Teaching Obedience Through Rottweiler Training

June 16, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Is your Rottweiler’s behavior making you stressed and discouraged? If so, your four-legged companion might be in need of more Rottweiler training. Putting extra time and effort into correct training will help you get a more obedient pet dog. This article will give you hints you will need to begin training your pet appropriately.

If you wish to train your canine pet properly, you should understand what will encourage your canine pet to respond. Dog training can be a learning experience, specifically when it comes to finding out what motivates your pooch. Test several methods and exercises, and make certain to often encourage your canine with positive reinforcement and love. A satisfied puppy will perform well and be easier to train. One method to motivate a dog to react to commands is by using rewards like treats. To be certain that the reward method work, you must illustrate appropriate behavior and then work with your pet dog over time and reward him when he does the correct thing. This is the ultimate way to teach your pet dog a new command or trick. Repetition and reward is going to be your winning strategy every time.

When you’re training your canine with obedience, it is essential that you never mistreat him especially if he did something improper. Abusing your pet through severe physical punishment will just lead to your four-legged companion fearing you. A simple “no” and showing him how things ought to be completed can be more effective. Instead of punishment, one method to get successful obedient training is to identify positive habit. Providing reward, be it in the form of treat or praise, is a more effective Rottweiler training strategy than hitting your pet’s rear or rubbing his nose in his mess.

Dogs learn by constant practice. Thus it is important to use a certain command not only during training but during your dog’s daily activities too. Like for example if you’re teaching your furry friend the “sit” command, you need to use the command in different instances of the day like when you see him intending to run after the squirrel or jump on you.

While repetition is essential, you have to be sure to stay consistent with the rules you wish to implement along with the words you use when trying to teach your pet dog a new behavior. Consistency will make it easy for him to learn what you are asking for so the more consistent you are, the more likely you’re to effectively train your canine pet to obey numerous obedience commands.

David Lamb is not a professional dog trainer but has learned a lot of Rottweiler training information by being a Rottie owner for several years. The information he learned is now shared on this website specifically created for Rottweiler training.


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