Things To Consider When Choosing What To Wear For Yoga

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As the popularity of yoga continues to increase all over the world, more and more people are taking their first yoga class, or buying their first yoga book for practice at home. What to wear for yoga is a question being asked more and more.

You should take into account several factors when deciding what clothes to wear for your first yoga workout.

There are obviously practical considerations to be made but also, fashion is no stranger in the yoga studio and people are starting to think that it is not only important to feel good with what you wear, but also too LOOK GOOD as this will ultimately make you feel better about yourself.

With movie stars and pop stars advocating yoga the fashions within yoga are starting to reflect that.

This makes it a little more difficult when you are a beginner because your body is probably not the shape that you desire it to be, especially if you are starting yoga in order to try and lose some weight.

However, once a yoga class has begun, those around you will be far too focused on their practice to be noticing what you are wearing.

In fact, yoga is actually practiced by people of all shapes and sizes. You can not tell if someone practices yoga simply by their body shape.

You will probably sweat during your yoga workout, even more true if you are doing hot yoga or power yoga. Wearing any thick clothing is therefore not advisable.

Of course, when it comes to clothes you are totally free to wear whatever you like but it might help beginners to think about some important things which might not be so obvious.

You don’t want your clothes to restrict your movement in any way. anything that is tight on the knees or elbows should be avoided.

The opposite is also true in that you do not want your clothes to be too slack or baggy. When you twist and bend yourself into all sorts of amazing positions and postures, the last thing you need is your top falling up and covering your face. As well as restricting your view, this type of miss-hap would spoil your concentration and put you off.

You also need to pay attention to the type of material any clothes are made of. Some materials can be itchy on your skin which is not a good thing. Other materials do not allow the skin to breathe so easily and sweat is not absorbed which results in your skin becoming wet beneath your clothes, and then the clothes might start to stick to your body, which again, can become uncomfortable.

A common yoga related injury is a scuff on the skin to either the knees or the elbows, especially when trying to learn a new pose, so you may also want to consider a top with longer sleeves to cover the elbows, and a pair of yoga pants to protect the legs.

You do not have to wear shoes if you don’t want when practicing yoga but it is advisable to wear something light on the feet, especially if your going to a yoga class or studio.

You wouldn’t want to slip and injure yourself on a hard floor that has got slippy with condensation or sweat.

At the end of the day, make sure your clothes are practical for yoga and are in line with the above guidelines.

As long as you feel good in your clothes and are sure that you will not be distracted by them, and that they wont distract others, then you should be free to enjoy your yoga sessions with your mind fully focused on nothing but YOGA.

Elizabeth Pennington has been practicing yoga since 1993. Let her share her vast knowledge with you about what to wear for yoga and find out even more great tips on yoga for beginners at her website Yoga Body and Mind

The Amazing Benefits To Health of Power Core Yoga

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Power Core Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular in many countries.

Other types of yoga are still getting more and more popular but power core yoga has had a bit of a push as some well known celebrities are known to practice it.

There are lots of different reasons for people wanting to get involved with Power core yoga. Some hear that it is great for losing weight while others have heard about the health benefits that certain poses and postures of power yoga can bring. Other people are simply looking to take their fitness to the next level while looking for ways to increase their sports performances.

Many different parts of the body are positively affected by the poses and postures of power core yoga from the limbs and torso, brain, certain glands and the spine along with stimulation of the internal organs.

There is a great emphasis on mastering breathing techniques in power core yoga and they are especially important when carrying out some of the harder poses and postures.

Controlling the breathing is important as it helps to balance the body and allows the mind to focus more on what you are doing.

Nearly every muscle in the body is worked out during power core yoga. The internal organs are stimulated, hamstrings and tendons get stretched and the nervous system also benefits.

The blood circulation system benefits from a power core yoga workout as well as the digestive system being stimulated.

The number of different health problems that can be positively affected includes such common things as, head aches, back ache, stress and depression, sciatica, sinusitis, the menopause and many others.

Body parts which are stimulated and improved include the pituitary gland, the brain, lungs, abdomen, kidneys, intestines, prostrate gland and thyroid gland.

The nervous system is stimulated too along with the digestive system and blood circulation system in the body.

Sense of balance and ability to focus are heightened and ones sense of well-being is improved immensely.

If you are looking to get involved with power core yoga you should be sure of your current fitness levels and ability to actually do it. If you have an existing medical condition or you are not sure it is better to see your doctor first.

You can very easily make things worse by over exercising so if you have any doubts get some expert advice.

Elizabeth Pennington has been practising yoga for almost twenty years. Read more handy tips and advice and great information about power core yoga and many more interesting yoga topics at her new website on yoga for beginners Yoga Body and Mind.

Beginners Guide To Yoga Poses – - Hints And Tips

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Yoga has been increasing in popularity over the last few years and people are taking it up for many different reasons.

Yoga poses for beginners is something that more and more people want to find out about.

Some people want to start yoga to help them try and lose weight, while others have heard about yoga’s ability to relieve certain pains and ailments, such as back pain.

Expectant mother get involved in yoga as it can help to relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with being pregnant and the breathing techniques learned also help the women to prepare for their child’s birth.

Athletes and sports men and women are using yoga to maximise their sporting abilities by including some yoga practice in their training schedules.

