The Game Is Set Between South American And European Football Team

December 20, 2011 · Posted in Sports 

Although football originally started in Europe, it seems South America ran with the concept of the fame in a big way, turning it into an extraordinary sport. Uruguay, a South American country, hosted the first world cup which was also won by them. In time, football enthusiasm grew in Europe and the next World Cup saw many more teams entering as well as the quality of the game improving. Today, Football is still very much a battle between South American and European entrants.

South America is getting better in the world of football creating a different blow to other football playing countries. It is believed that in South America, people already knows about soccer and started to play at a very young age. It is said that, before other countries know about the game, they already have skills gained from persistent practice. That is why players from Brazil and Argentine often display skills different to those of players from other regions.

Europe seems to have made more significant progress in football than the South Americans by paying attention to details, but never losing sight of the big picture. Instead of enhancing the innate talents and skills of the players like South Americans did, Europeans developed even better courses and training programs for aspiring football players. With these courses, best players were being produced every division ensuring building football at its best. In this way, their strength would increase and would make them a team strong enough to defeat the best team in the world. The game became on the pedestal causing Europe to invest money.

All the hard work of developing the game paid off as every world cup gets better. West Germany, Netherlands, Italy as well as England became inspired to do better every game. Although they are stronger now, Brazil and Argentina still dominates the game. The champion on the last world cup came from Europe and this means a lot. The best way to find great talents in order to make a footballing strata is to create leagues that will help players developed their skills.

Although both South America and Europe have leagues, Europe took advantage of their one Ace: popularity, socially and economically. There are still South American leagues nowadays but because of lack of funding, the migration of great talents cant be stopped. Europe stays on its goal to be supreme on the game enough reason to make other countries struggle for fame in terms of football. Coaches, trainers and even players from South America are now working in the clubs of Europe. Given how football and grown and even dominated, it is unlikely that a player should move from a European league to a South American one – sadly that would smack of professional suicide.

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