Understanding The Graduation Caps

June 19, 2012 · Posted in Family 

As early as the 12th century the robes which are related to the graduation gown had been already used. These robes were utilized by Anglican church leaders and were also being used as school uniforms throughout this time. In the 15th century the use of the graduation hats have been apparent. The caps were used for practical purposes. They were worn by university professors to actually protect their heads. The cap or mortarboard was either flat and round or with many corners. These items were ornamented with pearls worn by aristocrats, feathers or embroidery art work. The materials used were velvet or lined silk while some were knitted. Throughout these times, the caps didn’t have a visor or brim.[I:http://www.wisedir.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/AllexOneil3.png]

Nowadays you can actually see that numerous forms of caps are available on the market. In certain Asian nations they lace up their caps at the back. In universities and colleges in the United States they use an elasticated skull type of cap. Typically used type of cap in the United Kingdom is the folding skull type. This is certainly very useful since it’s simpler to store because it can be folded. It is also very handy. The rigid skull type was traditionally used because it is better kept in place on the head. It has a better fitting in comparison with the folding type.

The cap generally goes with the gown. The cap and gown are primary necessities of any graduation ceremony. The gown used throughout graduation is traditionally black. In some nations, they have ankle-length gowns while in some are shorter. The recommended length of the gown is somehow influenced by some elements such as the climate of a particular country. Those who reside in the cooler countries would make use of the longer gowns. The shorter versions are generally observed in warm nations, some in the U.S. and U.K.

The cap is accessorized by tassels. The color of the tassel depends on the prerequisite of the school. You will find particular colors which stand for the particular field of study. It’s also really important that a graduate is aware of this so he or she could find the correct colors. Only one tassel could be worn by a graduate.

The proper way of putting on the cap was recognised by the American Committee for Academic Dress and Ceremonies in 1959. The guidelines were set on the right use of the cap. The guideline required that the cap needs to be used all throughout the ceremony. Nonetheless, the caps could be removed at the time of the prayer and also during the national anthem. The tassel hangs on the right side of the cap right before the graduation starts. Once the diploma is accepted and they are confirmed graduates, the tassel is turned to the left side.

The cap and gown are representations of honor as well as acknowledgement. Each and every student has shown their dedication to attain a degree. This determination and hard work is given a lot of credit on graduation day. Recognition is also given to the parents as well as other persons who’ve made this academic success possible. Graduation caps have their genuine significance in itself. The rich history of the products could tell you a lot more about it.

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