Upgrading from LPN to RN

February 26, 2012 · Posted in Education 

According to U. S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), career openings for Registered Healthcare pros RNs will grow much faster through 2016. It is predicted that employment opportunities for RNs within nursing facilities will grow more due to increasing elderly population and in home health care industry, considering the amount of older people with functional disabilities. Learn more about LPN jobs in CT.

Registered Nurses (RN) have wider scope of practice in comparison to LPNs. They’re not only limited to dealing and caring for patients. They have got a chance to work in the business side from the healthcare field. These days, RNs are being employed in pharmaceutical, insurance firms and the marketing side of the medical industry.

Due to an increasing demand for nurses in the health-care field, to advance in one’s career specially for LPNs is something to think about. How about upgrading through LPN to RN? Wherein you’ve got an option to work as an LPN and simultaneously, return to school to acquire a qualification in Nursing.

There are 2 options for LPNs to choose from depending on the time and resources you can invest and how far you wish to reach to advance in the particular Nursing career.

*LPN to RN (AND) – this associate degree usually involves one to two years of education and focuses more on the technical aspects of Nursing.

*LPN to RN (BSN) – this is the Bachelor’s degree which takes 4 years to finish which includes 2 years of general studies and 2 years of specific studies within Nursing. There’s more possibility of career promotion and advancement in this path.

After the completion of the required courses and clinical practice of either of the path, you are able to take the state or even Provincial Board Exam, NCLEX-RN National Local authority or council Licensure Exam in the U. S. to licensed. Then, you have to register to practice as a full-pledged Registered Nurse.

LPN classes target providing information, training and practical knowledge to those who want to build a nursing career in the medical field. Visiting LPN schools in Florida will help you in gaining more knowledge about nursing career.


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