Top Pizza Restaurants in Naples, Italy

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Europe, Travel 

For serious pizza aficionados, Naples is the place that sets the bar for the rest of the world. Although it’s not true that pizza was invented here – it’s actually much older – it did become the dish we all known and love here. And you’ll never eat a better pizza than the first one you have in Naples.

Pretty much everyone agrees that of all the pizza restaurants in Naples, Da Michele is the best. They only serve two kinds of pizza, marinara and margherita. So once you get waited on, it won’t take you long to order. Ever since the book Eat, Pray, Love came out, they’ve been even more crowded than usual. Da Michele has had plenty of time to perfect their craft – they’ve been at it since 1870. They’re closed on Sundays.

Opened in 1780, Pizzaria Brandi is one of the oldest pizza restaurants in Naples. They invented the Pizza Margherita to honor the first queen of Italy when she visited in 1889. You can dine in the dining room with wood beams and old framed photographs, or sit outside. Unlike many of their competitors, they offer unconventional pizza toppings like seafood, arugula, and bresaola. They’re also famous for their deep-fired pizza, known as Toto.

Another pizzeria with unusual toppings is Ciro a Mergellina. The waterfront location guarantees that the fish here is fresh, so if you don’t want pizza, have grilled seafood or spaghetti vongole. Their pizza is consistently ranked in the top five in Naples. And you can have a delicious, home-made gelato for dessert.

Opposite Castel dell’Ovo near the waterfront, Da Ettore is a very popular spot for pizza and a lot more. They also specialize in fried treats like potato croquettes, rice balls, mixed seafood plates, and zucchini blossoms. Service is friendly and fun – the waiters really get into it here.

Trianon, which is across the street from Da Michele, gets some of their overflow, so it’s usually packed too. Diners who end up here aren’t usually disappointed. It has a more extensive menu than its neighbor. In fact, you can choose from 29 different pies, and many of the toppings, like friarielli, are unique.

Di Matteo, which has been around since 1936, is best known for their pizza fritta. It’s a ball of pizza dough that’s filled with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, ham, and pork fat, and then deep fried. President Clinton ate here when he came for the 1994 G7 summit. The location, on a pretty street in the old part of town, is attractive. Enjoy some potato croquettes or arancini while you wait for your pie to cook.

Lombardi a Santa Chiara opened at the turn of the century, near the Archaeological Museum. The same family still owns it and takes great pride in their food. There’s a dining room upstairs, or you can eat in the street-level bar. The menu includes lots of good pastas and appetizers. And the pizzas come with delicious toppings like smoked provola cheese or the cured pig fat known as lardo.


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