The First Steps for Bringing Big Data to Your Business

April 26, 2017 · Posted in Business 

You have decided that you are ready to start using big data to help your business thrive. You are excited to start using data-based insights to make better decisions that will lead to long-term customer relationships. How do you make the leap into the world of big data once you’ve decided that you want to use this tool? Research and knowledge are definitely helpful when it comes to making a decision regarding how to start introducing big data into your plan for success. The reality is that you can’t decide until you know your choices. Here’s a crash course on how to enter the world of big data without getting overwhelmed.

Being Specific Matters

The way a big data processing platform is used for a company in one industry won’t necessarily work for an enterprise in a completely different industry. This is the first reality that must be learned before you begin shopping around for a platform that can process, analyze and display your company’s data. Being as specific as possible when choosing a platform will help your business achieve its goals without dealing with unnecessary features or irrelevant capabilities. Start your research for a big data platform that can cater to the needs of your industry. You may want a platform that is able to extract information from popular social media websites if you deal with consumer goods. A platform that offers low latency may be ideal if your company deals with financial transactions. One of the big decisions you will have to make early on is whether you want your platform to collect and move data using batch processing or stream processing. It’s okay if you don’t know which option suits your needs just yet. Learning about the pros and cons of every option and finding out how you want your platform to operate is part of the journey of making and executing a strategy. How can you determine what will work for your business? Doing research into what peers and competitors are using can be helpful. Additionally, you can read case studies and white papers to learn the specifics of how batch processing and stream processing are benefiting businesses in your industry.

Entering the World of Big Data

Sometimes you have to go out into the world to really get a feel for what’s out there in terms of big data. A good starting point is to spend time researching what high-level business leaders have learned from using big data. Many business leaders and IT professionals become educated about options for big data streaming by attending classes, workshops and conferences. Attending tech events that focus on big data can help you become familiar with how solutions and products work in real settings. Events like the Big Data Innovation Summit in San Francisco and the IEEE International Congress on Big Data are where industry insiders share insights regarding the newest capabilities of data-based technology. What if attending a conference or class simply isn’t the right avenue for you? Making an appointment with a tech firm that provides big data processing solutions for businesses can help you to become informed about your options and see demonstrations of how data can be harnessed in real time. Successfully bringing big data to your enterprise starts with curiosity. You can turn your curiosity regarding the capabilities of big data into action by taking the first step today.


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