Top Internet Marketing Consultant Tips: How to Attract or Repel Your Ideal Clients

July 5, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing · Comment 

YouTube marketing and video marketing on other video channels can be quite financially beneficial if you do it correctly. As part of a solid social media marketing campaign and strategy, it just makes sense if you can avoid one mistake that far too many people succumb to. I had a client that almost made this critical mistake and I don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily, so pay close attention.

Before I let the cat out of the bag and tell you what they almost screwed up, I challenge you to consider the answers to a few questions. Be truthful with yourself. How do you feel about commercials you see on TV? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Would you like to see more of them? Would you like to see less of them? Why or why not?

I hate commercials. They make me angry. They waste my time. If I ever see another one it will be too soon. I love the digital video recorders that let me record my favorite TV shows and skip through commercials. I think they are some of the best inventions ever!

What does my love for digital recorders and the ability to skip through commercials have to do social media marketing, email marketing, Facebook marketing, and Twitter marketing? A lot more than you might think.

My client was intelligent and had a lot of common sense. He also knew his client base very well. He created some very effective and informative scripts that he wanted us to turn into web videos. He was hoping to use those videos to answer questions almost all of his prospects went online to find before they bought from him.

We made the videos and submitted them for our client’s examination. It occurred. Someone said, “Hey, let’s put our music and jingle at the end, the owner likes hearing that.” I scratched my head, since I recognized where the conversation was going. “Let’s use our slogan at the end as well,” they said.

I smelled a mishap and had to do what I could to help prevent it. So I was quick to ask a very important question. “What does the owner prefer, hearing the jingle or getting a bunch of new prospects and turning them into customers?” Even though their intentions were good, they almost screwed up a perfectly good video marketing campaign by turning it into a bunch of dreaded commercials.

When attempting to use social media for business, don’t forget what is most crucial. Top social media consultants and social media experts will tell you to position yourself as the subject matter expert and leading authority. Provide valuable information to people who are looking for it online. Fight the temptation to turn your content into sales pitches, jingles or slogans that reak of advertising. If you do it well and share content that answers questions your prospects are asking, then you should expect to attract more of your ideal buyers online.

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