Things to Do in San Francisco

March 6, 2010 · Posted in North America, Travel 

Things to do in San Francisco, so many things come to my mind. When I think of San Francisco, I think of the fog, the smell of the ocean, the pier, fisherman’s wharf, Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, Art, hotels, and the fresh smell of sourdough bread that permeates the city. There are so many great things about San Francisco.

When planning things to do in San Francisco, there are many things that you need to know and consider. San Francisco is such a fun city to explore and it is not like any other city in the world. There are so many interesting and education things to do in San Francisco. Whether you have one day, or a week in San Francisco, we will go over some of the essential things to do in San Francisco.

There are a lot of famous attractions in San Fransisco. When visiting the Bay Area, you will be amazed at the beauty of the water. The ocean is such a beautiful sight in San Francisco and it creates a beautiful ambiance with the fog that rolls in everyday. If you only have time to do one thing while in San Francisco, you should see the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a very famous international travel icon. You cannot go to San Francisco without seeing the bridge. There are many ways to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

For the more adventurous and active, take a walk across the bridge. Walking across the bridge will be an experience like non other. Also, you there are many tours that will take you on a boat ride of the Bay. This is a great way to see the bridge, because you are experiencing it from a different way then most see it.

After you visit the Golden Gate Bridge another great things to do in San Francisco is make sure to stop by the Golden Gate Park. The Golden Gate Park is one of the best things to do in San Francisco. The Park has a lot to offer when visiting San Francisco.

One of my personal favorite things to do in San Francisco is to visit Fisherman’s wharf. Visit the wharf and make sure to eat at one of the wonderful restaurants. There is nothing like getting a table outside on the pier and eating a cup of clam chowder while overlooking the bay. On Fisherman’s wharf, there are many fun events to attend. There are usually fun bands, jugglers, and mimes that make their appearance on the wharf.

If you are not quite sure about the best way to see and things to do in San Francisco, consider taking a tour. A tour will show you the best things to do in San Francisco. Pick a tour that will take you to the best attractions, museum, art galleries, and highlights of the city. Most tours will pick you up straight from your hotel, making it very convenient to see the city.

Whatever things to do in San Francisco you decide to do, I do not think you will be disappointed. When traveling to San Francisco California read reviews on the best hotels, art, tours, museum, and things to do in San Francisco. Have fun exploring San Francisco and have fun choosing things to do in San Francisco.


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  1. Hernandez Lila on September 25th, 2011 16:24

    Houses are quite expensive in San Fransicsco and not everyone is able to buy it.

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