The Astounding Energy Of Your Subconscious Thoughts And How It May possibly Be Working Against You!

February 6, 2012 · Posted in Lifestyle 

Be careful of the language you use due to the fact you will generally get what you speak about but it may possibly not necessarily be what you want. Your subconscious mind is extremely strong but it can’t judge – so it can’t tell the distinction between the word ‘break’ as in time out and the word ‘break’ as in break an arm or leg.

Isobel was a beautiful lady in her 60′s who was searching immediately after her pretty frail mother. She necessary support with everything and had to be carried to the bathroom, to the sitting area – she would not use a wheelchair but as she was not heavy her daughter did not mind carrying her.

Sadly Isobel also ran a pretty profitable business and at the finish of the day was exhausted not only from the number of clientele but also from constantly being on call for her mother. Then a single day she walked into a closed plate glass door. She was lucky the glass did not break but she got a terrific shock and had a suspected fracture of her wrist.

Rather than go for an x-ray or medical therapy she came to me initial. She stated: “I want to know why I may have broken my wrist – I want to know the hidden believed behind it. This is so inconvenient and I am so busy. It really is the last factor I need.” As we explored her exhaustion it became clear that she necessary a break from her Mum: she was worn out with all the caring of her and felt trapped by her mother’s needs. She loved her too significantly to put her in a nursing residence but could not manage to appear just after her any much more, either.

Even though her mother necessary the assist Isobel needed a ‘break’ from it all – and this is exactly what her thoughts gave her. The break in her wrist was just enough to avoid her getting in a position to appear soon after her mum. Don’t forget the subconscious mind can’t judge between a break as in time out and the word ‘break’ as in break an arm or leg. So it looked right after Isobel and gave her the break she kept asking for. Not quite the one she wanted but undoubtedly a ‘break’, which in truth gave her time out.

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