Use The Cold Winter Season To Organise Your Garden Ready For The Spring

March 28, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Lots of us neglect our outdoor spaces and garden areas during the winter months when it feels less appealing to go outside. This is an important time for preparation work for the coming spring months.

During this period there is a great deal of clearing up to do. Dropped leaves and debris should be raked and composted for use in the subsequent year. Beds need to be carefully weeded, with roots dug out wherever possible to stop them from springing up again in a few months. Take out all of the dead annual and biannual plants that are now finished with. Whilst you are weeding and tidying the beds, take time to rake and loosen up the top soil around all of your perennials to improve future growth.

Neaten and prune shrubs and trees ready for the arrival of new spring growth.

The cold winter months are the perfect time to create some new beds. Add compost or manure to the soil as soon as possible, to give it time to break down and improve the quality of the soil before planting. Plants will grow bigger and stronger in richly composted beds. If you have a vegetable patch, it will also need to be turned over and prepared. It is best to get these tasks out of the way in plenty of time for when you are ready to begin planting. If you have some winter vegetables growing already in this area, carefully turn the soil around them and compost on top of the ground in the areas where you already have growth as it will slowly break down and give them an extra boost.

It is common for gardens to lack colour and inspiration at this time of year but this does not need to be the case as your local garden centre will have a variety of gorgeous winter plants for you to spruce it up. Just because it is winter, there is no need for any garden to look lifeless. You will find a variety of gorgeous plants to add some colour and appeal through the entire winter until spring comes.

Great shrubs like Winter Jasmine will give you a display of tiny blooms. Both the Holly with its bright red berries or the popular Pyracantha are great options too. Crocus, Narcissus and Iris are all great for adding an attractive display of colour. Grouping different kinds of Heathers together provides an appealing and subtle look through the winter. There is always a knowledgable professional at your local garden centre for advice and planting information.

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