Things To Know About An Acoustic Electric Guitar

October 13, 2011 · Posted in Entertainment 

While very similar to an acoustic guitar, an acoustic electric guitar as a few of the additions of an electric guitar. This means things such as a microphone, transducers and pickups. Transducers are there to help convert energy to another form of energy, and this includes acoustic and electric energy. They help to pick up vibrations, when part of a guitar.

Transducers are used because for these instruments, the pickups are not sufficient enough without the magnetic materials that would be present. Pickups are actually a type of transducer that can detect mechanical vibrations, in particular. This is where that distinctive sound comes from. Semi-acoustic electric guitars also use them, since there is more magnetic material that can be used.

Semi-acoustics are different from the non-semi guitars in that they are like electric guitars with sound boxes for amplification. Acoustic-electrics only have a few traits of the latter type for more varied sound. These sorts of instruments tend to have hollow bodies which account for extra echo. The pickups used in particular are known as piezoelectric pickups, which means that the charge is related to mechanical stress.

The charge here is also very linear and compressed, so a preamplifier is needed to amplify the signal before it reaches the main amplifier. This is so the sound gets further processing and is intensified to a satisfactory degree. It also serves to reduce the amount of noise output there is, which means that the sound emitted is much smoother and cleaner. The guitar amplifier is what makes the sound of the instrument loud.

This is much of the appeal of the electric version, and for this version, there is the advantage of having the sound of the acoustic with that much needed intensity. Tone controls are also used to further manipulate the sound that is produced. These instruments can be plugged in to a speaker system without microphones and are often known as plug-in guitars.

Folk and classical are among the music genres used for these instruments. There is a certain sound required, here, but with a more intense sound for the atmospheres that need it. These types of music are also quite traditional in sound, and so the more modern guitar might create a rather jarring effect.

However, since many musicians, today, play in front of rather large audiences, there is higher level of amplification needed that the one that the acoustic guitar has. There is also the matter of some things being played outside, which means the music needs to compete with the noise of the natural surroundings.

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