Those just getting in to yoga can be forgiven for assuming that all they need is some space to do it.

But there are some things to think about before investing in any yoga accessories.

For example, will you practice outside on the grass, on a sandy beach, or will you need a yoga mat? If you do need a mat, have you got one or do you need to buy one?

You might need to drink fluids while you practice and if so, do you have a suitable bottle for your drink?

You also need to think about the clothes you will wear and make sure you feel totally comfortable in them.

Although fashion plays a part in yoga clothes like everything else, you do not want to be thinking about your clothes while you are practising your yoga.

You need to have a totally free mind so that you can concentrate on your exercises.

A complete beginner might be content with seeing a picture of a pose and then trying to copy it in their bedroom or at home somewhere. This is good for getting a feel of what yoga is and making up your mind if it is something you want to do, and get into.

But those that are serious about using yoga to improve their lives should look into finding a local instructor or joining a class.

People with any type of health condition should always consult with a doctor first. We know yoga can be beneficial for back pain for example, but it does not follow that all those who suffer from back pain need to take up yoga.

Likewise, as yoga has been known to improve the circulatory systems of some people it does not mean that yoga should be practiced by all people with circulatory problems.

Stay on the safe side and make sure you get checked out by your doctor.

If you’re a sports person who wants to incorporate some yoga into your current training plan, you should consult with your team doctor and trainers before embarking on any yoga exercises.

Even better, consult a yoga sports scientist who will be able to tell you specifically what yoga exercises to do in order to target specific parts of your body.

As with all forms of exercise, it is better to start off gently and build up over time to more advanced positions or poses and longer sessions.

If you take yoga seriously and give it some respect, it will not be long before you start to reap the benefits and be happier and healthier for it.

For more than 15 years, Liz Pennington has been practising yoga. Find out more advice on Yoga Poses For Beginners at her wonderful new website Yoga Body and Mind with hints, tips and photo’s on Yoga For Beginners

How To Choose Mats For Yoga – Hints And Tips

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When you are new to yoga, searching through the pages and pages of mats for yoga can be a mind numbing task.

Jade yoga mats, pink, yoga mats, plastic yoga mats and sticky yoga mats overload your senses. “There are so many”, you say to yourself, “Which one should I choose”.

The list of items need for yoga practice is thankfully not too extensive. You need to be wearing appropriate clothing and you will probably want to use a towel.

You could buy yourself a nice set of yoga blocks for leaning on during your workout, or you could just use a chair or table.

The yoga mat is used by the vast majority of those who practice yoga, and with so many choices out there it can be very difficult for beginners to choose one.

It can be very easy to buy something and then find later that its not right for one reason or another.

A friend of mine recently made an error when she saw a offer on a mat to buy one and get one free.

She worked out that she was getting a very good deal, they both had a nice pattern printed on one side and they seemed to be just what she wanted.

But after 15 minutes of using one for the first time she was forced to give up with it because the darn thing kept on slipping all over.

The mat moved all over whenever she put pressure on it and she actually slipped over at least a couple of times. Luckily for her there were not many people in the studio that day.

She thought she was getting a good deal but she should have checked the product details.

There is a massive choice of yoga mats available today. Good quality mats are made of materials that stick to the floor and do not slip around.

There are different sizes of mats too with some smaller ones designed for use especially by children. They come in a whole rainbow of colours, not the normal rainbow you see outside with seven colours, but the rainbow you see in a colour picker in computer software such as paint, with about sixty four million colours.

If it can be printed, then you could have it on your mat.

There are also “trainer” mats available which are a great idea. On the mat are printed pictures of certain yoga poses and postures which you can clearly see and learn, while you are practicing.

You can also get mats that are especially for pregnant ladies. Certain yoga poses are known to help women relieve some of pregnancy’s uncomfortable symptoms and these poses are printed on the mat so that the pregnant lady can see which poses to do. They make wonderful ideas for gifts, both for pregnant ladies and their partners.

Armed with a little extra bit of yoga mat knowledge, you can now get on with the task of choosing the perfect one for you. Make sure that you check all the product specifications before you buy anything.

You need a mat that wont slide about and one that feels good to you. You might even decide to get one that is ECO friendly which would be a great buy for everyone.

Liz Pennington has practiced yoga for nearly twenty years and she gives more helpful advice and ideas on MATS FOR YOGA and offers some great hints and tips on YOGA FOR BEGINNERS at her new website YOGA BODY AND MIND

The RuneChest, The Only Rune Casting Book You’ll Ever Need

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Lou Raedwulfe has just published a new book on the old subject of the Runes. It is titled, The RuneChest and is available on Amazon.

Ever since the Runic revival began in the last twenty or so years, I have noticed a sharp divide between the traditional school of Rune craft, with its heavy emphasis on Odinic tradition and lore and the new age school which seeks to merge the Runes with Eastern and Native American meanings and interpretation. While both points of view have merit, it appears to me that neither perspective truly embraces the essence of the Runic Oracle and its place in the 21st century.

To this end, The RuneChest looks both to the past and the present in order to provide a meaningful guide to the future. The Oracle has never been, nor will ever be static and, for those seeking guidance from its lessons, the interpretations that I have put forth in this work will hopefully bring counsel and direction to the readers of today, just as the Oracles of antiquity gave advice to those who sought them out in places such as Delphi.

