Three Adventure Travel Ideas

November 3, 2011 · Posted in Travel 

Do you get tired of spending all of your vacations with your family? Do you get sick of sitting on your parents couch and watching tv because you’d have felt guilty if you had done something else with your vacation time? Getting over the guilt can be hard. Don’t you want to have fun on your vacation? Why not have an adventure on your next vacation?

Why not get out and be active? Not matter the activity you fancy or the limits you want to get close to, there are many adventure travels just waiting to be booked by you. These are some options for the person who is fed up with the same vacation over and over.

Mountain climbing is a great example of extreme adventure travels. The West Coast Mountain Guides regular take thrill-seeking travelers out on climbing excursions. You can take a pick from various destinations throughout the western Canadian provinces. Excursionists have a choice of rock climbing, ice climbing or even snow mountaineering. If you are yearning for adventure, they will take you on a journey that involves all three.

When you go on a walkabout, you are living off the land in its entirety. You search for your own food, construct your own shelf from the items you can find outside and take on any “elements” that could come your way (weather, animals, etc). It is kind of like extreme camping and can be incredibly fulfilling.

Shark Diving isn’t exactly light hearted but it is very exciting! The Shark Diver Company sells package deals that take you to the sharks of Mexico and California. These types of adventure travels are not cheap. These trips typically cost about three thousand dollars per person. Usually these types of vacations last for about five days.

Have you ever dreamed about taking a deep-sea fishing trip? Most people don’t think about fishing, when they think about adventure travels. When you are out on the big blue sea, however, fishing is much different. For starters, you typically fight much larger fish, plus you may have to fight the elements of the sea. Anything can happen at sea.

Do you love food? Do you enjoy learning about and trying cuisine form around the world? Why not do a culinary tour? Apparently, Italy is one of the trendiest destinations for lovers of food who want to experience cuisine in its “native habitat.” Ireland, Spain and Greece also offer fabulous “culinary tours.”

These types of tours give you more than just the option to try food prepared by a “native” chef but also to learn how to cook it for yourself. This is an ideal vacation for any chef wanna-be or any food lover.

Adventure travels don’t all have to be reckless and death defying. You can have a fantastic adventure vacation without bungee jumping, skydiving or being scared out of your wits that a shark is going to bit through a cage. Concurrently, for the adrenaline junkies, that risk is only part of the joy of an adventure bases vacation. The key to having a real adventurous vacation is to get out of your comfort zone while still having an enjoyable time. Go for it!

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  1. Mike Hudson on November 4th, 2011 05:46

    Thanks a lot for such great adventure trip ideas. I and my brother were really awaiting a trip like this. Got great ideas to spend our vacation this season. Sea diving is thrilling. I would love to share my experiences once I am back from the trip.

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