Types Of Online Advertising For Small Business

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing 

There are a lot of marvelous things that come with an online business. It’s cheaper to establish and less demanding compared with a conventional venture. However, it has its drawbacks too. One is the stiffer competition. As it is relatively easier to start a business on the internet, many people give it a try resulting in a competition that is rigid. Thanks to the different types of online advertising though, everyone gets better chances for success.

Local listings. This is probably the fastest way to advertise your business. Get it listed and it’s ready for public viewing. Some directories offer free services while others demand certain fees. Anyway, getting your venture in either can help in its promotion.

Banner ads is probably one of the oldest, if not the oldest type of advertising on the internet. They can highlight your offers and once the reader clicks on the ad, he or she will be brought to your online business site. You must prepare a good landing page so as to give the visitor further information about business. Some banner spaces are paid per view while others are paid per click-through.

Displays ads is probably the most common among all the types of online advertising. They are similar with banner ads, only, they can be found everywhere on a site and can come in the form of static images or flash videos.

Floating Ads. Ever wondered why at times, when you visit a site, a sort of announcement pops out and obscures the webpage you are trying to check? It continues to “float” unless you wait some 30 seconds or click on the “x” icon. Once you do this, you can then view the page clearly. When you hit “refresh” though, the ad will appear again. This is called a floating ad. Floating ads are very catchy that’s why some entrepreneurs think that they are one of the best online advertising techniques that every business must utilize.

Takeover Ads. These ads take the site over in the sense that their message can be seen everywhere. Typically, a large ad would be waiting on the landing page. Then, the side bars, banners, and buttons on each page would promote the same product or service. No wonder these ads typically get high click-through rates. They are like persistent vendors that won’t stop until you give in.

Unicast ads are said to be one of the most effective types of online advertisements. They resemble TV commercials because they have audio and video elements. They are only much better because the ads can be clicked on for further information.

These are the six of the most prominent types of online advertising being used by internet marketing businesses these days. If you have a venture or you’re starting a new one, knowing them is beneficial because they can greatly help your marketing efforts.

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