Quotes from the book:

“There are many methods of divination that one can choose. For some people, reading Tarot cards provide guidance and insight to issues that they face. Others choose astrology to chart paths for their lives. There is no one method which is better or worse than the others; finding an oracle that one feels comfortable with and which resonates with your inner being is a very personal, and important quest. For me, casting the Runes is the touchstone to the energies which swirl around us all and which help me focus on the outcomes of choices I make or issues that I have to confront. When you consult the runes, you are seeking more than just a “yes or no” answer to an issue. You are delving into the very core of what makes you “YOU” and how this uniqueness interacts with the energies and possibilities around you. The world is constantly in motion; there are infinite possibilities around every corner. Consulting the runes provides a focus for things that matter and help give a direction and understanding to the ebb and flow of being that is a part of life and our part in it.”

People have replaced personal meetings and recreational time with texting and email. This has severely impacted a once sought after one-on-one time talking with each other.

With so little time to focus on those life choices which we confront, it is small wonder that it seems that we lurch from one decision to the next, hoping for the best outcome but still questioning whether or not we are truly understand what we are doing.

The Runechest is meant as a personal guide for the soul through the world of Spirit which is sadly lacking in our modern day world. It is a book written with the soul intent of helping us receive true guidance through the Oracle method of Rune casting.

This wonder book was written from the heart of an exceptionally adept Rune caster, who has spent a lifetime studying this ancient art. Lou Raedwulfe brings you the ancient art of Rune casting into the modern day, easy to understand language so that you will have the opportunity to spend quiet time with the nature of spirit to guide you to and through your potential.

The wisdom of the ancient Runes in the form of Oracles, is meant to bring you confidence and wisdom through your daily lives as you encounter decisions you must make. The Runes will help guide your through your daily lives with a calm, centered and balanced approach to every day decisions you must make.

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The Merits Of People Practicing The Yoga Meditation Techniques Now

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Yoga meditation techniques are different. A method that works for one may not work for another. Practicing different methods will allow one identify the most suitable one. It takes time but the results achieved are worth the time spent on practice.

Chakra is one that allows people to do it in different ways. Whether one prefers to do it sitting or lying, the choice is theirs. They however have to ensure that the clothes are loose. These allows for better movement.

The yogic gaze is another technique that can be used. It involves using a candle and then closing one eye. One then takes time to look at the candle with their eyes closed. It is done by using the eye brows heart.

Self observation is also a great way to relax. One however has to have a teacher who takes them through the exercises. It is activities that will normally tale a minimum of ten days.

Connecting with the creator is another form of relaxation that is available. One gets to envision the amount of time that they spend on petty items. It is time that can be spent doing better things. These are items that are based on comforts.

Concentrating on the internal sounds emanating from within the body is referred to as the Nada. It allows the mind to get focused on all the internal happenings taking place within the body. It takes time and one has to be patient.

The sounds will initially start as faint. As time goes by, each sound becomes louder. Enough concentration will allow one to hear these sounds.

Each yoga meditation techniques may come with some precautions. It is therefore very important for the participant to research on this before starting on any of the techniques. It is a way to stay safe.

Learn more about the advantages and benefits of using effective and efficient yoga meditation techniques today. You can find information about the Yoga meditation techniques benefits and how to incorporate yoga to improve your overall health.

Feng Shui: Unveiled!

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It is said that the Laughing Buddha is Feng Shui’s great symbol of happiness. This Buddha is quite linked to prosperity, wealth and happiness. Happiness is encouraged by using one’s distinct features – the ultimate message of the Laughing Buddha. This figure has an important role in Feng Shui and in achieving the great balance of life.

Originally Feng Shui was used to ensure that buildings were sited in the most beneficial position but is now also employed to ensure that the arrangement of everything inside a house or building is placed in the perfect location to attract certain attributes, for example, health and happiness.

The magical and mystical qualities of Feng Shui has captivated the beliefs of people, even the Western society. Items are believe to attract various benefits hence it is unavoidable to locate a Laughing Buddha sitting beside a reception desk or cash register.

Studies have been set forth to rediscover the secrets of the arts and many people are starting to clearly see how their persona beliefs will guide them to prosperous benefits. Thoughts about Feng Shui varies in people and even taught in school but even with different view point, they still mean the same principles.

Even the big sharks of the business industry would search for a Feng Shui expert before they come up with a building plan. People are hoping to get as much good results from the box of chocolates that life offers them.

Feng Shui is held by most home dwellers in their hearts as they believe it to bring forth happiness and wealth that they desire while its role in the business world is generally to advocate these beliefs prior to generating their own decorative and building plans.

So, the next time you’ll notice a fat, big bellied laughing Buddha stationed near a cash register then you would know that such position is necessary to ensure “good” Feng Shui.

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Addressing Difficulty with Unmerited Favor

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Human beings confront many kinds of trials and or challenges on a daily basis. From hard to understand health problems like a diagnosis with a lethal cancer to personal financial difficulties, work loss, loss of a dear friend, to our every day pressure associated with our living conditions.

In John 16:33, Christ said “In this world you’ll have trouble. Nonetheless take heart! I have triumphed over the entire world.” Jesus is right that we will have anxiety in the present day. Difficulty is far and wide. There’s not really any person that is not influenced by trials and challenges.

