The White Card for Australia

April 26, 2012 · Posted in Australia & Pacific 

What is a White Card? ‘White Card’ is a name for a Construction Induction Card, a credit card size identity document that demonstrates that the holder of the card has performed all round site induction instruction (or ‘white card’ training) in Australia. The actual card was also called the ‘Blue Card’ in Queensland plus WA as well as ‘Red Card’ in Victoria, depending on the colouring of the cards in these states. Having said that, all these States have exchanged their old coloured cards with new Construction Induction Cards, that are now mainly white, and they are growing to be referred to as ‘white’ cards. Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory all get their Construction Induction cards from the relevant Workplace Authority.

All States and Territories normally recognise other States’ and Territories’ cards, new and old (with a few exclusions), within OSH Regulation 2001, if the cards had been granted within National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work. Having said that, the State Government Organisations currently have recognised that the situation is untidy, so all the states have consented to create a National Code of Practice for Induction to Construction Work. This code of practice is at present getting rolled out and will soon lead to a consistent construction induction training course for people all over Australia, along with the concern of the new, nationally accepted ‘White Card’ that will take the place of the state dependent cards.

When do I need to have a Card? You need to have a Construction Induction Card if: * You want to carry out building work on an operating construction site, no matter what your work onsite (site managers, supervisors, surveyors, trades persons, labourers, etc.: everyone has to have a card) * You want to enter working development sites unaccompanied or not directly administered by an inducted person, along with * You do not operate directly in construction, however , have employment meaning you need to frequently enter operational development sites

Construction induction training will: * Provide comprehension of your respective legal rights together with accountabilities within present Occupational Health and Safety legal requirements * Emphasize threats and risks in development sites that you must be familiar with. * Instruct you to properly take care of these risks and threats, along with reveal the regular conduct expected by companies and also fellow workers at building sites.

Why must I get a Card? You have to undertake construction induction training and get a white card before you will be able to get employment on an functional building site. Just about all organisations will ask to see the card just before hiring anybody, because penalties for recruiting somebody with out a valid card tends to be great, in particular if that individual has an accident! Everyone needs to hold their own card all of the time while they’re on site and produce the card any time questioned, which will take place anytime as workplace personnel stop by sites randomly.

You shouldn’t use somebody else’s construction induction card and declare it your own. Construction induction training is conducted since safety is a serious business upon a operating construction site. If a person does not understand what they are doing they may risk or injure themselves as well as other individuals onsite. In the event that you are caught out by your supervisor or by way of place of work inspector you will subsequently be subject to large charges and can most likely be terminated, as the employer also can get penalties from the relevant State Workplace Authority.

White Card Headquarters is a site dedicated to providing up to date information on the Australian wide site safety induction process. The side will keep you up to date with why and when you need the white card and what the training will cover and your resulting legal requirements.


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