt that diversifying your portfolio in order to sell silver quarters might just be the boost that your investments need.

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How To Receive The Best Prices When You Sell Junk Silver Coins

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It’s no secret that a great way to make some extra cash (especially around the holidays) is to sell junk silver coins. Silver is a premium commodity and even if you only sell a few junk silver coins, you’re still likely to profit. However, maximizing your profits can only be achieved if you understand the business and how the system works. Once you get to this point, making money will essentially be guaranteed when you sell junk silver coins.

Everyone has to start with the basics before reaching their full profit potential. This means that you need to know how the price of junk silver coins can be determined based on the spot price of silver. It’s the silver content in the coins that make junk silver coins anything but. For instance, most of the older U.S. minted coins were minted using 90% silver content. More recently, but still in the mid to late 60′s Kennedy half dollars were minted using 40% silver content. Naturally, the less silver in the coin, the lower the offer will be from a silver coin buyer.

Each junk silver coin has a well documented amount of silver content for each mint year. For example, American junk silver dollars typically have 0.715 troy ounces of silver while Morgan and Peace junk silver dollars have 0.7736 troy ounces of silver. This silver amount is then used to determine the sale value for the coins based on the spot price for silver. Of course, because the coins aren’t pure silver, many silver coin buyers will offer a slightly lower quote than the expected value but in all likelihood, the price would still be competitive enough to turn a profit.

When deciding to sell junk silver coins, it is important to pay attention to the types of coins as the silver content can vary between each coin type. Subsequently, those who sell junk silver coins should also pay attention to the rise and fall of silver price in the market. Lastly, it is important to determine whether you want to sell junk silver coins in bulk or individually, as different silver coin buyers prefer various forms of junk silver depending on their investment goals and those of their customers.

The price of junk silver coins is primarily determined by the spot price of silver, which is why it is important that you have a general idea of the price of silver before you make the decision to sell your junk silver coins in bulk. Other factors, such as the condition of the coins and the denomination of the coins that you’re selling, may also have an impact on the price that you’re quoted, but to a lesser extent than collectible coins, as silver coin dealers primarily purchase junk silver coins for the silver content as opposed to their appearance.

Even after doing all your homework and maintaining a close eye on the precious metals market, a deal can still turn sour if you don’t do business with an ethical and reputable coin dealer. Trust is the most important characteristic a silver coin buyer has to have in order to build a good reputation. Evaluate the silver coin dealer to make sure that they’re not only operating in an ethical manner, but to also verify that they’re paying you a competitive price when you sell junk silver coins. It’s far better to build an honest working relationship that will stand the test of time rather than be constantly shifting silver coin buyers. For instance, working with a family owned coin dealership is highly desirable because of their dedication and long-standing presence in the silver coin industry.

In summary, when you sell junk silver coins, it’s important to have a relatively good idea of the spot price of silver at the time, understand how that translates to the value of your coins, and only do business with highly reputable and honest silver coin dealers. Do your homework and study the trends. Even if you sell just once and liquidate your junk silver coins, it will be a good feeling to know that you’re received the best possible price by following these guidelines.

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Options to Consider When Selecting Silver Coin Buyers

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You may be in the market to locate silver coin buyers to sell your silver coins, and you might be interested to know that there are a few options from which to choose. In summary, these options consist of coin dealers, coin collectors, and individuals that are interested in purchasing silver coins from auction sites. Which of these options provides you with the greatest opportunity for provide in the most expedient manner possible?

We’ll discuss each of these options in further detail in the following paragraphs and hope to shed some light on which options may be best for you when considering selling silver coins.

Coin Dealerships. These are commonly construed as the same or equivalent to coin collectors. The truth is, coin dealerships are distinct entities from coin collectors and operate on different premises. At its most basic, coin dealerships are businesses or companies that specialize in selling precious metals; most notably coins. You will find plenty of coin dealerships in most major cities around the country.

The primary benefit of silver coin dealers is that they are coin experts, and can shed some light on the type of coins that you’re interested in selling. They can help you to identify collectible and low mintage coins that sell at a premium to the precious metals content of the coins. Not only can they help to answer all of your questions, but many coin dealerships also pay extremely competitive prices for coins. Lastly, coin dealers provide an easily accessible and liquid market for selling silver coins, which is especially important if you don’t have the time to wait for some of the other silver coin buyers that we’ll discuss below.

Coin Collectors. The fundamental difference between coin collectors and coin dealerships is that the first is in it for the passion of collecting coins while the latter is operating under a business framework. The problem with coin collectors is that it’s difficult to locate them as they typically don’t advertise that they’re interested in purchasing silver coins from the public. Coin dealers have access to coin collectors and vice versa so the natural tendency is to approach the most visible silver coin dealers rather than spend time checking out who are the collectors.

3. Auctions. Auction sites also provide an opportunity for individuals to locate silver coin buyers, but this typically isn’t the best route to take for a few reasons. For one, there’s no guarantee that there will be much of a market for the silver coins that you’re selling. Secondly, auctions can take up to a week and a half to complete, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll immediately receive payment for your silver coins. Lastly, auction sites oftentimes have cost prohibitive listing and final auction fees.

For the reasons noted above, coin dealerships tend to offer the most advantages out of the silver coin buyers that we’ve discussed, as not only do coin dealers pay competitive prices, but they also offer the expertise that is needed, especially with rare or low mintage coins, and provide a ready and liquid market to sell your silver coins.

