Throw a Shimmer and Sparkle Kids Party at Gold Coast

July 11, 2012 · Posted in Beauty 

Children can appreciate pampering as much as any adult, and girls love shimmer and sparkle parties for experiencing some of their first ever grown up makeup experience. Local mobile spas including Inertia Massage will make it easier to plan these parties by bringing them right to the site of any Gold Coast home or venue in the area, making the ultimate kids party in Gold Coast possible.

Sparkles and glitter are a universal favourite for most girls, and birthday parties full of glitter are sure to be a hit. Girls aged 4 to 12 years are the target for this type of party, and shimmer and sparkle parties are a great bet for Gold Coast birthday parties because of the proximity of a mobile spa service.

Each party is set to pamper a minimum of 8 girls with the option to add additional girls to the party. Two therapists provide the ultimate pampering experience to the entire party, offering service to every guest for the duration of the party, generally two hours.

No party is complete without favours and prizes, and each girl also gets a session of Singstar Karaoke as a favourite party game. The birthday girl receives her own birthday gift, and the guests receive special favours to take home.

The party favours include beading kits with colourful beads and craft supplies, in addition to a choice of tiaras, lip glosses, nail polishes and files. Additionally, the birthday girl takes home a fun boa and a cute tiara.

Pampering is child safe, and includes glitter makeup in favourite colours that include pink, purple and more. Eye shadow and lip gloss adds sparkle and shine, and exciting glitter hairspray and nail polish lets girls sparkle literally from head to toe if they wish.

Every girl gets to have her own input on the way she wants her makeup to turn out, and the guests and birthday girl will adore watching themselves transform into princesses with plenty of glitter and sparkles. The birthday child will always remember her lovely pampered day, and the guests will leave feeling like princesses, too.

It can be even easier to book a shimmer and sparkle kids party in Gold Coast by using a mobile spa, as the spa will bring the party right home or to a venue instead of keeping it at the spa. This makes planning easier and makes the guests more comfortable, ensuring that the party will be a hit.

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