The 6 Reasons Your Company Needs A Drug Testing Program For Surprising Results

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Drug addiction is a menace to the society and the work place. Finding out that an employee are abusing drugs can be very disappointing to an employer. This translates to a very deprived performance, major health risks and hazardous work environment. Regardless such employees need help, it is better to avoid them at all costs. Testing for drugs is very crucial and these are 6 reasons your company needs a drug testing program.

Performance: a good working environment enables workers to do their job simultaneously in perfect synchronization. This makes accomplishing of tasks easy and within the time frame given. Drug abusers usually have very low morale and will be sagging behind all the time. This kind of staff can cause the whole system to drag because of the poor performance on their part.

Jeopardy: Drug abusers are a hazard to themselves and those around them. They have bad habits and a lot of negative energy around them. They become irrational in thinking and a psychological menace to fellow employees. By becoming careless and unreasonable they lower the safety standards in the work place to causing harm to everyone around them.

Indemnity: the human body is meant to be tired, wear out and get sick once in awhile. Personnel abusing drugs encounter the above symptoms all the time. The claims that arise from these actions are very detrimental to the fact that the company spends a considerable amount in payments. The above can be avoided by having a reliable drug testing program.

Roll calls: such staff member(s) will always leave suddenly from his role in the work place or will never show up at all to work. Reasons will be given for the above and this will be done repeatedly. The centre of attention will turn away from their work and this leads to more work from the rest of the staff.

Other occupations: These employees are always occupied with how to get the drugs their minds and cannot concentrate. They will bring them along to work and take every opportunity to use them. They find other users and sell to each other the drugs. Also they will try to initiate new comers to the art and trade completely loosing focus on the job.

Staffing: a company is not supposed to recruit all the time unless it is for fresh opportunities or breaking new ground. These costs of absorbing new workers are can be avoided if they are tested in advance. The wastefulness caused by the abuse forces the business to recruit again, an extra cost that could have been avoided.

To ensure the efficiency of the company and the safety of everyone, it is advisable to avoid these drug abusers. They will use the company time to do their own stuff and they take every opportunity to get extra cash. To obtain the perfect results from the employees this are 6 reasons your company needs a drug testing program to keep things on check. Nice programs ensure no resources are misused by the employees. It will also make sure that there is a safe environment to work with and objectives are met.

There are a lot of reasons behind New York drug testing in this day and age. Did you know that mobile drug testing might be available in your area?


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