Essential Info About The City Of Trier

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Along the Moselle river in Germany, there is a city called Trier. The area, which was founded some time around 16 BC by an Assyrian prince named Trebeta, is considered a long-established city in its country. In the past, many English speakers referred to the place as Treves. It is also known as the oldest seat of any Christian bishop north of the Alps.

This city was, until 2005, ranked fourth largest in its state. As of 2010, it has an approximate population of 105,000. The capital of Luxembourg, which is 50 kilometers to the southwest, is the closest city. Other nearby cities, which can be traveled to by railway: Saarbrucken and Cologne. The nearby Moselle River is an important body of water used often for river cruises.

This place is known for preserving both medieval and Roman constructions. A well-preserved Roman city gate known as The Port Nigra exists here. Also, there three Roman baths ruins. A traditional basilica of Rome, the Constantine Basilica, is also located here. Though it now serves as a Protestant Church.

There is also the Trier Cathedral, home to the Holy Tunic, a Roman Catholic church from Roman times. One of the most important Gothic cathedrals in Germany, the Liebfrauenkirche, is also located here. Other historical spots include the amphitheatre, St. Matthias Abbey monastery, Saint Paulin church, Saint Gangolf Church, and more. There are also several famous museums located in this area. For example: the Roscheider Hof and Karl Marx House.

There are several education facilities in the area. There is the University of Trier, which first opened in 1473. It shut down year later in 1796. It reopened in 1970. There are also many primary and secondary schools.

Many annual events take place in this city. They range from the Trier Christmas market, a large street festival, to the German part of World Rally Championships. There is also the Roman festival, the largest that Germany has, called the Brot und Spiele. It takes place every year during the summer. Many people participate.

Trier, or Treves, is the oldest city in Germany. It is located on the banks of Moselle river, a major waterway for the city. To date, this place has a population of more than 105, 000 people. In addition to having many education institutions and museums, this area is known for being the home to several medieval and Roman building structures that have been preserved over the years.

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