Take the Paint off Beer Bottles

December 2, 2011 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

Those who have had parties will know that the day after can be a very tiresome one where one has to do a lot of cleaning up of the mess all over the house. There is sure to be a variety of empty beer bottles lying all over the cellar or garage. You would definitely have gone in for the wholesale beer bottles for the party as these are available at a cheaper price. But once these are used up, there is no alternative but to throw them away along with the rubbish heap and dispose them off.

But you could, alternatively, keep them and make use of the wholesale beer bottles by trying to paint some imaginative images on them with the use of gold or silver paints. After doing this, you could just place them in the garden or in the house as part of your unique dcor. You would be putting your creative skills to use and in the bargain have a beautiful collection of pots for the garden too.

These bottles can then be reused in a creative and innovative fashion and you could think of a lot of original ideas. The labels need to be removed naturally, and then the bottles could become vases for your plants or even kept in the kitchen. But sometimes it so happens that due to lying in the garage for a long period, the bottles could have become dirty with the paint on it and then you need to know how to remove paint from beer bottle.

A utility knife could be easily used for scraping off the paint from the bottles, but this could scratch the glass and hence another way of how to remove paint from beer bottle is by using adhesive removers. The hair transplant and replacement industry makes use of these removers and this could be put to good use for how to remove paint from beer bottles. All sticky items like labels can thus be removed easily.

One home made remedy on how to remove paint from beer bottle is to soak the bottle in a liquid made out of a mixture of water and baking soda. It is not a completely proven technique but has helped in certain cases where the adhesive used for labels is not very strong.

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