But why would his followers who live on earth be of good cheer on account that he has overcome? A person can admit it truly is just fine for you Jesus that you’ve triumphed over the entire world, I haven’t and that i am finding it hard due to this. The reason Jesus asserted is contained in the scriptures. That’s we are precisely one with Christ.

When we received God’s unmerited favor, that grace made us to be called sons of God. Because of that fact, believers are united as one with the Lord Jesus. Understanding our union with Jesus is very important in understanding God’s favor to his people. God’s favor that in fact made us united with Jesus still enables us to overcome challenges as Jesus.

That’s exactly why Paul was able to make use of “I am able to do anything because of Christ that gives strength to me.” (Phil 4:13) Precisely why? Given that Jesus lives in Paul and Paul resides in Jesus. Paul and Jesus actually are spiritually one. Jesus not only empowers him but also endures with him.

Likewise, in the passage where Paul refers to his struggle in the work of God, Paul ascribes that to God’s unmerited favor doing work in him (1Corinthians. 15:10). That blessed favor is Jesus Christ living in him and operating in him through his Holy Spirit.The scriptures reveal this union with the Lord Jesus in lot of additional ways. We’re named as the body of Christ as well as the bride to be of Christ. Any person in union with his own body and with his bride.In the gospel of John 14:20, Jesus announced, in that time you will see that I’m in My Father and you also inside me, and I in you.

The Word of God takes this demonstration of this union a great deal more. If we are insulted Christ is cheated. When we are injured Christ is crushed. Here you will find a passage of Scripture that illustrates that:Acts 26:14 reports that “We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice just saying to me in Aramaic, ‘Saul, Saul, what is a reason why you persecute me? It is truly hard to be able to kick against the goads.”

In this verse of the Word of God, Paul who at the moment in his life is a Pharisee is going to cities persecuting and torturing followers of Christ. He’s on his way to the city of Damascus to arrest and slay or crack down on Christians. In response to this, Jesus accuses Paul of persecuting him, not with mistreating Christian believers. So Jesus clearly identifies the Christian believers being tortured as him! We and Jesus are one, he experiences our hurt!Well, now you understand that God adores us more than you love yourself, that God knows us a lot more than we all know ourselves, that you and Jesus are one and Christians are positioned in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

We are in Jesus, Jesus is in God the Father. Jesus was crucified as us as well as for us. Jesus is seated at God’s right hand as us and for us and once again believers live in him, you will be able to go through challenges with courage that God goes through the distress and feeling the ache. Not only so but that Jesus has won, and consequently have you!

Do you like to learn more about Managing hardship with Favor and perhaps Managing Hard Times, then you must visit the What is Grace website for more on grace.

The Meaning of “Et”

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The meaning of Aleph is ox, strength, power, or leader. So when you’re seeing the Aleph in your bible, what you’re seeing is the strength or the power or leader, the strength of a leader, really. In the beginning, Gen 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. We all have heard that. Gen 1:1, “bereshit bara elohim; et hasha mayim ve’et ha’aretz.

That’s what it is in Hebrew. Now what I want to share to you personally is something pretty incredible, you can’t see it in English, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, okay that makes sense He created the heavens and also the earth, that’s not it says in Hebrew. It’s a lot more specific and it’s something that this age continues to be looking at under mystery for thousands of years and that is this, actually in Hebrew, before heavens and the earth there exists a two letter word that can’t be translated and it’s not translated in a translation because it’s impossible to become translated and it says “In first God created “et”. “Et” in Hebrew is untranslatable and means “the direct object is next.”

Quite simply in Hebrew when you come across the term “Et” what you are seeing, it’s telling you is take notice the next word is the focus the, the subsequent phrase or the next focus, the following word or phrase is what I’m focusing on. It’s the direct object of the sentence. How many grew up diagramming sentences. It’s very not fair that kids don’t have any idea what that is today because most of us were tortured, the lines and also the slants, and the preposition came down, it was such as this tree, and even back then when I was in fifth grade, what’s the point of diagramming the sentence?

To try more time, now I’m convinced. Kids today understand what subjects are without diagramming a sentence but don’t forget that the slanted line always said that next is the direct object whenever you diagram a sentence, that’s what “Et” is. But watch exactly what it means in Hebrew, “Et” is Aleph Tav.

So initially, God created or the word created in Hebrew, it can be brought forth or revealed, just like you have a baby, brought forth! Created! Revealed something that was hidden, it’s in the womb for 9 months and you have no idea really what’s in there, you’ve never witnessed it. In ancient days they didn’t have all the electronic equipment so you can peak inside electronically to see what they look like. Also, keep in mind that the Sabbath Day is very important to keep.

Today it’s so innovative that I mean why even turn out, we know exactly what they look like. They can have colored photographs, you are already aware whether they have hair, whether they got fat cheeks or their skinny, I mean it’s amazing. Back then you didn’t know, it’s completely revealed and hidden until it’s brought forth. At first God brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav.

Do you know what Aleph and Tav is? Individuals that is completely illiterate of the Hebrew language, it’s the initial letter and the last letter with the Hebrew language. In the beginning He came up with Alphabet. He created all things to generate all things.

I’m James Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

The Alpha and the Omega

March 18, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Initially, He brought forth His words because before you decide to create, you have to have words, before you have words, you have to have letters. He created the Alphabet. Now, let’s see if this actually features a connection with something you might be acquainted with.

