Usana Health Sciences Home-based Business Review

June 12, 2012 · Posted in Home business 

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Usana manufacture an array of nutritional supplements and personal care products, from high quality mineral and vitamin supplements to sophisticated skincare formulations. Since the day Usana was first opened, the company has always had exactly the same tagline for their products. The tagline is “Nutritionals You can Trust”…

Usana manufacture a wide range of nutritional supplements and personal care products, from top quality mineral and vitamin dietary supplements to advanced skincare formulations.

Since the day Usana was first launched, the company has always had the same tagline for their products. The tagline is “Nutritionals You can Trust”. With their bold vision in mind, Usana have continually produced world class, pharmaceutical grade items. The company continues to go above and beyond the recognized industry standards in order to maintain their position as an industry leader in the manufacture of supplements and personal care products.

Usana products are produced to pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices, when the industry regulations in the most of countries just require these kinds of products to be manufactured to food grade standards. This is something which Usana sticks to voluntarily to maintain their ethics and position as a world leader in their area.

Usana offer a guarantee that no prohibited or banned ingredients are present in any of their dietary supplements, thus Joe Public and world-class sports athletes alike can use the Usana products with complete confidence! This guarantee can be made by Usana largely because of the stringent manufacturing processes in place at Usana Health Sciences, but also because of the excellent ingredients that Usana sources for use in all of their product lines.

If you are reading this review currently as you are considering starting your own Usana business, promoting Usana’s products as an Independent Distributor, then it’s significant that you realize the advantages of all the Usana product ranges. Thus, I recommend that you take the time to learn more about the Usana products by visiting our Network marketing Summit Training blog.

The Usana Multi-level Marketing business opportunity may offer an effective vehicle for Business people who are striving to achieve financial and time freedom. Because of the nature of the Usana business model and compensation plan, there’s the potential to earn a number of streams of passive, recurring income if you’re able to build a successful and thriving Usana business.

With the Usana business, income can be earned in a lot of ways: Firstly, as an Independent Distributor, you can purchase Usana products for the wholesale price then sell them to your customers at the list price. This may offer you profits up to 20% on the products which you personally sell straight to the consumer.

As well as profits from retail sales you can earn commissions based on the amount of products that are moved through your whole organisation. This means that you may earn commissions on the products that you personally buy and sell, along with the products bought and sold by all the people in your downline! These commissions are on top of any profits that you’ve already earned by retailing products bought through your own business. This means that as the productivity of your down line team increases, so too do the commission points that you’ll personally earn!

You’ll be pleased to know that this is not the end of the story! There’s also extra financial rewards and incentives once you reach the rank of Gold Director or higher, and several bonuses for and incentives for the top earners in the entire company. Additionally, there are a range of bonuses, rewards and prizes as you progress in the company, as well as for notable business growth. Therefore, there are additional benefits and earning opportunities regardless of your rank and time served in the business.

The good thing about the Usana business is that you’re compensated on productivity. As a new distributor you may take your time constructing your business, or you may rise with the ranks quickly based on your earlier business experience, inspiration and the time that you’re able to invest in building your business. If you are looking for an online or home business that you can start for a very small investment and may build at the rate which fits you then the Usana business could be just what you’ve been searching for.

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