Web Design for the User: A Clients Understanding of a Website

November 5, 2011 · Posted in Internet 

Understanding the subtleties of a web project, and realizing the clients appreciation of a website project, can occasionally be 2 very different approches to website creation. Many times the misunderstanding is because of the relationship between Form and Function, Branding and UI, or Design and Interaction.

Website Developers often will go in asking for, what the website should look like, and a client is invisioning the same thing. Not to say that this isn’t important, but many times we are able to see the client forgetting the last time they shopped online, or conducted some research for their own needs. The real question is, —What did they look for during their own surfing time? This is the time a client is the user and exposing the significant parts of a website. At times, they might not notice the complete graphical aspect. Your client either found it difficult or straightforward to find or complete his or her task.

The User-Centric website approach is the foundation of designing for the user, and when a client sees this, this is when the project has begun heading in the right direction. These dialogs are ideal for both the client and the website development company as it will aid in both having a cohesive knowledge of being effective first, and then looking good. The graphical assets are the materials needed to physically see the project, but shouldn’t be considered as the user experience as a whole.

It looks that designing a website is something that many individuals are able to do these days, but many seekers disregard one of the true talents of website design. —Being able to see the Internet as a technology with limitation, rules and standards; and understanding users habits and needs. These are valuable assets a web development company should posses and a client should be considering. It’s part of web development that will distinguish website development corporations from each other and will have a necessary contribution to meeting a businesses goals on the Net.

With all this said, a clients appreciation of the Internet and its users is an indispensable element in web development. Both the customer and web developer should generally see the seriousness and a projects ‘ path would be closer to an effective execution.

Dimitrios Vrakas is the founder of SupersumWeb, a Result-Driven New York Website Design Company delivering user-centric web site
design, Internet Marketing Consulting, and Internet Application Development for business looking to transform their web properties into performing assets. He is also the founder of Supersum, a New York based IT Infrastructure Consulting firm.


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