Rev 1:8 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says Adonai, “who is and who was and who is to come, master,” but let me ask you a question it says that “I’m the Alpha and Omega” This really is Greek!

Do you really think that our Lord, within the moment here of the kingdom! In the millennium! After creating the Hebrew language that created the entire universe would stand ahead of the universe and say “I am the Alpha and also the Omega!”? I am the Greek god, He’s not Zeus, He is not a Greek god, He could be a Hebrew God, and He’s Elohim.

He would not have said, I am the Alpha and the Omega. He would have said, “I am the Aleph and the Tav, I am everything that my Father has created, I am that language, I’m all of the words, I am the term.”

Isaiah 44:6 says, “Thus says the Yahweh, the King of Israel (the malek of Israel), And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: (Yahweh Sabaoth ) as we’re saying tonight, “I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God (Elohim). This is Yahweh, ladies and gentlemen, speaking this. For anyone that have struggle and I know we’re conversing with thousands of people online, there are somebody available is going to struggle on whether Yeshua Himself is divine as well as the Sabbath Day.

You will find there’s big problem if He’s not. I don’t have to get into Theology but right here in Isaiah Yahweh says that He is the King of Israel, Yeshua’s known as the King of Israel, and His redeemer the Yahweh Sabaoth, the one that who’s the Warrior, the mighty King, “I am Rev 1:8 says, “I am the First and the Last.” That’s a problem if you believe that Yeshua is just a man, if He’s just a prophet, He cannot claim exactly the same thing that Yahweh claims as being the First and the Last, the very beginning and the very end.

I’m Jim Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

The Leader of the Covenant

March 17, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

In the beginning again, let’s see if there’s any connection. Take notice that only in the book of John where you can see the phrase “in the beginning”. Do you think that maybe John who is the most Jewish of all the apostles thinks about the problem at all when he wrote that? I am talking about this is a guy who grew up with what they call the scriptures, the Tanakh, what we called the Old Testament wherein it begins “in the beginning”.

So when John wrote this letter, which is going through his head, he’s not causeing this to be up, it’s going through his mind as he says “in the beginning”. He’s connecting something! Let’s see what he connects in John 1:1 “In the start was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (Elohim). In the beginning God brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav. I believe that John when he says “in the beginning was the word and the word was God” after which in verse 14 it says the phrase became flesh.

John knows that in Genesis 1:1, at first Elohim created or brought forth the Aleph as well as the Tav and in Isaiah and in Revelation, both Yahweh and Yahweh’s right arm tell you they are that Aleph Tav.

Do you see the connection? That word is not there just as one word for no reason. Isaiah and Revelation both claim that Yeshua and Yahweh, the arm and the body if you will, are claiming being the Aleph and the Tav. What it is in Hebrew, it’s the energy and the strength of the leader of the covenant because Tav, its pictograph can be a cross or a mark plus it means covenant.

So at first, God created the leader of the covenant, the best choice and the strength of the covenant. So when Yeshua says “I am the Aleph and also the Tav” what is he saying? “I’m the best choice Covenant! I’m the strength of the covenant!”

The issue is we don’t know what covenant he’s discussing because we don’t read the front it where the covenant is found. Once we say new covenant, we have to discover what that is, what it methods to have a new covenant. Does which means that the entire “old” is thrown out? And then we need to get rid of all the 10 Commandments. It doesn’t matter if 9 turn out found in the New Testament like they say, we need to get rid of all of them as you cannot get rid of a covenant and keep any part of it or is it possible to? Remember that the fourth commandment which is keeping the Sabbath Day is just as important as the others.

When I was a financial planner I had contracts for people and if change a word in the contract it makes the whole contract null and void. Ask any attorney. Now I’m able to keep the contract and keep each word and just change the commission schedule, it will become a brand new covenant. Did I get rid of everything? No! I just change one thing; guess what was changed, our prime priest to it.

I’m Jim Staley Mo . It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: What Would Jesus Do?

March 16, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Another misconception about the Sabbath is always that Yeshua does not tell us to keep the Sabbath. We’re going find out if that’s really true. Does Jesus really reveal not to keep the Sabbath? Does He really break the Sabbath? Do His disciples break the Sabbath? Do they do the Sabbath keeping on the seventh day? And if so how did they do it? What would Jesus do?

I remember even kids wearing bracelets with this, shirts that said what would Jesus do? Posters, banners inside of churches, “What would Jesus do?” Well let’s ask the question what would Yeshua actually do? A matter of fact let’s go beyond that. What did he do? John 1:15 says this, “If you adore me, keep my commands.

Yeshua talking here, if you love me keep my commandments. Mt 23:1 says, “Then Jesus believed to the crowds and to his disciples: Verse 2, “To teachers from the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So before I am going any further, let’s talk about this. John 14:15 says this, He admits that this, Yeshua is talking, “If you like me, you will do exactly what I tell you to do, you will keep My commandments” Now the question is begging, which Commandments?

Well i want to ask you a question, if you feel that Jesus is God and he is the word made flesh that created all of the heavens and the earth the real key wrote them all! He is the word, He wrote all of it. He could not have written some and His Father wrote some. He could be the word! He is the Torah made flesh.

