Understanding The Significance Of Traditional Drums In Modern Music

December 1, 2011 · Posted in Hobbies 

Music has been a part of human society since the late prehistoric times. In those days, prehistoric men use primitive percussion devices like drums. Such music is as old as their late paleolithic religions.

Until today, these devices exist and still widely used. Contemporary drums may have come from these older percussions but until today, the archaic variety still remains culturally irreplaceable. However, the traditional drums are also culturally diverse in different parts of the globe.

African music’s main instrument has always been drums with its sort made of tough animal hide. In their voodoo ancestor worship, drum rapping has been a very important and factor along with dancing and chanting. It is believed that the ensemble is their link with the gods and their ancestors in the afterlife.

In Europe, their primitive societies and civilizations use drums as one of their primary musical instrument. Vikings marauders and Greek naval adventurers use drums to synchronize the rowing. Ancient tribes in Germany and British Isles play the drums in their solemn cult ceremonies presided by their druids.

In China, Asia’s elemental civilization, music has been mainly played by drums. Each Chinese New Year, from ancient times until today, Chinatowns all over the world revel with the sound of drums and symbals played by parading musicians. Dragon and serpentine lions donned on concealed dancers skip with the drummers’ beats.

The fat drums, or also called “taiko”, are one of Japan’s most symbolic instrument representing the civilian people. Like the Chinese drums, the “taiko” are used in festivals and theatrical plays during important civilian events. But fat drums are also symbolic in war, and the emperor’s samurai heed the call of their lord’s distress signal at the sound of these drums roaring at the top of the castle donjon.

In the American continent, drums are the most significant musical instrument among the natives. In ancient times preceding European settlement, natives used it for war as well as for important civil events such as the chief’s wedding. But more importantly, Native American drums are symbolic to their cultural spiritual practice from the ancient times until today’s annual All Nation’s Powwow.

Yet no other ancient drum genre gained great acceptance in global music in the contemporary times other than the indigenous islander cultures from the Pacific to the Caribbean. Reggae music has been very crucial into integrating traditional themes that used archaic skin-hued drums. The concept of beach vacation is simply no longer possible without reggae music, cocktails and surfing.

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