The High Profile Advantages of Payroll Debit Cards

October 5, 2011 · Posted in Credit Cards 

Payroll debit cards or pay cards, as they are commonly called work as highly effective payroll solutions to companies having an employee base of around 50-500. The main attractive benefit of debit card payroll system is it thoroughly eliminates the chances of risk and fraud and prevents misuse from any cheaters.

It consists of fraud prevention software. Through this software, the businesses can take note of all the purchases with time and place through the card. This feature helps in tracking the financial transactions and reduces scam or fraud.

A debit card payroll system can help the businesses to lower their administrative costs largely. It reduces the cost by eliminating the use of printing paper checks that help them to save a substantial amount of money.

The employers can easily send money to the account of their employees under the debit card payroll system. The employees, then with the help of their cards can receive money easily by visiting an ATM center.

Payroll debit cards function in the same way as prepaid cards. Employees can use these cards in the same form as they use prepaid credit cards. These cards can be used by the employees in the same way as prepaid credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. They can use these to pay their shopping bills.

Employees don’t need to stand in the long bank queues to withdraw their money, thanks to the debit card payroll system. Also, they don’t need to face the burden of paying any additional fees of banks.

With so many alluring features, a debit card payroll system proves beneficial for both the employees as well as employers. This is the reason why several businesses have started implementing debit card payroll system.

Many businesses based in Europe, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore are already reaping benefits through the application of debit card payroll system to pay salary to their employees. The scam or fraud prevention aspect of the debit card payroll services has made them highly popular among various businesses. The system minimizes the chances of fraud and avoids the misuse of cards by cheaters.

Debit Cards and prepaid cards offer alluring benefits to both employers as well as employees.


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