The Best Augmented Reality Apps

May 31, 2012 · Posted in Technology 

Right now there are actually a ton of augmented reality software available on both android and IOS, here we will show a few of the leading which are presently in the marketplace.

Wikitude World Browser – This joins information and facts from the real world together with information from wikipedia as well as other tools. When you scan your digital camera surrounding where you are it’ll superimpose details about your area and find tourist attractions near to you. Wikitude is one of the market leaders in augmented reality programs, receiving ‘Best Augmented Reality Browser’ from 2009-2011. Points of interest may possibly found by your latest geographic location and looked at via a map, list, and on an Augmented Reality (AR) video camera perspective. Wikitude is currently obtainable for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Bada.

Layar – Is yet another early android augmented reality app and along the lines of Wikitude is likewise an augmented reality browser. The mobile app features numerous ‘layers’, that present numerous forms of interesting and interactive capabilities such as three dimensional objects and animations. Making use of your locale there are various layers that will help an individual discover near by places of interest such as, cafs, outlets and other businesses, as well as cultural sites and monuments. There are many different layers that will let people to interact with ones own location in innovative ways, e.g. play online games with their envrionment, browse electronic shops in 3 dimensional and examine art work electronically in real life.

Google Goggles – This mobile app enables you to take a image of a typical site and using image recognition software the app will compare and contrast the image to others and will then give the user information regarding that image. The software package is going to purportedly be able to figure out effectively every little thing however at the moment the app in many cases can identify a variety of product labels and attractions and offer the consumer facts whilst not having to search manually. It is also projected that the software program will be able to comprehend printed text by way of OCR and even be capable of translate the words into a different foreign language. Yet another fascinating function that has been suggested by way of the programmers would be that the application will be able to identify different vegetation and plant life and provide user information regarding its properties.

Space InvadAr – This software package is an augmented reality computer game which allows you to augment your current natural environment along with aliens and also spaceships you must beat. Need more information? I’ll let the coders, Zenitum, describe for you”You are a highly trained extra-orbital fighter pilot, armed with tactical medium-yield nuclear implosion devices. They are Zengi aliens hell bent on destroying earth. Use your iPhone to control your extra-orbital ship in AR mode, from the comfort of earth. How do you win? You can’t. But how long can you last?”

And so there you have it A short review of 4 of the most extremely enjoyable and smoothest augmented reality software at present offered. It is only the very start within this segment so pay attention to this amazing space regarding ideas to come.

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