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January 31, 2012 · Posted in Taxes · Comment 

Clients who have an association with Horizon Debt Group LLC. receive an excellent tax resolution services. We have established a great and lasting relationship with our clientele. Through in depth analysis to ensure proper discovery of their issues, we give professional advice to each and every client who are facing financial burdens and this relationship of ours play a vital role in our mission. We have a preferred partner, Pinnacle Tax Advisors. Their continuing support has allowed us to offer streamlined tax relief help to those that require our services. Horizon Debt Group LLC has been providing clients with a free tax hardship analysis when other companies may charge a fee for this service.

We take the time to assess your individual circumstances because there is no one quick fix for debt resolution. People see TV ads which give the impression that they can dicker with IRS when the reality is that they can take everything they have. With so many tax rip-offs out there from big organizations spending millions to publicize making assurances to wipe out your tax debt but not before paying enormous fees up front to then discover that the IRS has rejected the offer. These corporations main objective is to setup huge call centers to enroll as many people as possible. As opposed to giving each and every client their personalized individual attention focusing on their budget.

Working hand in hand with our clients, our professional staff is able to enable them to add more money to their budget, and guide them through any financial hurdles. You will be able to verify our A rating through provided links how other clients have rated us and reviewed our tax team with the Better Business Bureau.

A lot of American taxpayers fail to make the mid April deadline to file their income tax returns. Thus, the back taxes start piling up, and you end up paying out even more money in penalties and fees, and all of that is in addition to the original taxes that are still owed. A lot of people will file extensions, but they are still obligated to pay the penalties that accrue for filing at a later time. Failing to file taxes is not the same as refusing to pay bills; it is a criminal act punishable by jail time and a fine of $10000 for every year you did not file taxes. The worst thing you can do is to keep drawing the issue out because owing back taxes is taken very seriously by the IRS.

The current tough financial times may have cause some people to neglect their responsibilities of filing and paying their taxes. Relief is available in these situations.

The dawn of 2012 gives you a chance to put that behind you, and start fresh. You can solve your back tax problems, but you must act now. For a free extensive tax hardship analysis, please reach Horizon Debt Group LLC.

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