The Best I’ve Found – Antivirus Removal Software Review

January 8, 2012 · Posted in Computers 

This program installed easily and quickly. I really feel secure with this program because a virus actually “killed” my last computer. In 2 years running Norton on 3 computers, I’ve never had a virus. It’s basically the same “engine” and I have it installed on a 4th computer and it does the same good job as this package. Amazon has a great price on this. I received the product expeditiously. I have had about 4 instances of virus and Norton cleaned up each one with no problems. Also, I have noticed no slowdown in my computer after switching to Norton. I am writing this after owning this product for exactly a year. So I have had plenty of time to adapt, learn, and use the product. I’ve noticed this when there were Internet Explorer browser issues, Norton was correcting them as they were being identified, keeping browsing safer. I was experiencing some slowdown in the performance of my computer.

The interface is classy and easy to understand. I tried another major AV package that came along with my new laptop and really did not like it.

I was told by my computer tech in my office to get this as the new computers we had set up earlier a few months before came with Trend Micro Anti-Virus and the software was interfering with the Tax Software we need to use in our Tax Preparation Co. I’ve had no trouble with this program.

Well my performance is now noticeably slower but still within reason. After a day or 2 my CPU settled back down to about 1% on idle and only an additional 10% of my memory.

Deleting all or no cookies is so early Microsoft IE, which they even fixed (well, to a point). I have used Norton security since the days of Peter Norton and DOS, although there were a few years when the product was so slow and bloated that I used other security products. Let me start by saying that I have been using Norton products since their initial inception. Over the years I have tried using, on a test basis, most every internet security program available.

One would expect that anti-virus and internet security software would be seamless. I run Win 7 on a current Toshiba laptop PC with an AMD Phenom triple core processor and 4GB RAM, so there aren’t any memory or speed issues. Even while it is scanning in the back ground, I still have not had any slowdown issues with my computer. Just as a side note, it was cheaper going to Amazon and purchasing the 1 user, 3 PC disc, than it was going to the Norton web site and renewing online. Support fixed those issues remotely, and then offered to upgrade one of the machines on the spot to the new version. Great move, because everything got better and easier.

NIS was by far the easiest to install, and had the smallest performance footprint of the other programs tested.

It’s low maintenance, does what it’s supposed to do, no problems. ELECTRIC RECLINER LIFT CHAIR.


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