He is the reason for the season if you will and that he said if you love me you will keep my commandments. Now lool what are the next commandment is very carefully. Mt 23:1 “Then Yeshua said to the crowds and to his disciples, that is you, verse 2 “To teachers with the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Verse 3 “So you must obey them and try everything they tell you.” But do not do their business, for they do not practice whatever they preach.”

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: The Historians Confirm the Keeping of the Sabbath

March 8, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

One quote says, “The Roman Catholic Church changed the observance of the Sabbath to Sunday by right of the divine, infallible authority given to her by founder, Yeshua or Jesus. The Protestant claiming that the Bible to be the only guide to faith has not yet warrant for observing Sunday.

On this matter the Seventh-day Adventist is the only consistent Protestant.” Now I would disagree with that because there are most of us out there that believe in the Saturday Sabbath but that happens to be one the most popular of denominations that are out there.

Look at this, one of the most incredible quote of them all that I have ever found on the subject originates from Socrates Scholasticus in the fifth century says this, his a church historian, “For although just about all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries of the Lord’s supper on the Sabbath every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition may have ceased to do this.”

Another historian confirming this states, “The people of Constantinople and all over the place assembled together on the Sabbath and so on the first day of the week, which custom is rarely observed at Rome or at Alexandria.”

What these historians say is that believers everywhere kept the Sabbath keeping about the seventh day, they met that Saturday night late later in the day. They met on the firstly the week as well sometimes but nobody in Rome or Alexandria did that so allow me to ask you question that will really drive home my point.

Who finished up ruling the world? Rome! It absolutely was Rome that made all the decrees for the rest of mankind, the known world at that time. It was Rome that made these changes therefore that’s where why we do what we should do today is because of the decrees and the changes of the laws which happen so long ago and we literally haven’t turnaround.

We’ve never audit ourselves, we need to audit what we believe because we’re human where mere man and also you give us enough time and just a bit off, one half of the degree 2000 years becomes a huge selection of miles and that’s what we’re wanting to do here at Passion for Truth ministries we are trying to get back to the truth since the truth can only do one thing and what is that? Set us free.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas|history of Easter|origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: The Catholics Admitted the Change

March 7, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

The Catholics completely admit the change. This is coming from “This Rock” magazine of Catholic Apologetic 1997 also it says this “Of course both of these old quotations are exactly correct. The Catholic Church designated Sunday as the day for corporate worship and gets full credit or blame to the change.”

They also said this, “Perhaps the boldest thing one of the most revolutionary change the church ever did, the Catholic Church that is, happened in the first century. The holy day, the Sabbath, was changed from Saturday to Sunday. “The day of the Lord was chosen not for a lot of directions noted in the Scriptures but from the church’s sense of its own power.”

The following we’re seeing quotes in the Catholic Church admitting that they changed your day. Let’s continue, another one, this is from your Centennial Pastor’s page, St. Catherine Catholic Church in Michigan in 1995 which says this, Your day of resurrection the day of Pentecost, 50 days later, came on the first day of the week. Which means this would be the new day for Sabbath keeping, “People who think that the Scriptures should be the sole authority, should logically become Seventh-day Adventists, and Saturday holy.”

They are admitting and then they go on to say that anybody that keeps, anyone that calls Sunday, the very first of the week, the Sabbath actually falls under the jurisdiction of the holy Roman Catholic Church.

Therefore we see right here that they even admit the only logical people that are in conjuction with the Sabbath, if you’re going to be called a Sabbatharian, it is said that you should be a Seventh-day Adventist. Now I’m not just a Seventh-day Adventist, I’m not advocating that you turn into a Seventh-day Adventist but I am advocating that we look heavily into the Scriptures and uncover these drapes on the windows when the light was allowed to be coming in. We need to open it support and find out what’s been concealed this whole time.

Did they really affect the Sabbath and turn it into Sunday if this used to be on Saturday. Do we have any evidence that Christians were early believers in Yeshua kept the Sabbath on the biblical day that’s commanded on Saturday?

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas|history of Easter|origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

And He Rested: No Buying on the Sabbath

March 6, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

I would suggest to you that daddies require more time with his children, husbands need more time with their wives and the other way round. If you will do what the Bible lets you know to do, it will bless you in the top down.

The people making an oath before Yahweh said this in Ne 10:31,”When the neighboring peoples bring merchandise or grain to offer on the Sabbath, we will not buy from them or any holy day.” I’ve a lot of questions on this, Jim, on Shabbath, can we go out to eat? Can we buy things? Well it’s very clear in the Scriptures that people have His people making an oath before Him saying “we will not buy things from those that don’t celebrate the Sabbath.” “Well Jim they’re likely to be working anyway, I mean they’re working at mcdonalds, I go to the drive thru or otherwise not, isn’t that a moot point? They’re gonna be working anyway!” Well here’s the question, are you being part of the solution? Or have you been being part of the problem.

If everyone did that which you do which is buy things on Shabbath and break the Sabbath keeping according the commandment, this always is continually is profane. But when everyone stops buying, do you know what? They would shut everything down. I suggest that we each be part of the answer and not part of the problem.

All of us will stand before Him 1 day and we will give an account for what we did. He knows everything you do in public and He knows what you do in secret. The bottom line is this; we are not supposed to do whatever perform the other six days of the week. We are not suppose to work, no making others work by buying from them and then making them wait on us. This is not a day to what we want to do, but per day to delight in the Lord plus our family which are the two top things on his list. This is a day to rest from life and also to get our batteries recharged by plugging into His Word.

