Teeth Grinding Treatments to Save Your Jaw and Teeth

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Dental 

It can take many years for a person to realise that he suffers from this condition. Your dentist will help you to deal with this issue, and you can also try some simple teeth grinding treatments, such as those that follow.

Some vitamin additions have been observed to heal teeth grinding. Calcium, magnesium and pantothenic acid (B5) can help you unwind your nerve system and cut back your stress levels and that will help you in keeping your teeth from grinding. You can forestall teeth grinding by eating a sensible diet and avoid exciting foods. If you aren't taking in enough calcium you can try eating healthy dairy goods. Yogurt may help, if it's not overly sweetened, as sugar isn't just bad for your teeth but it can make a contribution to teeth grinding. If you happen to have a particularly stubborn teeth grinding issue, it may need more than a regular diet to cure it but a better diet can certainly assist you in a lot of other areas.

While teeth grinding is usually stress induced, often it is caused by structural issues with your jaw or other dental issues. If you have badly aligned teeth, your dentist can perform certain procedures that may correct this so that you won't keep grinding your teeth. Yes, dental Problems can cause teeth grinding but repairing the issue may not right away stop the grinding. That is because the jaw will sometimes get the grinding motion deep-seated into its muscle memory and will keep on doing it even after the first cause has been cured. Because of this, you've got to also make a studied attempt to stop grinding your teeth, and if you happen to do it after dark, maybe also get a mouth guard.

For people who have a heavy teeth grinding problem that hasn't been aided by other methods, botox treatments are infrequently recommended. Botox is usually used to improve upon a peron’s appearance it in addition has been employed to treat the grinding of teeth. Botox gets injected into the jaw which weakens the muscles there satisfactorily in order that they aren't powerful enough to keep up teeth grinding. It is very important to make sure that your health care insurance covers this particular treatment because, due to the fact that it needs to be re-administered fairly frequently, it can become quite costly. Botox is always a probability if you can't cure the grinding of your teeth any other way.

These are effective techniques for treating your teeth grinding. This is the kind of problem that may seem insignificant, because grinding your teeth for a minute does not cause any damage you can notice, but over the course of time it weakens your teeth and jaw. It’s great to know these treatments are available to help you avoid the damage your grinding condition could cause.

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