The Health Benefits Of Relaxing In A Jacuzzi Bathtub

January 26, 2012 · Posted in Fitness 

When people think of Jacuzzi, they usually visualize typical scenes in films and television where an actor relaxes in a bathtub after a tense day or where people socialize inside a whirlpool tub while drinking champagne during a gathering. Jacuzzi frequently means leisure living, socialization, and total relaxation today. Even though it was originally marketed as a stress reliever for tired housewives in the ’50s, it quickly gained acceptance with everyone, not just with the women.

Even though most people think a whirlpool tub is automatically called a Jacuzzi, it is actually a brand name, one of the many makers in the market. Jacuzzi is the name of the seven Italian brothers who migrated in America around 1900. Their first completely integrated whirlpool bath tub came out in 1968, which then turned into a sign of a lavish way of life when Hollywood celebrities began purchasing them.

One of the numerous advantages of possessing a Jacuzzi tub is hydrotherapy, which occurs when the jets of the whirlpool tub move the water around in specific flow. Hydrotherapy aids in a person’s general health and natural healing course by helping deliver oxygen and other important nutrients and chemicals to the body’s cell via circulation. Those who have had surgery, arthritis, and even the seniors will greatly benefit from it.

It is tranquil to lounge in a warm bathtub, but it is therapeutic also to relax in a whirlpool bathtub as the heat and movement of the water can relieve one’s physical and mental ailments. It is helpful to soak the body for long minutes in a whirlpool tub while listening to soothing melody after a long day to help loosen stressed and sore muscles and alleviate joint pains. Jacuzzi bathtubs are not just a fixture in spas, but also in the therapy rooms of hospitals and health centers.

Adding essential oils in the heated water can make bath moment more relaxing. Those who believe in the power of aromatherapy drop different essential oils in their whirlpool bathtub so they can allow their senses to indulge in the aroma from the steam. Some even put in Epsom salt, a mineral compound known as magnesium sulphate, for even more health advantages such as detoxification.

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