You know every single time that you spend time with the Father, He spends time with you. Every single time that you decide to sit on His lap, He can hold you. Every single time that you simply dig into His word, He will reveal Himself to you. How can you think he feels when you’re six days a week and you also decide to stop everything and honor your wife, to honor your children, to honor Him, to invest time with Him, and you choose to do what’s difficult in American Society which is not go out to eat, which is not shop, which is not cause other people to be effective, and you do your part to show this creation around? How can you think He feels by visiting that extent all for within the name of honoring Him. The truth is He never says that the path is wide and easy, He says that it’s narrow and it’s hard.

And right now I see nothing but people in Christian religious circles using the easy way out and I’m suggesting that it’s time for you to do the hard thing because hard situations are coming and until we prepare, we won’t be ready for the things that are ahead.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Christmas|history of Easter|origin of Christmas, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

Spiritualism Explained at a Level that Teens Can Understand

March 4, 2012 · Posted in Family · Comment 

Spiritualism plays a large and vital part in everyone’s life. Which is why it can it can help them through parts of rough personal life, while also giving them some direction in life. One’s own and inner connection to their own faith is highly related to their happiness in the end. Also, day-to-day activities like talking with others in the outside world can help. For many younger people, (specifically those in the high school years through their late twenties) actively seeking out a state of spiritualism can help them in the right direction and help them gain confidence in their own personal endeavors. Although the idea of joining a group can be troublesome to some a number of individuals, the choice on searching for this kind of information online makes it hugely appropriate for the youth, who know a lot about loads of social media sites that are welcoming and open to them.

These places offer things like spiritual blogs and include a great wealth of knowledge that can show the young people reliable and wonderful points of vital information. The exposure to newer methods of thinking and worshiping are extremely vital as one starts to make their own ways of faith, seeing that it allows them to boost their consciousness in an assortment of different methods of thought. Not limiting oneself to a single way of thinking or believing also benefits them in that they have a larger view of the world, which can show in a way they can understand.

Another wonderful and important part of looking to the Internet for sources of newer belief is the meeting and conversing with those with experience in of spiritual guidance. These people work continuously in an effort to bring out the personal growth of all participating members of the group. Additionally, there a great variety of spiritual blogs that can add a bit of strength and support all thanks to the use and presence of spiritual guidance. Thus, as a result, the younger audience can find a more positive role model by simply using the many social media out there.

Spiritual guidance can also help the newer generation because they have loads of experience in the field of spiritualism. Listening to their words can have great advantages due to the fact that they have walked the path before and have great knowledge of the bumps ahead. With their experience they can tell those after them on what they can do or need to do in an effort to get over such obstructions in their life. In a sense, these folks can offer can the much needed spark in their life which could light the inner fire within these active members of the site. Which in effect, could make for an outcome that is heavily significant and become a more resourceful person for all men and women in different walks of life.

The incomparable points of online sources for religious-based advice are made to motivate the changing growth of each one. A connection to various schools of though is a vital part of growing up, and for the next generation and those after that, it provides a wise and wonderful source of helping and providing.

Learn more from Spirit and Word’s many spiritual blogs. Visit Spirit and Word’s site to find more on how they can help you develop your own perception and view on spiritualism.

And He Rested: Restoration of the Sabbath

March 2, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

I am excited about this topic that I’m likely to be talking about here in this article. To start with, I would like you determine if you have gone through your life and you can know in your life a defining moment where your lifetime changed. You can absolutely remember the time, the day, you could smell the fragrance up, you know what you’re wearing, you realize who you’re talking to but at that time, your life changed and you can think back, how many have had those moments in your lifetime where you remember that.

Can I suggest to you personally that if you’ve never known by what I’m getting ready to tell you in the following paragraphs, what I’m getting ready to put in your lap, if you have never heard a message on identity crisis, Sabbath keeping, the meaning of easter, as well as the so-called Jewish holidays, this moment could be the defining moment which will change your life. Let me put this prior to you through this article, this was my defining moment, it was the moment that Jim Staley’s life changed once i begin to find out who I will be. Do you know that 77% of all college students that claim the name of the Messiah, also 77% deny the Messiah by the end of their freshmen year in college?

Exactly 70 some odd percent denied the Messiah in the end of their year of freshman. But what’s worse than that’s of the remaining 23%, 95% of the remaining Christians cannot let you know for sure if they died, that they would literally spend eternal life with Father. That is still very few of our young people, generation x what they call generation X and generation Y which do not even know not just their Messiah but what their bible says about their own salvation.

How many recognized that teen pregnancy is off of the charts in the church? How many recognize that crime among young people inside the church is up? How many realize over the last 50 years in church history, church attendance is certainly going through the floor. This is in accordance with Barna group, the nation’s leading Christian polling agency.

Folks are leaving an abandoning their churches nearly everywhere. Why is that? Does it make sense for you if people are leaving the church right and left and our governmental method is getting worse, does anybody view a proper parallel? There is something wrong. Just what exactly I want to propose to you in this post is that we have got to find what are the problem is.

I’m Jim Staley Mo. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

Happy Easter! What Does It Really Mean?

