The Camelbak Backpack Makes Outdoor Activities Feel Like A Breeze

April 29, 2012 · Posted in Sports 

Many people have discovered a better way to carry their personal effects while participating in outdoor physical activity. The Camelbak backpack has incorporated into it a hydration system allowing for a streamlined way to carry water while also having one’s essentials such as food and keys all in one place. This innovative piece of equipment allows for freedom of the hands so that one can drink water from a feed tube.

The Camelbak backpack offers a carry along hydration system together with the transport of person items. It is an all in one unit that is ergonomically designed to conform well with the contours of the body. It is a streamlined system that conforms to the needs and shape of the anatomy so that the wearer can almost forget it is on their back. Much like a camel carries its water supply on its back this piece of equipment has become indispensable for the avid outdoors person.

Consumers will also be pleased to learn that there is a wide range of prices and models to choose from. Much depends on the need of the individual and how much they can spend. A bacteria resistant bladder built in to the system is the signature component of this brand. Built around it are storage areas for keys, maps, food etc.

The webbed back panel provides for a special non-perspiration feature to help keep the back dry. The model can carry twenty-five pounds of extra equipment and has a design to also better fit the female body. The S-straps will avoid any uncomfortable rubbing. The load bearing waist belt helps to keep the pack low at the waist for the storage of residual equipment such as for a helmet. It can be purchased in both light and dark tones.

Cyclists can also find a suitable model where the pack is mounted on the lower back area. It weighs about 70 ounces when empty and has reflectors included on the body for night cycling. A key fob does away with having to place one’s keys in their shoes.

The company also makes smaller packs designed to mount on the waist. This helps to keep the center of gravity lower for more stability. It is designed for people interested in running, walking or racing. It also contains a bladder for liquids as well as room for the personal effects.

Each of our bodies is unique and the backpack needs to fit properly so that one has the most comfortable experience possible. The pack fit ruler is incorporated into the pack so that one can measure with precision how the pack is to fit on their back. The adjustable straps and webbing can both be helpful in positioning the pack exactly where it is to fit on the body.

The Camelbak backpack has revolutionized the designs of the different kinds of packs needed for the sportsperson. All the organizing has been done for the wearer so that they can fill the pack in a logical sequence very easily. Outdoorsman can now enjoy their physical activity with an ergonomically designed pack that feels as if it is not there.

The Camelbak Lobo is a great fit for those who want comfort in a backpack. When wearing Camelbak backpacks there is no feeling of chafing or irritation.


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