Using Homemade Solar Hot Water Heater

October 28, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Being keen in creating you homemade renewable energy systems makes it so easy to install a solar hot water system project. Literally, you may find it most difficult when you attach it to the current plumbing system in your home. The component parts of such a system and how they work will be given here in this article.

The solar collector will be the needed key to the solar hot water system. Simply, the form is just a modification in order to absorb thermal energy from the Sun. The form has insulation on the internal surfaces to prevent heat loss and the external surfaces are painted with black. Once the water is being placed in the tank, it will be heated through the Sun’s thermal energy.

There is also a flat plate solar collector newly designed. Though the principles are the same, the flat plate was designed to squeeze even more juice out of the Sun. The paint is black so that it can absorb solar radiation and heat. There is also tubing along with the plate used to hold water. Compared to the ordinary old solar collector, the tubing exposes more water to the heat. This only means more water is being heated.

The importance of the placement of your collectors is dictated by two main factors.Basically, it needs sun as much as possible. This means a south facing location in the home is best. Take note also that it needs to move water to the boiler system in the home.When it is nearer the boiler, then the better it can be. If you see that the boiler is poorly positioned, you need to be pumping the water to the boiler. A nicely allocated boiler will tell you to position your solar water collector above the boiler and let gravity move the water from boiler and back to collector based on the heat of the water.

Now there you have it. Indeed, the solar hot water system can be as simple as a solar water collector which has no moving parts or electricity to worry about and a connection to your boiler system.

People look at solar hot water heater because they want to save money on their heating bills. When this will be the case, then pre-heating water that goes into your traditional boiler will let you make saving possible. It is quite impossible to heat the water to such an extent that the boiler is not needed so although you will save some money on your bills it is unlikely that you will cut them out altogether. However, a person on budget needs really every little saving.

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