What About the Groom?

January 8, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Although the focus of wedding festivities is often on the bride, the increasing popularity of the two ring ceremony has also put other customs and traditions for grooms in the spotlight.

Wedding rings for husbands, though very popular and almost thought to be traditional these days, have only been in wide circulation since the 40s when many young couples were separated by World War II.

It was a big step from no men’s wedding jewelry at all to simple gold rings for both, & since that time many more jumps have been made to bring about a distinct and intriguing men’s wedding band selection on the market. Now jewelers offer you a tremendous variety of gold wedding bands, platinum rings, tungsten carbide wedding bands, palladium wedding bands, & many other styles of gold, tungsten carbide, or platinum jewelry in diverse forms and designs.

Throwing the garter is a groom’s wedding custom that is often the subject of argument. Some couples feel that it’s tacky & refuse to have one at all, while others make it a silly and risque portion of the wedding reception along with humorous dances and activities. The best technique, perhaps, is to find moderation somewhere between the two; for instance, the bride might wear a spare garter nearer to her knee than the real garters, & the groom will take care not to push her dress too high to get it.

The groom’s cake is an additional entertaining custom for weddings and has origins in the southern U.S. — as the story goes if the single women in attendance slept that night with some of the groom’s cake under their pillows, they’d dream of who they’d marry. This is a fun bit of superstition similar to the bouquet toss, and can be personalised to express the groom’s or couple’s interests in very creative ways.

Clearly, it’s not just rehearsal dinners and bachelor parties anymore– there are a number of wedding traditions and contemporary practices that put the groom in the spotlight.

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