Universal Life Insurance Advantages And Disadvantages

July 20, 2012 · Posted in Insurance 

One type of life insurance is the universal life insurance. A universal life insurance is good for anyone who wishes to be insured. It is a kind of insurance where the policy does not have any specified time period or term and you can’t terminate it, the policy continues for life. Universal life insurance is quite different from the normal life insurance or the whole life insurance because it has two parts. One part is like the normal life insurance where you pay the premium for a certain coverage equivalent to the indemnity. The other part is a savings account where a portion of the premium will be deposited and will gain an interest on an annual basis.

First benefit regarding the coverage is definitely the adjustable price of payment and also the insurance coverage is also varied according to the entire payment of one’s account. Apart from that, in some other insurance policies the payment is mandatory though the actual value varies according to the sum of money and also savings. In such a case there are 2 sources in which the policy comes from, the particular savings account and also the payment. Even though this particular process gives certain flexibility it has some pros and cons. Another different aspect of this coverage apart from coverage is that a few insurance policies offer regular repayments following selected period of time which is comparable to the payment and the return on your investment.

In contemplating on the benefits and drawbacks of universal life insurance you must take notice of the terms and conditions of the insurance policy you wish to buy. Universal life insurance is also worth considering. Here for your information are some benefits and drawbacks of universal life insurance policy. One advantage of the universal life insurance is that it allows some flexibility in the finances of the policy owner. The protection is expanded for some certain number of years even if there’s no monthly premium paid or the monthly premium paid is pretty small.

Another advantage of universal life insurance is the large coverage provided by the insurance company. The coverage is large in the sense that it is valid for life and second there are two features in the finances coverage, one is the cash/savings accounts and the other one is the premiums you pay to the insurance company. Another advantage of universal life insurance is the return of premiums on a regular basis which remains unused. One last advantage of the universal life insurance is the positive tax implications of the cash/savings account. You can add more premiums into your universal life insurance policy to give security that your family will be provided with more returns in the future.

While there are advantages of universal life insurance there are also a few disadvantages. One downside of universal life insurance is that you must pay the monthly premium for an extended period of time. If the monthly premium you pay is little the corresponding coverage will also lessen. Because of this the payouts doled out by the insurance firms although not really small is also not that big. One more downside of universal life insurance is that if you like to stop the insurance policy contract there are particular deductions on the payouts as well as the cash/savings account. With these positives and negatives you can choose what insurance plan best suits you.

You can find out info on term insurance, which is regarded as the well-known type of life insurance today which gives coverage for a certain period of time. Discover here what part insurance plays as protection for yourself and your loved ones.


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