The Right Manner Of Putting On Your Graduation Gown With A Hood

January 15, 2012 · Posted in Education 

When you graduate with a master’s or doctoral degree it is important to understand what specific type of graduation gown you’ll have to wear. Typically, these are the graduation gowns with a hood. Upon first glance, you might find it difficult to put on. Nevertheless you will discover that it is very simple after all once you get to understand the correct manner of doing it. Right here are simple and basic guidelines for you to follow so you can look your best on your graduation day.

First of all you’ll have to find the very best graduation gown with a hood along with a graduation cap that will fit your head just right. Then stick to the guidelines below so it will be less difficult for you to make use of them.

1. Hold the gown straight in front of you and check for the proper position. Ensure that the zipper is in front. Fit your arms into the graduation gown arm hole and check for any misfit in the gown. Many people prefer to close the zipper or leave it open. You can check with your school for their requirement on this if there are any.

2. To put on the hood make sure that the velvet side of the gown is exposed. Now raise the hood above your head and slide it down over your shoulder. Check for the right position of the hood and make sure you’re comfortable with it. Securely button it in place in front of your shirt. For the women who would like to add a little of their character and style, a fashionable pin may be placed to secure it rather than a regular pin. You could find a stylish pin or brooch which will definitely accentuate your graduation apparel. This may also add an attitude to your clothing.

3. When the hood is securely in place it needs to flow smoothly behind you. Ask for somebody to adjust it for you when you feel that it doesn’t fit properly. Additionally the colored lining of the hood must be exposed. This is truly important as this indicates your degree. Be careful when you sit as this can get crumpled or it can get stuck in the edges of the chair particularly if the chair is not of good quality. Always ensure to fix your graduation gown and hood when you sit and stand.

4. Look at yourself in front of the mirror. This really is the most effective way for you to check if you are indeed all set for the big day. Do not forget to check on your hair. For males, it really is easier to fix their hair. For women, make sure to brush your hair smoothly so it’s shiny. Check also your make-up as well as your skin. Looking your best needs to be a complete package.

5.Lastly once you are sure that your hair is done, put on your cap. You can check your cap first for any loose thread hanging or protruding. This may make for a neat and clean looking cap. Place it by the mid section of your forehead and do not cover your eyebrows. The tassel must hang on the left side. Now, you are ready to go and march to the stage to take your diploma.

The graduation is definitely an occasion which is very memorable to both the parents and the graduates. Every person looks forward to this day and everybody expects you to be at your best. Adhere to the simple methods above and put on your graduation gown properly.

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