Wacky Facts about Box Jellyfish

February 22, 2012 · Posted in Education 

The Blue bottle jellyfish gets its name from its color and shape and it consists of many zooids and is not a single organism. Each group of zooid has a particular function and together they act as a single marine animal. For instance, many zooids form the stinging tentacles and another group forms the feeding tentacles. The color can be blue or even a slight pink with a translucent hue and a size of 3 cms to 15 cms. The tentacles, however, can be 15 cms up to 10 meters long.

The blue bottle jellyfish eats small fish and other creatures in the ocean waters. They have tentacles which surround the prey and release a poison which paralyses the prey and then they consume it. The tentacles are rather like a long string of barbed hooks and hence attaches very well to the prey.

The nematocysts release poison when the blue bottle jelly fish adheres to the prey. One should not rub the skin if stung, as the poison will get released. It is advisable to wash the area that is stung with water without touching it. A cold pack may also be applied.

Another type of jellyfish is the box jellyfish which are cube-shaped and known for their extremely potent venom. Stings are extremely painful and fatal to humans. Here are some box jellyfish facts which can even save your life at times. Box jellyfish stings can be remedied by vinegar as it may not take the venom out but it stops further release of venom from the poisonous cells. The anti-venom should be availed within thirty minutes of the sting, or else the person will surely die.

Its one tentacle contains enough poison to kill a grown-up person and paralzye him, and stop the heart beat of a person, depending on where it has stung him. One of the jellyfish facts is that all its nerves meet at a point to transfer information and this can be called its brain. The jellyfish is also has visual capabilities and can recognize any danger or food. Only very few creatures such as green turtles can consume them, and one of the box jellyfish facts to be known is that they are extremely dangerous.

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