3 Places to See on Your First Trip to Italy

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Wondering what to see on your first trip to Italy? I recommend these three wonderful places: Venice, Florence and Rome. Those cities are the three biggest tourist destinations in Italy, and for good reason.

If all you have are seven days, I would suggest two days in Venice, two in Florence and three in Rome. In Florence you can book a Tuscany bus tour which will take you to Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa in a day. This is a great way for you to check out the Tuscan countryside (Florence is situated in Tuscany).

It is easy and fast to travel by train between Venice, Florence and Rome. You can make Rome your first destination, from there you take the train to Florence and spend your last two days in Venice. You will be spending only two hours maximum on board a train on any leg of your journey. You can also make Venice your first stop, then Florence, ending with Rome.

Italy train tickets can be booked and paid for in advance online. Do an online search for “trenitalia.com” and you will be taken to the official train website. Here’s a tip if you’re booking your train ticket online: choose the principal train station for each city, not one of the outlying stations. So in Florence you’ll be looking for “Florence Centrale” and in Rome it’s “Rome Termini”.

Get a B and B or a hotel near the train station Florence so you can walk from the train station to your accommodation (this is only recommended if you are not taking along a lot of luggage). If you want to look up recommendations for bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels, TripAdviser is a good place to do your research. If you’re thinking twice about spending two days of your travel time in Venice, don’t. Venice is a beautiful city that only a true-blue spoilsport can’t admire.

Go here for more tips on places to visit in Italy, including Venice, Florence and Rome on a budget.

Explore Italy with Rick Sleves’ Audio Tours

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A friend suggested the Rick Steves’ site when I first wanted to go to Italy. I listened to her and downloaded some free Italy audio tours, including sights in Venice, Florence and Rome. Rick Steves also wrote a guidebook and these tracks are taken from that great book about Italy.

It’s like you’re having a private walking tour — the audio tours truly work! It’s also a good idea to listen to them in advance. these audio books represent a perfect mixture of history, architecture and regular life.

And what cities are covered with these tours? At this point, Venice, Florence and Rome are the cities that Rick Steves has visited and recorded tours for.

The Rome Audio Tours are amazingly good and will take you to Colosseum, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Trastevere Walk, Jewish Ghetto Walk, Ostia Antica, and Pompeii. Rick’s Venice Audio Tours show you the magnificence of Grand Canal Cruise, St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Basilica, and Frari Church. The Florence Audio Tours will take you on the Renaissance Walk, Accademia and Michelangelo’s David, and Uffizi Gallery.

It’s easy to get these audio tours. Just use any podcast service (such as iTunes) or use the Rick Steves Audio Europe app. It’s probably the best way if you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android. I got them onto my iPod Touch right from the RickSteves.com website.

If you prefer podcasts, just subscribe to Rick Steves’ Rome Audio Tours on iTunes, Amazon or the equivalent Android store.

You don’t have to own an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device, at all. Your mp3 player will do the trick also. Just download the mp3 files RickSteves.com and transfer to any mp3 player, or play them on your computer.

There are two disadvantages to listening to the audio tours on your mp3 player as opposed to a device like an iPhone. First, you won’t see the pictures. But frankly, you won’t be missing much because the audio tours actually don’t include many pictures; they just have the occasional still photo to illustrate the audio. The second disadvantage is that the chapter breaks and subheadings may not show up. But other than, it will work just fine.

Get all the information you need about amazing places to visit in Italy before you go there. Stop by Barbra Sundquist’s site where you can find out all about great places for Italian holidays.

Key Info About Sightseeing In Venice

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On the coast of the Adriatic sea in the north west of Italy lies a small city called Venice that has a population of 100,000.

In spite of its small size, Venice is among the foremost tourist destinations in Italy receiving thousands of tourists from all over the globe who come to see the unique watercourses that form the Town of Venice. Below we’ve mentioned just a few of the amusing things for visitors to do in Venice.

The city interestingly does not have roads but only canals that run through with several tributaries. The Grand Canal is the major water way that runs through the centre of Venice and hence the only way to travel around the town is by boat. The Grand Canal is of 4 km in length and 40 meters to 100 meters in width.

Taking a comfortable gondola ride along the Grand Canal in Venice is not only a great way to relax but also helps you to take in the wonderful architecture of Venice which spans more than six centuries and gives you an idea of the richness of the history of Venice. Gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture are all represented among the establishments of Venice.

Italy is the centre of opera music and Venice is said to house several of the opera houses. There were performances of world class opera artists in the Venice Opera House. It was because of a great fire that there was a halt in the opera performances in the house. Performances resumed only recently.

Guided tour centres in Venice come with help for the travellers from across the world to have a view of the Venice opera house for a fee of 7 Euros. As they do not include in their program a trip to the Venice opera house in each and every trip, visitors are advised to reserve their place in advance in case they are particular to have a look at the opera house.

This building in Venice houses one of the great art collections in the entire city, and contains some pieces of art believed to be among the most valuable in the world. The actual building dates back to the 14th century and was originally used by monks of the Franciscan Order; however, since that time it has had various uses.

The Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice has a particularly wide-ranging collection of Italian art from the Gothic period, although the artistic highlight of a visit to this art collection in Venice is the assumption which depicts the Virgin Mary and the Angel Gabrielle.

The tomb of Titian, who was one of the most famous artists to have ever come out from Venice, is also located in this building.

There are many fascinating things to do in Pisa. If you are going on holiday to Italy and looking for things to do in Venice click the links.

Planning Your Trip to Venice

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Built on more than 100 islands in the Venetian Lagoon, Venice (“Venezia” in Italian) is known for its unique and rich culture. Often referred to as the “City of Water,” the city is most well known for the beauty of its surrounding waterways, which are as common in Venice as streets are in New York City. Though the city tends to be associated with romantic getaways, there’s much more to Venice than romance, including historical architecture, fine dining, and cultural festivals. Here are a few tips for planning your trip to Venice. Read more