A Solution For Severe Teen Anxiety

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Interview by Lon Woodbury

Dr. Dan Villiers, who is the Founder as well as Director of Admissions of The Mountain Valley Therapy Center, was interviewed by Lon Woodbury on L.A. Talk Radio about chronic and debilitating anxiety in teenagers and the variety of effective therapy plans available for this psychological problem.


After Dan graduated from Kenyon College, he obtained a Masters Degrees from Kent State University and Dartmouth College. He then went on to acquire a combined Ph.D. in Counseling and School Psychology from Northeastern University.

The Mountain Valley Treatment Center offers therapy for adolescents struggling with higher-than-normal levels of anxiety, anxiety so severe that it weakens their potential in school and causes acute discomfort in any social situation. Mountain Valley Treatment Center is a special place that offers highly-effective methods for managing unusual stress because of its specialization in only treating anxiety disorders. Adolescents who come here experience renewed psychological health and wellness. Teenagers benefit from the uplifting natural surroundings, the special therapeutic approach and the extensive care.

Understanding Chronic Anxiety

Although stress and anxiety is a typical part of individual teenage development, it can become debilitating for teenagers when it disrupts their capacity to deal with life in school–and even at home. Acute anxiety is a prolonged and heightened response to a demanding situation and it can disrupt an individual’s capacity to manage the normal needs of daily life.

During the interview, Dan went over the causes as well as symptoms of chronic anxiety, and he also discussed numerous solutions.

Treatment Programs

The Mountain Valley program was established to help with anxiety disorders when regular therapeutic treatment with school counselors and local psychotherapists proved to be insufficient. Treatment plans here are effective because they are more intensive-going beyond the traditional fifty minute hour-and more extensive-lasting from 30 to 90 days in a beautiful, peaceful environment.

The highly-structured therapy sessions use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior modification (DBT), solution-focused therapy, family systems treatment, and even short-term psychodynamic therapy.

Final Thoughts

The L.A. Radio Talk show answered many questions related to anxiety, ranging from what symptoms to notice to how parents should respond and from what is the best way to address anxiety to examples of how therapy has proven to be remarkably effective in dealing with a mood disorder that is at an epidemic proportion in the United States.

Looking to find the best advice on helping struggling teens with chronic anxiety, then visit www.latralkradio.com to listen to the complete interview with Dr. Dan Villiers

The Legend of Korra is here

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Follows the life of Korra, who like Aang, is an avatar. An extraordinary individual who has the capacity to ‘bend,’ or even influence, the 4 primary elements, flames, water, air, and globe. Just like the first show, the actual sequel will borrow substantially from the mythology of the aged Chinese language martial arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chihuahua.

Korra ( Janet Varney ) arises from the Southern Water Tribe. With 3 from the 4 elements under her belt (Earth, Water and Fire), Korra pursuit of to perfect Air. Her search leads her to Republic City, the current “Avatar” world that’s a virtual melting pot where benders and non-benders from all regions live and thrive. Korra easily detects that the metropolis is seriously suffering from crime as well as a growing anti-bending revolution that threatens to rip the town apart. Under the tutelage of Aang’s son, Tenzin ( J.K. Simmons ), Korra will become her airbending guidance while fighting the dangers at large.

At the middle of The Legend of Korra is a further combat that immediately reveals the new-found maturity with this sequel. Benders, people that can operate one of many four elements, are too powerful, and many of them misuse their abilities at the expense of the regular population. Civil battle is brewing, plus the Equalists-the anti-bender initiative-is at the heart of it. This well-executed investigation of deeper themes connects while using now-grown-up enthusiast of Avatar while still staying in keeping with the old principle of funny conversation, funny personas, and seriously epic magic. Town alone is fantastically visualized, with impressive Victorian-style skylines and exquisite buildings.

This is what some followers declare about it:

The Legend of Korra is everything I want to it might be and many more. Its initial episode made me have fun, forced me to be slightly teary-eyed, and left me enthusiastic for what’s coming. The episode was just around 23 minutes, nonetheless it were able to present a lot of what the show has to offer, even if we’ve not seen many of the regular cast members yet. I actually feel like I have a solid familiarity with Korra herself, of her Air-bending instructor, Tenzin (probably the most youthful son of Aang and Katara), and also just how the Avatar universe has evolved in the 70 or so years since we’ve left it.

The Legend of Korra takes viewers in to the Last Airbender ‘s shadowy snowscapes and pastoral tribal towns. But this show – created for older kids – also includes a steampunk metropolis with coughing, old-fashioned cars and floating iron blimps.

The follower of this new series did write about The Legend Of Korra, Discover this awesome new TV series.

Don’t Miss The Legend Of Korra Trailer!