When it comes time to sell your coins, make sure that you weigh the pros and coins of the various silver coin buyers. Regardless of who you select, always do business with highly reputable companies or individuals that have a reputation for treating customers right and for paying competitive prices for silver coins.

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Select the Best Silver Coin Dealers By Following These Guidelines

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You may happen to have a large lot of silver coins from a collection or an inheritance that you’re interested in selling to silver coin dealers. These are coin experts that possess the knowledge to help you receive competitive prices when you sell your silver coins. Not only that, but there are plenty of silver coin dealers in the coin industry, so it’s just a matter of identifying honest and reliable silver coin buyers so that you can establish a relationship for continued business; whether you’re interested in buying or selling silver coins.

There are several reasons why silver coin dealers are the best option when you sell silver coins; especially when you consider the alternatives. For instance, coin collectors, numismatists, or coin enthusiasts can make for a very good option; however, the challenge is trying to find a coin collector that’s interested in the specific silver coins that you have available for sale. This can make for quite a challenge, as individuals that collect coins as a hobby are usually only interested in purchasing particular coins. Not to mention, they rarely advertise which coins they’re interested in, and usually prefer to buy silver coins directly from a reputable coin dealer.

Another alternative is to sell your silver coins via online auction websites. When you choose this approach, you can specify a set amount at which you would like to sell your coins or you can begin the auction at a low initial bid and allow the market to determine the value of the coin. A positive in utilizing this approach is that you typically expand your potential customer base; however, there is also a downside to selling silver coins using an online auction site, such as eBay. For one, the listing and final auction fees can make this approach cost prohibitive. Secondly, you typically don’t know who you’re selling your coins to when you opt for this approach, which could pose issues if you sell to a less than honest silver coin buyer.

And then there are silver coin dealers. Silver coin dealers own coin dealerships that buy and sell all sorts of coins. They are connected to many other coin collectors and precious metal investors who buy and sell coins to them. Their unique position allows them to sell or buy coins quickly because of the network that they have established with other people interested in silver coin investments.

Another benefit in doing business with silver coin dealers is that you can talk directly with the owner of the business or a coin expert that works for the coin dealership, so you’re able to get all of your questions answers. Furthermore, you’re able to avoid the excessive fees associated with selling coins via online auctions, and don’t have to worry whether the silver coin buyer is interested in your silver coins, which may not be the case when dealing with coin collectors.

While there are plenty of silver coin dealers from which to choose, it’s important to know that not all silver coin buyers are created equally; therefore, it would be in your best interest to research the coin dealer that you’re considering. Look for coin dealers that have been in business for a while, as stability in the coin industry is a good sign. Also, consider family owned and operated companies, as these individuals are known for their dedication to customer service. They typically operate in a trustworthy and ethical manner, as their focus is on establishing long term relationships. Lastly, researching the silver coin dealers online that you’re considering can tell you a lot about the company’s reputation and standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Without a doubt, silver coin dealers present the best chance at profiting through the coin and precious metals market either through buying or selling coins. Talk to one in your area today or get in touch with a silver coin buyer in another location via email to begin benefitting from the purchase or sale of silver coins.

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Sell Silver Coins for Large Profits By Following This Advice

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Considering the state of the economy, many folks are looking to sell silver coins for profit and to make ends meet. The price of silver has performed remarkably well over the past few years, and is selling near all time record highs. You can receive more from silver coin dealers by following these easy to implement guidelines.

* While we’ve already mentioned that not all silver coin buyer are created equal, the same goes for silver coins. In particular, low mintage or rare U.S. silver coins tend to sell for quite a premium due to their collectible value. While the silver content of the coins certainly doesn’t hurt, the primary factors affecting the coin are its scarcity and condition. Not all coin buyers appreciate or are willing to pay a premium for key date coins, so it’s important that you have a good idea of the type of coin dealer you’re considering prior to selling silver coins.

* The strategy you employ when you sell silver coins, as mentioned above, tends to be driven by the type of coins that you’re interested in selling. Coin dealers that are numismatists or numismatic coin dealers, have a great sense of appreciation for rare coins, so before you sell your old, rare, and collectible coins, make sure that the coin dealer you’re contemplating conducting business with has an appreciation for numismatic coins and is willing to pay you accordingly. These coins, in general, are sold individually by the coin, as opposed to in bulk like other types of silver coins.

* Even if don’t have rare coins to sell, always remember that 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars, also referred to as junk silver coins, are always in relatively high demand. Hence, it is not far-fetched that when you sell silver coins, that there will be silver coin dealers who will be willing to pay top dollar for the right types of junk silver coins. The message is to not easily dismiss junk silver coins in favor of rare mints; rather, to pay attention to each coin type so you can sell them at the best possible price.

* Quite possibly the most important determining factor with your success is to find a reputable silver coin dealer that is willing to work with you, educate you, and set your mind at ease when selling silver coins. Establishing relationships with your local coin dealer, or online coin dealer, as is the case with most aspects of business, greatly improves your chances of success. Do your research when identifying coin dealers, including their background, years in business, third party reviews, and standing with the Better Business Bureau. This is well worth your time and effort.

Considering that the silver coin industry is so vast with so many different options available, it can become overwhelming trying to determine the best course of action, but if you do your homework, research, and are particular with the type of coin dealer that you choose to do business with, you will improve your chances for success.

So the next time you decide to sell silver coins, make sure that you know exactly what types of coins sell best for which types of coin buyers. Obtain quotes and evaluate them so that you receive the best price for your silver coins. But most importantly, find a reliable business partner that you establish a long term relationship with, which will serve you well no matter the environment when you sell silver coins.

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