February 24, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

This article will tackle enough time of the kings within the bible. So the Israelites take back the actual land of Canaan and so they want a king. Have been they supposed to have a very king? Absolutely not! Along came Saul, then David, after that Solomon. They are the three top kings of all of Israel which everybody is familiar with, even a modest child know whom they were. Under these kinds of three kings, all 12 tribes were ruled. This is critical to recognize. All 12 tribes have been called Israel.

That is until Solomon blew it. I Kings 11:31 “And he said to Jeroboam (servant of Solomon), “Take for yourself ten pieces, for thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Behold, I am about to tear the kingdom from the hand of Solomon and will give you ten tribes.” This is the very first indication of a thing incredibly prophetic that is going to connect back to the benefit that was split. This is the moment. Do you remember that you’ve a cloth that was split and it was split into 12 bits but 10 went to the servant of Solomon. It was suppose to venture to his son.

Consequently 10 tribes, this is gonna be important so why do he split this? (verse 33) “because they have forsaken me and worshipped ashtoreth, the goddess of the sidonians… and have not walked in my ways to do what is right in my eyes and keep my statues and my judgments, as did his father david. you can easily relate to it as i am sure that at some point in your life, you as a son looked up to your dad on the ground most likely on your back and he said “son, if you want to live in my house, you are going to play by my rules”.

It is like that with our own relationships and it is the same way with Yahweh and he said “Sons if you are not going to play by My rules, you are out of My house”. Therefore he began to tear away the kingdom from Solomon, he gave 10 tribes to his servant Jeraboem.

What we have here’s an incredible verse which says that “because they worship Ashtoreth, now I never knew what and which Ashtoreth was as I was a believer in my local members growing up. But some tips i learned as I investigated that, there are just about all kind of names Ashtarte from the Greeks, Ashtor and Ishtar, and in Language it is actually pronounced Easter time. Some of you possibly shock to know which but Easter will be the bear breasted fertility goddess of the east, the sun god’s Bails spouse which should change your complete thought process when you say Happy Easter! It is not so happy coming from His perspective simply because we don’t even know what we are saying. Now you know the actual meaning of Easter.

I’m Jim Staley Mo. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

Why Did the Messiah Come?

February 23, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Eph chapter two verses:

18 For through Him the two of us have access by one Spirit towards the Father.

Who? The kingdom of God by the way, the kingdom of Yahweh, the disciples said, “Are you here to revive the kingdom?!” What kingdom are they talking about? The northern kingdom! The only method that the Jewish people knew that they would defeat their enemies is that the northern kingdom came home, why?, as there are far more of them than that has been in the south.

19 Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with all the saints and members of family members of God,

He is talking specifically to the northern kingdom, the scattered sheep, which you were once out of covenant and now you were going to be allowed to comeback within the covenant on Sabbath day and when I explain to you, for those of you that don’t know the Torah, whenever you find out why, it is going to blow your mind of why Yeshua really came and who He came for.

Yeshua says this in John 10:16 “And other sheep I’ve which are not of this fold; them I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock then one shepherd.”

He goes on and say this in John Chapter 11

51 “Now this he (Caiaphas) failed to say on his own authority; but being high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation, (the House of Judah)

52 and not for that nation only, but also that He would gather together in a single the children of God who were scattered abroad.

The mission, what it’s all about, the purpose of the Messiah from the very beginning, from the high priest beneath the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to Yeshua Himself says this…

Mt.15:24 and the man answering said, ‘I was not sent except towards the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

That is why he came! He came for his sheep, sheep are those were scattered.

I’m Jim Staley Mo. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

We Are Israel!

February 23, 2012 · Posted in Education · Comment 

Does it surprise you that a hundred thousand people in Ephesia alone said that they got some good news? You can return to the covenant because the Messiah paid for your sin freed you from the law of adultery and all you have to do is follow Him… plus they came by the thousands simply because they knew they were out of covenant.

Now, a lot of gentiles coming back to the covenant, that’s a scary thing. That’s a complete another story because we messed everything up from everything after that. But Yahweh is having His way while he begins to purify us and teach us what are the covenant that we came back to is focused on, what this new covenant is all about.

Anybody ever heard of the marriage supper with the lamb? It should take on a whole new meaning folks, the wedding supper of the lamb. This is a remarried supper, everything about the wedding, all about the husband, and many types of about a wife.

If you haven’t figured it by now… YOU ARE Israel!!!

Now you may still don’t know what you are, thinking that you’re a Baptist, a Lutheran, a non-denomination that doesn’t possess a denomination, etc. but my bible says you’re a Hebrew. If you have come to know the Messiah, you’ve crossed over from death your. If you are anything, you are a Hebrew Christian like I’m, so get used to it since the Sabbath day is coming soon.

Are you proclaiming that the only people that can be saved are just the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel? No way! What happened when they left Egypt? A number of the Egyptians came along with them, the smart ones. Moses came up to God saying God we got a challenge, all these Egyptians are following us and they are not your people, what are we going to do? So

Yahweh reduced the problem and he wrote this… He said listen… Ex 12:49 one law will be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourned among you.

When they will circumcise their hearts and circumcise their flesh and follow My commandments and Passover, they will be one people in My hand, permit them to join. That is the first grafting plus it happened in your bible.

I’m Jim Staley Mo. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

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