What is UV Coating and Why Should You Use it?

July 1, 2012 · Posted in Business · Comment 

In today’s extremely cut-throat environment, printed ads could be your only chance to obtain your customers attention. Choosing UV Coating is a sure way to make sure they stand up over the rest. For people who’ve never heard about the UV Coating printing procedure, let’s explain what exactly it is as well as what the good and bad points are.

So what exactly is UV or Ultra Violet Finish? UV coating, or ultraviolet covering is a procedure that applies an extremely high shine finish to the printed document and is then cured on a special machine applying ultraviolet light. The layer hardens, or cures once subjected to ultra violet radiation. This UV coating makes your printed materials “jump out” and is great for items like post cards, leaflets, magazines, or anything that will benefit from a rich, bright finish.

Ultraviolet coating has numerous advantages over other coating methods for example aqueous coating or varnish. One of these benefits includes a superb shine finish. Whenever UV is used on deep, rich colors, the outcome is an almost wet appearance. This can be extremely beneficial with image rich endeavours. The astounding shiny finish is one reason why it’s so popular for certain projects. An additional benefit is that it is resistant to abrasion. This is good for materials that will be handed out or sent thru the mail as you know that the UV coating will look just as it did when it was first printed right up until the last brochure or brochure is distributed or mailed out.

The UV finish is also incredibly clear. This finish really makes the details stand out, and is a very effective method for photographic pictures and company emblems. The UV coatings are also environmentally friendly as they are free from solvents and don’t produce volatile organic compounds. Lastly, the UV coating cures immediately with UV light exposure. This can be very advantageous because a print job won’t be delayed waiting for the finish to dry.

Before choosing UV coating, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. For instance, when using metallic inks, it is advisable to ask the printer how nicely the covering will work with your particular project. The reason behind this is that occasionally metallic inks will dry to fast, causing the metallic particles to elevate to the top and become more prone to rubbing away from the printing surface. All in all, UV covering creates a stunning finish and can truly make a difference with your printing project.

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