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The original Airbender series is amazing, and I can really say it’s usually one of the better cartoon series That i’ve ever watched (if not one of the best). And from the look of this fresh trailer, I will admit they may be undoubtedly upping their sport on this one

Avatar The Last Airbender amazed a large number of viewers during it’s airing winning a Prime-time Emmy, and Peabody Award. The show received a colossal following when it completed the series left people clamoring for an encore. From then on there was a live action motion picture made in July of The year of 2010 entitled “The Last Airbender, but The Legend of Korra Trailer is exposing us that the following might be massive!

It’s going to be no less than 26 symptoms, and there’s gonna be no product episodes unrelated to plot of land, so it is just going to be very powerful.

The Legend of Korra — the sequel series to Avatar: the Last Airbender – was set to premiere on April 14. That end of the week you could watch the first a couple of episodes in several sites on-line, just like in Amazon (no cost).

The Legend of Korra Truck and Movie additionally characteristics the voice talents regarding David Faustino ( Married … With Youngsters ) as Mako, P.J. Byrne ( Terrible Bosses ) as Bolin, Steve Blum ( Unqualified Bebop ) as Amon, Lance Henriksen ( Aliens ) as The Lieutenant, Mindy Sterling ( Austin, tx Powers: International Man associated with Mystery ) as Chief Lin Beifong, Daniel Dae Ellie ( Lost ) as Hiroshi Sato, Seychelle Gabriel ( Falling Atmosphere ) as Asami Sato and Eva Jessica Saint ( Superman Returns ) because Katara.

During the The Legend of Korra Trailer you can see that the essential viewpoint of Legend of Korra is it picks up 70 years after the first series and Korra from the Water Tribe is the newest Avatar.

Wall Street Journal’s column reviewed an update on The Legend of Korra, the follow-up animated series to Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. The particular up grade provides a sneak peak of the titular heroine and completely new Avatar, Korra.

See right now The Legends of Korra Truck and show it together with your frends!!

Before looking for other websites, check out the web ofLegend of Korra, and watch the Legend of Korra Trailer: The Best Trailer.

Outdoor Laser Tag Brings New Twist to Game

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Laser tag has been around for years. Most people experienced laser tag for the first time in a foggy, black-lit arena. The equipment consisted of brightly colored vests. The game has been popular with kids for years.

While this commercial version of laser tag has worked for kids and kids’ birthday parties, it left a little lacking. All the lights and plastic seemed to be more arcade game than simulation. It’s fun for adults to play once in a while, but playing over and over doesn’t sound fun.

Originally, laser tag was seen as a real world video game. When video games were simple and cartoonish, this was probably very accurate. But, as video games have evolved, laser tag was left behind. Players today want an experience similar to Call of Duty.

The companies that built laser tag tried to catch up. They added lights, cooler sound effects and complicated scoring systems. The vests came with more options that before. But, these manufacturers didn’t seem to deliver on what players really wanted.

Over time, some looked to military simulation equipment, like MILES gear, to create a new game.

Originally called outdoor laser tag gear, the equipment was designed to play outdoors and adapt to sunlight- something even advanced indoor systems cannot do.

With further advances in technology, the outdoor equipment can adjust power and play indoors just as easily, making it very adaptable equipment. The industry remains the “outdoor” laser tag industry, even though that is no longer a limitation of the equipment. You can play indoors if you want to.

Outdoor guns look and play more like real weapons. Different looking weapons can have different statistics and settings just like in video games. Over time, outdoor equipment has added the best of the indoor features like real-time scoring and radio communication. But, with the outdoor system, game play is key. The outdoor equipment will never be covered with flashing lights.

The focus with outdoor laser tag equipment is clearly on interesting scenarios or missions. Outdoor operators create tens or hundreds of different game scenarios, taking cues from those popular first-person shooter video games and movies. Some operators create advanced story lines and offer players a choice of weapons.

This new version of laser tag has been a hit, not only with kids and teens but adults too. Even if you found the old style laser tag silly or lacking, outdoor-style gear has a lot to offer anyone looking for a unique entertainment experience. Many players are hooked, coming back again and again for new missions.

Learn more about outdoor laser tag from one of the newest equipment manufacturers. You can also see laser tag equipment for the field operator or hobbyist.

The Reasons For Popularity Of Young Adult Fantasy Novels

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Reading is a hobby for many people and everyone has their own tastes. This year has seen a rise in young adult fantasy books, both with the authors and the readers. As the year starts to unfold many newcomers and old ones are concentrating on this particular genre.

The trend is welcomed by many young minds, who take interest in the worlds of fantasy. The fictive books seem to provide an escape to the youngster’s mind, from all the worries and troubles that they face from today’s world. There are a few bestsellers with great popularity amongst these books.

One such book is “The Wind through the Keyhole”, written by the world renowned writer Stephen King. This is a tri-story, with each story enclosed in another. It is the story of a guy named Roland, who narrates a story to his ka-tet, about a time when he met a frightened boy, when he was hunting for a shape shifter.

This is followed by the story Ronald told the boy, which was initially told by his mother. Mr. King has another master piece to his name; it is titled “11/22/63″. This is comprised of fiction, love and history all in one book.

