Enhancing Your Butt With The Buttock Augmentation Procedure

July 23, 2012 · Posted in Beauty · Comment 

In days past beauty was defined by the tall, skinny female with bones jutting out. However, times are fast changing with the curvaceous woman being the new look to go for. This is evidenced by curvaceous superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles-Carter topping the lists of the sexiest women in the world.

Times have truly changed. In the past, women were trying to lose weight and avoid any sort of curves on their bodies. These days, women are trying diets and all sorts of cream that promise to help them achieve their more curvaceous goals.

It is for this reason that more and more women are seeking out butt enlargement procedures to enhance and lift their buttocks. Several years ago, this procedure involved stuffing your behind with unnatural silicone implants. However, medical experts have improved the procedure to make use of natural body fat found in other parts of the body.

Silicon implants used to be the way to go. However, the new technique is more natural and it has the added benefit of using liposuction on those other body parts that might need it. This is because it involves the transfer of fat from certain body parts and into the butt, which works great because you end up having a flatter tummy of better looking breasts and a butt to die for.

Sometimes, it might be necessary to perform the fat grafting a couple of times. This is because the body sometimes just absorbs the fat that has been injected to it. If that happens, there is nothing to worry about because you will heal really fast and the pain is not that much either.

If you are considering the procedure, you first have to make sure that you have enough fat to be transferred. If you are already too slim with no extra fat, then you will have to get silicone implants.

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Breast Reduction Procedure To Improve Posture

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Beauty · Comment 

Let’s face it; women with small breasts feel like they got the short end of the stick. This is not just a matter of poor self-esteem; society has largely contributed to this because of the attention we seem to shower on the larger breasted female species. Unfortunately, this extra endowment does come at a price to the owner.

Chest, back and neck pain, degenerating skeletal structure as well as embarrassment caused by all the undue attention showered on the female are just some of the disadvantages associated with large breasts. Incapacity to play most sports is yet another one. The good news is breast reduction procedures are now safe and widely available.

Reduction of breast size involves a surgery which creates balance in a woman’s skeletal frame and enhances the contour line. This procedure will change your life; greater self esteem and a healthier posture no less. Your self image will also be largely improved and it is likely that the guys will find you more attractive as well.

Sadly, breast reduction surgical procedure poses rather unique risks to the individual patient. Some of the more apparent risks include bleeding excessively, allergic reactions to the drugs used in the procedure and infections. There are, however, additional risks such as loss of feeling in the nipple, interruption of blood flow to the nipple and areola causing the nipple to fall off and inability to nurse future babies.

Diminished blood supply to the nipple is another risk that could cause farther scarring and eventual lose of the nipple tissue. However, as this procedure has been carried out hundreds of thousands of times, you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Just think of all the positives that could come out of it.

An important point to note is that women who feel embarrassed by their large breasts may not need this surgery after all. They may only require a breast lift with silicone implants, which will probably have a shorter healing time. Consult Dr Dieu, Dr Chan or Dr Tavakoli for further details on which procedure to take.

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