The Dog Is Crying – Is It Possible

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Family 

“Dogs can’t cry” this is what skeptics will always say. Dogs, no matter how intelligent do not have emotions thus it would be impossible for these animals to shed tears. Dogs are indeed man’s best friends and one pet would not be enough for a dog lover. If the first pet is gone, another one would take its place. It is common for dog owner to lavish the pet with love and attention. A dog owner would therefore have the opportunity to see if the pet can really cry. Although it would really be quite difficult to see the tears flowing on the dog’s eyes as the tears would normally be absorbed by the fur.

Dogs, just like humans have tear glands so the tears will be excreted through the tear ducts. A sign that the dog sheds tears are the tear stains that are most noticeable in light color coated dogs. Tears are necessary to lubricate the eyes and also to remove dirt and foreign object that managed to enter the dog’s eyes

Although the tear fall may not be seen, it is possible to see the dog’s eyes brimming with tears. Another sigh that the dog can cry are the tear stains on the face. However, scientists explain the tears to be caused by a foreign object on the eyes or caused by a medical concern. Excessive tearing can be caused by a clogged tear duct. Scientists believe that only humans are capable of shedding emotional tears.

Dog enthusiasts and dog owners have a different view. Dog wise people believe that dogs now have many people-like qualities. After years of association with humans, dogs have come to take on a lot of human behaviors.

Generally, pet dogs form a strong bond with the human family. It is therefore not surprising if the dog would show grief at the death of the master. Dogs that have bonded closely with the master are known to grieve just like humans do when the beloved person dies. The pitiful sounds a lamenting dog makes would be heartrending to the other members of the family.

The attention of the owner is certainly necessary if the pet is making crying crying sounds whether tears can be seen on the eyes or not. Apart from being lonely, a dog that is crying may have a medical concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

You now know if dogs can cry. But do you know why dogs cry at night and why they may cry when caged? At Sarah’s Dogs you can learn more about this and many other interesting dog behaviours.


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