This one is about a portal, which transports a teacher to the early 60s. Here the teacher attempts to halt a critical event of history, the assassination of JFK. The story moves on to include events of suspense, history and love.

These and many other books are great in terms of literature. They have morals to guide the upcoming generation about life and help them make the right decisions. The problems of a teenager are addressed in these young adult fantasy books, some of which problems he might not share with his parents.

If you’re looking for some amazing young adult fantasy novels, then you should check out “Save the Pearls”, a new trilogy by Victoria Foyt. In the first installment, “Revealing Eden”, the protagonist is an outcast because of her light skin and she is required to find a mate before she turns 18 otherwise she will be banished in this dystopian future.

Orange County Piano Lessons – How to Practice the Piano : The Difference in Mistakes

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Mistakes are a part of life, especially when learning something. Being able to learn from our mistakes provides huge growth opportunities. Playing the piano is not something that happens overnight. Plenty of dedication will be required to become fluent. As the owner of a music school in Orange County and Los Angeles which offers greater Los Angeles and Orange County piano lessons, I am very familiar with the everyday mistakes that students face and have listed them in order of importance. We all play wrong notes or mess up the rhythm and technique, but let’s face it, all mistakes are not the same!

In order for anyone to recognize a song, two components need to be in place: the proper rhythm and the proper melody. Without these two, any song will start sounding off. So the first place to start would be these two.

Rhythm should be the first and foremost mistake to correct. People love to dance to music, and what’s worse to a dancer than inconsistent rhythm? Always be sure to count aloud when you’re learning a new piece with difficult rhythm and it always helps to tap out a beat with your foot, use a metronome, or move your body to the beat. This will ensure you are playing to a steady beat. Also make sure you’re counting correctly otherwise none of the other stuff matters!

Next comes melody. Even the best pianist will play a wrong note from time to time. It is the nature of the beast. Sometimes your finger slips and you accidentally play an A instead of a G. These minor melodic mistakes are not very important. The melodic mistakes that ARE important stem from improper note reading or key identification, i.e. you can’t read notes well so you don’t know what note you’re playing OR you can clearly read the note as an A but play a G on the piano because you THINK it’s an A. These mistakes need to be corrected and all that is needed is some extra time spent on strengthening note reading.

Lastly we have fingering mistakes. Most sheet music will have fingering suggestions notated which act as a guide for fingering. Fingering and technique will not always make or break a song, however if it’s a difficult piece then proper, efficient fingering is crucial if you need to execute a section on a difficult piece. Fingering should always be as efficient as possible while being comfortable at the same time.

So that about sums it up. Be aware of the mistakes you are making and know which ones you should focus on first.

The author is a piano instructor and owns a music school in Orange County offering Orange County piano lessons.

Delight in Your Sparetime by Playing Web-based Sports Games

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Introduction to on-line sports games:

For anybody who is somebody eager about viewing an assortment of stay sports event on Tv, then you definitely will definitely possess the want of playing these games. One of several simplest options which you can take part and revel in playing all of your preferred games lacking perspiring it out with the true taking part in arena is by actively playing these sports games over the internet throughout various cost-free sports using the web internet sites. It’s also one of several leading procedures to escape from boredom therefore you will surely have got a entertaining stuffed and adventurous way of shelling out your no charge time at your house instead than preferably sitting and warming the sofas of the residence. Once you obtain into the habit of taking part in web-based sports games, then it should be particularly tough to suit your needs to prevent enjoying the games over the internet daily. There are a lot of different types of sports games which are played using the web and a few of your right games are: cricket, football, basketball, tennis, ping pong, billiards, ice hockey, rugby etc.

Could it be pleasant?

Cyberspace is a good spot in which you’ll discover loads and loads of absolutely free on the web sports games of multiple classes and therefore the perfect thing is the fact that you’re able to perform them utterly 100 percent free for so long as you wish to perform the game. The majority of the on the net no charge sports games are interactive games that will have to have you to perform in opposition to the desktop computer who will be the opponent. A lot of the interactive games on sports could be basic games which could be quite simply mastered by even a beginner player in one attempt. The best advantage of those over the internet sports games is always that they are often played whenever and anywhere as well as only necessity is actually a big pace web connection in addition to a Laptop or perhaps a laptop computer or tablet PC’s. Just about every sport games would be separated into distinct styles of games and for instance if you should choose skating game, then you definately could be led right into a new page which has distinctive kinds of ice skating games like street skating, ice skating, kids skating and heaps a good deal more.

Get going with over the internet sports games

What are you individuals watching for? All you will need to try and do is usually to just change on your own personal laptop or computer, search for just about any no charge using the web sports online site, track down your popular sports game within the websites and begin actively playing. There isn’t any doubt that you would be acquiring loads of exciting playing all your favored sports games via the internet and there are also some sports games and internet sites that could grant you the chance to perform with other members going to the web site.

You may start off enjoying sports games to enjoy wonderful time along with your mates. There are lots of free of charge games online.